ShipBob Review: Is ShipBob The Right eCommerce Business Fulfilment Solution For You?

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Storage spaces can be a hassle for businesses, and the costs to store inventory gets more expensive as commercial real-estate costs increase. Software integration can also be unreliable and has been a stumbling block for most startups and larger enterprises with thousands of products and SKUs to sell. If you’ve experienced delays in your business deliveries, you may want to switch to another credible and reliable partner for your business operations. 

That’s where ShipBob comes in. ShipBob acts as a virtual fulfilment service for easier onboarding of inventory and faster delivery of your business products. 

In this ShipBob review, let’s zoom in on its key features, integration availability, and more.


Key Features of ShipBob

What are the benefits of using ShipBob? If you’re planning to switch to ShipBob for your fulfilment needs, it is best to discover what you can expect. Here are some of the critical features of ShipBob from our ShipBob review that may help you decide on your next shipping services.


Easy and helpful onboarding

ShipBob’s turnkey integrations are one of the best features that many customers love; we have covered the integrations in detail, which you will see at the end of this review. Since they can integrate with many leading eCommerce apps, platforms, and marketplaces, it allows for seamless receipt of products, storage, and delivery directly to your customers.


2-Day Express shipping

Customers love fast delivery times without sacrificing on price or parcel delivery. With ShipBob, you’ll experience a guaranteed 2-Day express shipping as ShipBob will use its nearest fulfilment centre to ship the items. According to their internal metrics, they can also guarantee merchants reduce cart abandonment by 18% and increase their average order value by 97%.


Reporting and analytics

ShipBob gives you real-time data on your average cart value, shipping cost, days in transit and much more. You can expect ShipBob to provide you with full coverage on closing gaps on specific items, which helps your supply chain decision-making.


Other important features:

Distributed Inventory

Inventory and Order Management

End-To-End Customer Experience


How Much Does ShipBob Cost?

The price range of ShipBob has a standard flat rate applied to all their services. The only time that you may experience slightly higher costs is for shipping and extra services. However, business owners can expect a rate of $25 for the first two hours of receiving ($40/man after the next two hours). Their storage fee starts at $40 per pallet/month, $10 per shelf/month, and $5 per bin/month. You can find more information on their pricing page here.

Their Pick and Pack is free for the first four picks but will charge you $0.20 on the successive picks. The good news is that you won’t have any issues with their standard packing as they don’t charge you for plain boxes, mailers, tape, and dunnage. 


If you want to know more ShipBob pricing details that aren’t discussed in this ShipBob review, you can ask for a quote on ShipBob’s website to get you started with your eCommerce products’ pricing.


Apps that ShipBob Can Integrate With

Any business that pays for fulfilment solutions wants to have its products ship smoothly, which can be made easier with app integration. Another advantage of subscribing to ShipBob is its wide range of partners, including eCommerce Platforms & Marketplaces, Inventory & Order Management Platforms, Returns Management Platforms, and more.

Here are some examples from our ShipBob review for you to check out:










Shipbob integrates with tons of apps and partners. You can check the full page of integrations here.


Which ShipBob Alternatives Are Available?


Regarded as one of the best fulfilment solution companies for its user-friendly and overall great features, OrderHive is a considerable competitor of ShipBob. It also offers three subscription plans according to your business’s capacity.



Best customer support overall

Has Barcode and RFID scanning 

Includes many features from warehouse, inventory, apparel, shipping, and order management

Offers a free trial with low prices for startups and a fair price range for bigger businesses



Too many features may mean a steep learning curve.

Missing a better analytics tool, but there is a workaround with Excel.


EasyShip is one of the many leading companies that use cloud-based shipping technology to globally ship eCommerce products. They have over 100,000 clients worldwide and growing steadily. Moreover, EasyShip helps simplify cross-border logistics as they have different storage locations worldwide with logistics operations that cover storage, checkout, and delivery.



24/7 Service

Has a free trial

With training in person, webinars, and documentation



Deployment is via WebCloud only.

It doesn’t have CRM

Issues on Customer Service Support


Another cloud-based shipping technology company, ShippingEasy, has one of the lowest rates for pricing costs. At $5, you can already start using their services and even offer a free trial. However, their services are limited to certain parts of the world but are easily accessible in the US.



Has a 30-day free trial

Access to commercial plus shipping rates

Powerful but simple integrations with leading online marketplaces



Limited Shipping services (No air or ocean shipping)

You can’t downgrade on your next month if you upgraded your subscription.

Issues On Customer Service Support


ShipBob Frequently Asked Questions

Does ShipBob offer Wholesale support?

Yes, however, there are extra costs for wholesale orders. You may have to ask for a specific quote on your larger wholesale orders.


Which shipping carriers do ShipBob work with?

Shipbob offers bulk discount deals with some of the largest shipping carriers, namely DHL, UPS, FedEx, and USPS. You can also pass discounts with these carriers onto you and your clients.


Can you ship hand sanitisers?

Yes, however, it follows the DG standards of shipping dangerous/hazardous materials. Hand sanitisers with 60% alcohol or less are not DG items that ShipBob can ship in the US or internationally. On the contrary, hand sanitisers that contain 60-80% of alcohol are DG items and can only be shipped within the US via DHL. Anything above 80% won’t be allowed by ShipBob for delivery.


Is ShipBob FDA Certified?

ShipBob is FDA Certified and follows the USA FDA standards for specific shipments of products. Make sure that you also have your products follow the USA FDA policies.


Packaging & Shipping Fragile Items

Make sure that your product is marked correctly if it’s fragile. ShipBob is not reliable for any damaged items on custom mailers of any kind. Glass products or items that contain liquid will be wrapped with dunnage. ShipBob doesn’t ship any fragile products in bubble mailers or poly mailers.

If you want to know more about ShipBob apart from this ShipBob review or have any more questions then you can visit their website for more FAQs