Should You Stick With A Free Proposal Software? (Benefits of Using Nusii For Your Brand Proposal Template)

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There are many reasons why you should consider using proposal tools rather than writing your proposals by hand in Word. You don’t want to write proposals from scratch if you want to make them fast and easily. Instead, use idea templates or skeletons, which are 90% complete plans that only require the finishing touches.

Who benefits from having an automated proposal strategy? Mostly, your sales and onboarding team. Your sales team will create more leads for your sales funnel with proposal software because they are more optimistic that their new method can result in a fast and efficient turnaround on new proposals. Learn why a brand proposal template software, such as Nusii, does better with pricing proposals than free proposal management software.


What Is The Concept Of Proposal Management Software?

Proposal management software is a program that aids in the development, management, and distribution of company proposals. These brand proposal template software allow users to quickly build and submit ideas to clients online. Proposal software has a number of advantages over the conventional method of submitting company proposals (within Word or PDF documents, for example). This includes the option to use models, integrate multiple apps, monitor proposal analytics, get proposals signed online, and receive payments directly from the proposal.

Proposal management software includes a large library of eye-catching proposal models, as well as a drag-and-drop editor that makes it simple to create beautiful proposals that include interactive video content, maps, and photographs.

You will use a proposal management framework to:


  • Make questionnaires for clients
  • Create an RFP answer library
  • Update and personalise
  • Suggestions
  • Set up recurring reminders for proposal follow-ups
  • When delivering the idea to the client, you can edit it in real-time

It will interact with existing frameworks, CRM modules, document management tools, and so on to provide additional insights and functionality for your proposals.

With manual override capabilities, it guarantees an error-free proposal that will not disappoint you. Its collaboration space enables workers from all departments to exchange and edit files, enabling businesses to deploy the required expertise from all departments before submitting the proposal.


The Drawbacks of Free Brand Proposal Management Software

Proposals are an essential part of operating a B2B (and sometimes B2C) microbusiness. You will benefit from using a free brand proposal management software even if you are not from a sales background. Moreover, people with no sales professionals handling or recently started a new business may have advantages too. However, these tools can have disadvantages, particularly if you are a growing company.

Here are some unexpected shortcomings of free proposal management software:


Advanced Features Can Be Restricted Behind A Payment Wall

With the aid of proposal automation tools, users can create proposals in minutes. However, some free proposal management software solutions only allow you to build an unlimited number of proposals if you upgrade to a paid tier. There are also email marketing tactics that you may not be aware of. It may be preferable to use a business proposal template creator that asks for payment directly rather than an incomplete online proposal programme.


No Central Data Hub

You must do a lot of referencing while writing proposals to ensure that you create a version that would work well with a particular job application. A perfect business proposal needs excellent writing skills. What matters is the concept, presentation, and importance to the potential client.


Customer Service And Learning Curve

When it comes to understanding the features of a free proposal management app, there is no help available. Many consumers, on the other hand, complain about a steep learning curve in both paid and free proposal management applications. There are also better payment integrations with a paid proposal management software. Customisation can be confusing because it can make the software seem outdated or unconcerned with the client experience. A steeper learning curve and a longer ramp-up time for sales teams new to proposal software.


Other factors to consider when selecting free proposal management tools include:

  • There are few proposal templates to edit or they haven’t been modernised
  • Third-party app integration can be unavailable or restricted
  • To remove the app logo, you must pay a fee
  • Their mobile app may not be included in the free version


Why Should You Begin Using Nusii to Increase Sales?

Nusii was created for innovative teams who need to rapidly build proposals, save material, and send out impressive proposals. Nusii’s simple proposal editor allows you to customise and personalise proposals. You can use proposal alerts to see when clients open proposals, as well as to create and submit client reports for ongoing customers.

One of Nusii’s greatest assets is the amazing story-like material that is used in each of their models. In other words, Nusii does an excellent job of allowing creatives to tell the full details of who they are and why they are the best fit for the project before getting down to business with e-signatures.

Nusii charges $49 a month for the critical business features. However, their $29 per month pricing plan may fit freelancers or smaller businesses. 


Final Thoughts

If something sounds or seems to be too good to be true, it usually is. This rule, however, does not extend to proposal management software. If you want to stick with the manual route, that’s fine. However, consider the adaptability of your approach in terms of offering proposal documents in a variety of styles.

With some proposal specifications focusing on the price and others on the specifics, it is critical to choose a flexible tool that allows you to produce a variety of designs. You can be required to assemble complex contracts with attachments, especially when dealing with technical or legal documents. If this is the case, look for proposal management tools like Nusii that can be customised to meet a variety of proposal requirements.