Nusii Review: Close Deals With A Proposal Software

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nusii review



Proposal management software is intended to assist sales teams and businesses in their sales productivity and automating the proposal and contract formation process. To reduce the time it takes to create professional-looking, media-rich ideas that have been shown to close more deals and shorten your sales period, while still supplying consumers with a world-class electronic signature and a smooth checkout experience.

Stop battling Word, Google Docs, and rogue PDFs. Nusii.com can help your company grow by providing experienced proposal models, a warning system, proposal monitoring, and online signing. The saved models and copy last proposal eliminate every reason for not submitting a proposal as soon as possible. It also helps to provide a central location to list them, see if they are opened, and monitor them. Read our Nusii review to learn more about the features, pricing, and app integrations for your specific needs.


Nusii Features

Create Unlimited Proposals With Personalised Templates And Editor

If your prospective client is unsure whether to sign a contract with your company, a proposal should help you remove some of that friction. Compared to standard business proposals, Nusii promises that signing their automated version will take 52 percent less time.

Nusii offers templates in a variety of categories, including content marketing, web design, branding, consulting, and more. You can also include optional prices for your services to assist your customers in deciding which plan is best for them. Users can also embed their own videos for case studies, testimonials, or even the strategy within your proposal.

If you intend to reuse some of your proposals, you can save them in Nusii’s Library. It has variables for importing data from your client’s name, address, and other information for your next transaction.


Put Your Brand In Your Proposals

Nusii enables you to put your brand front and centre by allowing you to customise your colours, logo, images, and fonts. You can also send your created proposal to your own email address, which will redirect your client to a custom domain that does not include Nusii’s brand or watermark. With a digital signature, you can seal and secure your proposal.


Sends Notifications For Accepted Proposals

Once you’ve submitted your proposal, you can monitor its progress using the live notification and feed. You can also set a reminder for outreach, email, and proposal opens, as well as customer feedback, so that you can respond to their questions as soon as they are sent. Business owners can also create a report for clients to provide them with an update on the status of your project or deal.


Live Chat With Your Clients And Customers

You can integrate a chatting app with your sent documents to optimise your deals and edit your proposals. A live chat allows customers to give real-time feedback and verify essential details before closing their deals. 


Accept Online Payments After Closing A Proposal

If your client has accepted your proposal, you can redirect them directly to your Stripe payment process which is really handy. The flipside is that this is also a limiting factor as you maybe you want to use another online payment options for your transactions. 


Nusii Pricing: How Much Does Nusii Cost?

Startups, solopreneurs, and users that want to grow their business from scratch should sign up for Nusii’s Freelancer plan ($29 per month). The Freelancer plan allows you to manage five active proposals for one user, Zapier integration, and a personal domain email address. Sending 20 active proposals with unlimited users requires you to go for their Agency subscription plan that costs $49 per month. Their highest-paid subscription, Business, is $129 per month with 50 active proposals, Zapier integration, and provides automatic reminders for tracking. 

But, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time or request custom pricing with their Agency plan. All of Nusii’s subscription plans include a 14-day free trial, unlimited templates, clients, analytics, free support and more. Moreover, Nusii stands by their 60-day money-back guarantee promo for business owners who are unhappy with their products and services.


Which Apps Can You Integrate With Nusii?

Nusii allows you to save loads of time when your business is rapidly growing. Most of Nusii’s third-party app integrations are available through Zapier. So if you have an existing tool in this list, connect your Nusii account with Zapier. 









Your developers can also take advantage of Nusii’s API to get the most out of your business proposals. Here is the full list of integrations and other apps that you may use with Nusii. 


Nusii Alternatives

Proposal software is not a new saas niche with plenty of Nusii alternatives out there for you to compare. Let’s review how Nusii Alternatives fare for their features and the price for subscribing to their proposal software services. 



Proposify’s drag-and-drop functionality allows for a faster way to create proposals from customizable templates. They also offer custom design editing, which you can do in real time using their cloud services. They also have a sales pipeline feature that you can integrate with CRM, Marketing, and Sales apps. Many Proposify users appreciate how easy it is to import data. If you are a business owner who wants to create a powerful proposal while maintaining control over your documents, Proposify is the tool for you.

Their Tall Plan is $19/user per month, with a maximum of three users per account, and is ideal for solopreneurs who want to use their core features for closing deals.



Qwilr is a powerful platform for producing compelling proposals for B2B Sales, Agencies, and Recruitment. They are very user-friendly and have a variety of app integrations for videos, payments, editing, and other functions. You can also save your proposals in their library and track them in real time using analytics. One handy feature that you can use is auto-fill or variables for client information updates. However, some drawbacks to using Qwilr include limited team collaboration and the fact that it can be quite expensive for smaller businesses. You can begin creating proposals with a 14-day trial of their Business plan, which costs $75 per user per month for up to three users.



PandaDoc is a well-known proposal software in the market thanks to its advanced automation solutions and their affordable price point. They are appropriate for all business sizes and are ideal for document management and sales enablement. PandaDoc users report that features such as a built-in editor and document tracking do not have a steep learning curve.

PandaDoc promises a 28% increase in closing rates, an 18% increase in average sales price, and a 66% decrease in document creation time. They also provide a free e-signature tool for your proposals. PandaDoc is the most affordable Nusii alternative, costing $19 per month per user and offering a 14-day free trial for any of their pricing plans.


Final Thoughts

From the time you first login, you will find an easy to use solution to create effective proposals. It is very easy to develop high-quality proposals; the design and platform features enable you to focus on content for our clients rather than spending time on formatting and personalising.

Nusii is the best SaaS platform for businesses looking for an efficient tool for closing proposals. Expand your market share, whether you’re an agency, a small business, or a solopreneur.