Better Proposals Review: Create Professional Templates To Close Deals

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Better Proposals Review

Getting new clients usually begins with an effective proposal. However, tailoring proposals for different clients can consume a lot of your time and energy. Not to mention that there are a variety of industries with unique requirements that you may need to tailor your proposals to.

BetterProposals.io is proposal software that reduces the time required to create beautiful templates with accurate pricing details. If you want to close deals quickly, read our Better Proposals review of their features and benefits for your business operations.

Features Of Better Proposals

Pick From 100+ Templates To Create Proposals

Creating proposals from scratch is simple with Better Proposal’s editor, which includes 100+ customisable proposal templates for various industries. You can use their editor to move or add blocks, to have a full page of text, or to separate images from text. Better Proposals understands how to maximise the amount of space you’ll require when pitching your sales to multiple clients. People who are familiar with coding can also edit the source code of these pre-built templates.

Proposal AI

Proposal AI is Better Proposal’s automated artificial intelligence for last-minute suggestions and corrections ensuring that your client will sign your document with the least amount of friction possible. Most of its corrections include how to eliminate the use of pronouns we and us and instead replace them with you and your. Better Proposals highlights the value of your client and their desired services. Furthermore, they also include guidance on how to create a custom domain, logo, and cover images. They also promise not to share the data with your competitors.

Edit And Save Your Proposals With Team Collaboration

Better Proposals also lets you collaborate with other users through its team collaboration feature. You can control who can edit, view, or access the proposal by adjusting permissions for each user. Their team collaboration functionality, on the other hand, is available with the Enterprise plan, which can benefit larger sales marketing agencies, brands, and digital marketing firms.

Better Proposals’ Content Library allows you to save your proposals as well. You won’t have to start from scratch the next time you follow up with your client. Better Proposal’s Premium and Enterprise plans allow you to edit and optimise your branding and logo.

Pricing Tables

Set up different pricing tables from which your clients can choose to provide the best pricing for them. Better Proposals allows you to set recurring fees for monthly, quarterly, or once-a-year payments if you have a subscription or instalment product. Their Quantities pricing feature also allows them to charge for multiple items in a single payment. You can modify the tables to reflect what your clients get to see when deciding which pricing packages to purchase.

Instant Payments With Digital Signatures

Instant payment is ideal for avoiding lengthy emails that end in confusion. Better Proposal’s payment integrations make it simple to connect your clients to your payment methods. Choose from Stripe, Paypal, or GoCardless and let them pay with a credit card right away.

Better Proposals also includes a digital signature feature, which eliminates the need for your clients to print and scan the document. Instantly have your proposals signed with secure and encrypted digital signatures that are legally binding all over the world.

Better Proposals will redirect them to the correct page after they sign the proposal and select their pricing preference from the pricing tables, so you won’t have to ask them to click another link.

Analytics And Tracking For Your Sales

The right timing is critical for businesses that want to project the right image to their customers.

Better Proposals, on the other hand, allows you to track your proposals and send notifications when they are opened, forwarded, printed, or signed by your clients. Better Proposals’ Analytics and Reports can help you make better decisions. The online proposal software generates a report that allows you to track sales on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. It also shows your conversion rate per template and revenue for these products. You can also track your sales agents’ performance and conversion rates.

Customer Support And Security

You can also visit the Better Proposals Knowledge Database for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or contact them directly via email. They also have a comprehensive blog where you can learn how to make better templates, proposals, and offer business ideas for your business. To prevent data privacy leaks, all proposals are encrypted with 256bit SSL security.

How Much Does Better Proposals Cost?

Better Proposals offers three pricing plans from which business owners can choose. Their Starter plan, which starts at $19/user/month, allows you to send 10 proposals per month, use CRM and Payment integrations, and gain access to their Content Library. However, if you want to maximise your proposal editing, their Premium plan, which costs $29/user/month and includes 50 proposals, a custom domain, and use of their Proposal AI, is for your team. Their Enterprise plan ($49/user/month) is ideal for sales teams that generate a large number of proposals and require improved document security. All of these pricing plans offer a 14-day free trial period without requiring credit card information.

Better Proposals App Integrations

Better Proposals also integrates with your Zapier account to help you get more done when sending proposals and managing your business. Here are some apps from this Better Proposals review that you should consider integrating with.




Hubspot CRM







Live Chat (via Zapier)





Zendesk Chat

Project Management (via Zapier)






You can connect your favourite tools with other app integrations available for Better Proposals. Customise your business needs with Better Proposals’ list of app integrations here.

Better Proposals Alternatives

Based on our review, Better Proposals have the complete features that you can ask for in an online proposal software. However, their pricing and possible lack of app integration may cause you to seek out other options so we will take you through those now. If you’re looking for a more affordable way to submit proposals, in this Better Proposals review, we’ve chosen three alternatives for you.


Using smart AI and proposal personalisation, a sales engagement platform like GetAccept promises your company an average hit-rate of 68 percent. You can embed videos, change prices, and allow your clients to use an e-signature for all related documents in your proposal.

GetAccept can also be used to secure proposals if you work in B2B sales or in the HR department. Contact Management, Templates, Workflow and Pipeline Management are all features of Get Accept. Their pricing plan begins at $25 per month per user, with a maximum of four users. You can book a demo if you want to take a tour of their features and see if it fits your niche.

Conga Document Generation (Conga Composer)

Conga Document Generation, also known as Conga Composer, is a simple tool for creating proposals and documents. If you enjoy MS Office integration, you can easily merge your templates with Conga Composer when changing layouts. It is adaptable and comes with a plethora of support materials to help you tailor your proposals.

Editing and changing are seamless with Conga Composer and collaboration is secured with real-time tracking. Subscribers of Conga Composer love its ease of use and having a personal customer support representative to answer various inquiries about the software. Conga Composer has other app integrations, particularly, SalesForce that many businesses love. Conga Composer doesn’t disclose its pricing plans in public as they are tailored but, you can sign up for a demo to give them a go.


Request for Proposals are relatively well known in this space and was built to simplify the RFP process. With RFPio, you can automate the handling of RFP exports and imports while streamlining your proposal process and managing your collaboration partners. Use Google Drive or Dropbox to store your documents, and Slack to collaborate with your team. A project dashboard, an intelligent recommendation engine, an answer library, and other features are also on the way.

Cloud-based software, such as RFPio, also allows you to edit and save changes in real time, as well as control who has access to the proposals and documents you’ve created. RFPio is recommended for a team at the enterprise level. You also need to request a demo before they disclose any of their price rates, something we are not a fan of here at SaaS Review.

Final Thoughts

BetterProposals.io speeds up the creation of applications, makes you look more professional, and provides you with all of the support you need to secure the job as soon as possible. Knowing when the plans are opened, forwarded, and downloaded allows you to follow up at the most suitable time and in the most appropriate manner.

The template-rich framework makes it very simple to choose a template and customise it for our specific needs. It’s as if someone has done the homework on what you require in a certain proposal, and all you have to do is go in and make a few adjustments and tailor it to the specific situation. Furthermore, all of the plans are visually appealing and easy for clients to navigate. Clients are still impressed when they see a Better Proposals document come through so our recommendation is to sign up today and see for yourself.