Unbounce Review: Landing Pages That Convert Into Leads

Unbounce Review: Landing Pages That Convert Into Leads

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Unbounce ReviewBuilding landing pages can be a painstaking and time-consuming task that most business owners don’t want to spend too much time worrying about. Over the last five years, we started to see drag and drop editors and templates popping up to alleviate this problem. With hundreds of landing page builders out there, what makes Unbounce the right landing page builder for your business? Unbounce excels in building high-converting landing page designs and pop-ups for SaaS, agencies, E-commerce solutions, and more.


Let’s take a deep-dive with this Unbounce review on which features guarantee converting your viewers into leads and how you can make the most out of its app integrations. 

Why Should You Choose Unbounce?

Unbounce is a solution for businesses that want to create and publish beautifully designed landing pages that focus on getting more conversions from the same amount of traffic. By eliminating the need to learn how to code or hire a developer to do the work, the business owner focuses more on which SKUs to sell and how to improve their customer service.

Their primary focus is on types of business: E-commerce, SaaS, and Agencies. They also have a ‘Use Case’ solution for PPC, Social Ads, and Email marketing. 

Here are the features that you can expect when using Unbounce.

Build Beautiful Landing Pages That Convert Into Leads

You can easily do drag and drop editing with existing 100+ prebuilt templates. On the other hand, you may also want to customise your own with code and add some more elements with a drag and drop option. The best part is that you can easily publish the landing page you’ve done straight to your WordPress or your business’s custom domain.

Customise Your Pop-Ups and Sticky Bars 

You can customise specific pop-ups on your landing pages that showcase your SKU, services, and events that, if used effectively, will guarantee 100% conversion rates. Drag and drop builder is also available for this feature, with templates that you can customise, or you can start from scratch.  Most people use pop-ups and sticky bars to schedule relevant campaigns or swap content based on visitors’ keywords. Furthermore, you can test these pop-ups and sticky bars before implementing them.

Smart TrafficTM: How AI Redirects Traffic

How intelligent is your website in redirecting potential leads to your SKUs and services? Unbounce has a unique feature called the Smart TrafficTM tool that automatically sends traffic to the page that is most likely to convert a unique user.

Analytics and Reports from Testing Your Landing Page

After the A/B testing on your landing page, analysis, and reports, visualise which next step should you do to optimise your current campaign. Users can also seamlessly integrate other apps and use them for analysis and reports for their traffic and conversion.

Securing your Landing Pages

One of the best ways to know that your landing pages will not get compromised is to make the page GDPR compliant. According to their website, all transactions made and data gathered have a data privacy design. This means your domain is protected with encryption such as CASL and PCI-DSS. Other features include single sign-on (SSO), Audit logs, User permissions, Two-factor authentication, and more.

Limiting Factors In Unbounce

As with every app or service available today, some features are still lacking and may need more time for development despite the high price tag. Some users mention that you can’t split test existing landing pages that were not made using Unbounce. Moreover, some landing pages won’t have custom classes to buttons, so intricate HTML coding is needed. Lastly, Unbounce can have a steep learning curve for beginners or small businesses that migrated from a previous landing page builder. Regardless, many business owners will feel satisfied with the starting price that they have paid but won’t feel guilty, adding more features a la carte.

Unbounce Pricing: Which Subscription Tier Is Your Pick?

Paying for Unbounce isn’t as cheap as other landing page builders. What makes up for the price are the features, unlimited landing pages, pop-us, and sticky bars. At $80USD / month, you can access the Launch tier with 500 conversions, 20,000 visitors, and one connected domain. Their recommended tier, Optimize, costs $120 / month for 1,000 conversions with 30,000 visitors and three connected domains. This tier also includes everything in the previous Launch tier plus their A/B testing and conversion intelligence tools.


If you’re an established business and want to push more traffic volume and growth, check their Accelerate and Scale tier. For $200 a month, the Accelerate tier adds quick-loading AMP pages, 2,000 conversions with 40,000 visitors, and seven connected domains. The highest tier, Scale, is $270/month with a more significant bandwidth of 3,000 conversions, 50,000 visitors, and 15 connected domains. You have the risk free option of testing this with the 14-day Free trial for all the subscription tiers.


If you want a specific pricing plan not mentioned in this Unbounce review, you can check their Unbounce pricing page to contact them.

App Integration With Unbounce

You can choose to integrate your apps via Zapier, In-app (direct integration), or copy and paste custom scripts to connect the apps on Unbounce. 

Check out these amazing apps that you can integrate with Unbounce:






Zoho Creator


Google Sheets



123 Form Builder





Active Campaign





Campaign Monitor


Marketing Automation




SalesForce Pardot




Google Analytics










If you have more app integrations in mind, check the Unbounce app integration page for more details.

Which Alternatives For Unbounce Are Available?

If you’re unsatisfied with the features that come with Unbounce’s pricing, you may decide to look for alternatives. Rather than clicking elsewhere, we’ve already come up with leading apps that are similar to Unbounce’s features.


Often credited as one of the most popular online sales funnel platforms, ClickFunnels aims to guide your website visitors through a step-by-step sales process, so no leads are lost. You’ll enjoy their features as they point to one product according to what their specific needs are.

They also feature a follow-up email for visitors after checking your website. Their price starts at $97/month with three domains, 20 funnels, and 100 pages with customisable templates and funnels.


Their entry-level is $199 per month, with a more personal touch for building your website. Packed with this price range is unlimited conversion, secured landing pages, conversion analytics, and more. Similar to Unbounce, they also have A/B Testing and Landing Page Builders. But, they have an exclusive Heat Maps feature that details which users have clicked on a page, how far they have scrolled down a page, or display the results of eye-tracking tests.


Although ThriveSuite caters to WordPress users, many business owners still value its features, such as its landing page builder, ThriveArchitect. They have a click-to-edit feature which is handy if you’re creative juices are spontaneous. You can also choose from 291 beautifully designed landing page templates to build your preference. It is also cheaper than Unbounce at $19/month (yearly billed), but you can access all the apps and tools such as ThriveArchitect.

Unbounce Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you add extra pop-ups, sticky bars, or landing pages to your current plan, or do you need to purchase an upgrade?

According to Unbounce, you can purchase more sticky bars and pop-ups by purchasing them separately. Although there is no information if you can add more landing pages, you can contact support or ask for a quotation from them.

Can I Create More than One Form on a Page?

The Unbounce builder only has a maximum of one form per landing page. Your focus is to make your landing page have a strong call-to-action message for your customers to fill in the forms. Unbounce helps by making your landing page clean and highlights data that conveys your message. 

Final Thoughts

After reviewing its features, Unbounce may be the best landing page builder that is suitable for larger businesses that have a significant level of inbound website traffic. Yet, it may not be a barrier for smaller businesses that want secure landing pages with A/B testing and better drag and drop optimisation. If you’re not familiar with plugins and codes, you may have to research on your own. We can all agree in this Unbounce review that every business owner, no matter if they are big or small, that want to improve conversions rates on their site, should try Unbounce.