Why Is Customer Service For Dropshipping Essential? (Spocket Recommendations)

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Excellent customer service will help you attract and retain customers for your dropshipping business. A recent survey found that only 80% of consumers trust the level of customer service provided by an online retailer when making a purchase and poor quality dropshipping businesses have damaged the industry for many others. Owners of successful dropshipping businesses want more than just good products, they also want a simple eCommerce business with a system for handling returns, customer complaints, faster shipping, and order adjustments.

An eCommerce business that uses a dropshipping supplier must invest time and money to find the right vendor and improve their customer service skills. Some of the most important aspects of customer service strategies are response time, returning the wrong product with a replacement product, and customer retention. In an online business, you’ll never achieve customer loyalty if you don’t have regular visitors.

Here is a list of some important steps you can take to provide excellent customer service in your dropshipping shop.


How Do You Provide An Outstanding Customer Service Team?


1. Establish Customer Service Channels

Working with manufacturers who have distribution facilities in your target countries reduces inventory lead times because their nearest facilities are only a short distance away. The first step is to establish and manage customer service channels. Dropshipping online stores must meet customer expectations by speaking with dissatisfied customers and explaining the reasons for their late orders. A good approach is to use customer emails or a dedicated communication method like Facebook Messenger, but direct contact is preferable. You’ll be able to provide a more personalised service, and customers will appreciate the extra effort you’ve made to meet their needs. Share every detail of the customer service delays, as well as an estimated delivery timeline.


2. Free Shipping As Part Of Your Customer Service Strategies

Lowering expectations for faster shipping is one of the most effective ways to increase sales.

Customers should not expect same-day or next-day delivery. By lowering your expectations, you can also increase your shipping time and avoid the competitive advantage that comes with faster delivery. To ensure that your goods’ shipments are traceable while in transit.

A real-time shipping method allows you and your customers to alleviate the anxiety and annoyance that comes with shipping delays.

Spocket has 2-3 days shipping time for your dropshipping store.


3. Track Purchases With A Tracking Number System

Providing your customers with the tracking number allows them to track their shipment on their own. You provide your customer with a 360-degree branded experience as well as the ability to track orders in real-time in a single swift action. Increase the firm’s supply base by forming a partnership with domestic suppliers to strengthen your capacity and credibility. These guidelines will aid in determining delivery times and shipping delays. Also, if applicable, include the availability of global shipping. The more autonomous the customer, the less the need to contact you.


4. Offer Various Discount Services

Offering a coupon code or a freebie to an irate customer can help to make them feel better.

It will cost you money, but it will be much less expensive than the lost potential of dissatisfied customers. There are tons of good examples of this, Zappos has a notoriously good returns policy.


5. Delayed Packages Or No Item Has Arrived

Once your package is out for delivery, if a vehicle runs into difficulty or needs to be repaired, online tracking can assist in identifying the problem and dispatching the driver to the delivery location where the packages are. Noticing the delay ahead of time will allow you to deal with the situation.


What Is The Best Way To Handle Returns In A Dropshipping Business?

Shipping Policy (Return Policy)

The first step is to become acquainted with your supplier’s return policy. It would be preferable if you could offer a return policy that corresponds to the policy of your supplier. Setting up a standard return procedure for all of your vendors is always a good idea. It is critical to ensure that the vendors with whom you are working have a straightforward return policy. When customers return goods, especially if they are damaged, listen to their concerns and questions and assure them that their problems will be resolved. You may return the item to the address provided by the supplier, and you must refund or replace the item as soon as possible. It is critical that you satisfy your irate customers.


Minimise Bad Reviews With A Customer Service Department

Your customer service team is extremely helpful in providing excellent customer service. If you have a customer care centre or a direct contact centre with a customer service team, happy customers will have even more faith in you. They’ll devise a method for your company to not only take their calls, but also respond to their inquiries via email, fax, and even live chat. When your VIP customers are confident that there is a contact channel through which they can easily send questions or inquiries, they will be able to rely on your excellent customer service system and interact with your company.


Giving A Timely Response

Responding rapidly to customers can make a big difference in long-term customer satisfaction. It is entirely up to you whether your dropshipping business succeeds or fails. Customers do not want to be kept waiting for answers to their questions for days or hours. They expect you to respond quickly to their problems. You will lose potential customers if you take too long to respond to them. If you want your business to succeed, it must be a part of your excellent customer service system.


FAQ Functionality

You can use the FAQ tool to provide excellent customer service whether you have wholesale suppliers, different product types, or upcoming product development. A FAQ page contains the most frequently asked questions, making it easier for your customers to understand the various protocols they must follow as well as your company’s terms and policies.

Keep the following in mind when creating a FAQ page:

Include the most frequently asked questions in the puzzle. Because you’re attempting to provide a positive experience for your customers, the vocabulary you use should be straightforward and in a conversational tone.

  • Categorise the questions and responses with clarity.
  • Regularly refresh your FAQs
  • Non-repetitive canned responses


Final Thoughts

Without customers, your business dies.  A dropshipping store owner must recognise their importance and form a long-term relationship with them. Working consistently and delivering above and beyond expectations can help your brand stand out and be remembered. In the dropshipping industry, Spocket provides exceptional customer service. A commitment to customer communications is necessary for the avoidance of potential customer service issues. Make these strategies a part of your business model, and you’ll see the benefits of customer service in your bottom line.