What Are The Key LeadPages Features? (Drag and Drop, Drip Email Marketing, and Integrations)

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Leadpages is a well-known and relatively new software service that enables you to create high-converting landing pages. Everything you need for a successful business website is available at Leadpages, and all it takes to understand its power is a glance at its incredible features. Leadpages features an easy-to-use interface that caters to the majority of users. The pages created are guaranteed to be SEO friendly, which will help you maintain a high ranking in search engine results.

Find out why LeadPages is the best landing page building tool for your online business as you read on.


What Are LeadPages Key Features?

Numerous customisation options give you complete control over the design of your landing page. Whether you’re designing mobile pages or large-screen interfaces, you can easily customise them with simple drag-and-drop operations. Add widgets, text, and images to your content to make it more appealing. A/B testing is also available to determine how well your website performs. This will assist you in identifying any flaws in your design before finalising a copy.

Here are the key LeadPages features that you can maximise for your website:


Landing Page Templates

Leadpages offers templates for thank you pages, opt-in form pages, and webinar. All Leadpages templates are mobile-responsive, which means they adapt to the size of any device. They are designed for and are only compatible with one of the company’s two editors. There is no way to convert standard templates for use in the drag and drop editor and vice versa.


Moreover, 500 templates are available to users. In detail, there are 200 free templates and over 300 premium templates available for purchase from third-party vendors. Indeed, many of the highest-converting pages were created by these third parties, not Leadpages. 132 are for the standard builder, while 76 are for the new Leadpages drag and drop editor.


LeadPages Drag And Drop Feature

You may add or remove any page element you wish. You can simply drag a page element from the widget or layout panel to the desired location, or click the trash can icon to delete an existing element. You can also have control over how your page appears in search results. The SEO tag fields enable you to enter an enticing title and description aimed at generating click throughs from search results pages. Additionally, you can select keywords to provide search engines with additional information about the subject of your page.

There is a timing control to add dynamic elements to your page. Urgency motivates people to take action, which hopefully includes opting in or making a purchase. Leadpages allows you to incorporate countdown timers into your pages. With the new timing control feature, you can specify a time delay for any section to appear on the page. Additionally, you can redirect visitors who arrive after the countdown expires to a different page or hide a section of the original page automatically. You can utilise this technique for elements that require additional attention, such as call-to-action buttons and countdown timers.


Advanced Integrations

Once your integration service is connected to your Leadpages account, it is not automatically connected to your forms. Therefore, be sure to read the section of this article titled “Choose where to send your leads” after connecting.

Multiple accounts from a single integration service can be connected to your Leadpages account for your sites, pages, and pop-ups. However, each form may contain only one integration.

If your integration service is not one of LeadPages’ native integrations, you can also connect to thousands of different apps via the Zapier integration. If you’re using opt-in text or a trigger link, keep in mind that you’ll need to connect your integration service to Standard (Legacy) Integrations.


Additional LeadPages Features to Consider Using in Your Online Business

Opt-in pop-up boxes

Pop-ups help increase subscriber growth. They provide ‘Exit-intent’ pop-ups that are activated when visitors move their mouse to close a page.


Facebook Advertisement Creator

Create Facebook and Instagram ads directly within the integrated Ad Builder. The Ad Builder has been shown to outperform the Facebook Ad Manager by a factor of two to five.


Premium Images from Shutterstock

Leadpages enables you to purchase premium Shutterstock images directly from your Leadpages account. After that, you can incorporate these images into your pages.


Free Web Hosting

On Leadpages, you can create a complete website without writing a single line of code and securely host it on a free Leadpages domain. Create a website using conversion-optimised templates that are SEO friendly, fully mobile-responsive, and load extremely quickly.


Thank you and confirmation page

Create personalised thank-you and confirmation pages to assist subscribers in remaining engaged throughout the process.


Alert And Notification Bars

Create a notification bar that will appear at the top or bottom of your pages.


Online sales and Payments

Leadpages makes it simple to generate sales and then deliver digital products. Stripe is one of the payment method gateways you can use for LeadPages.


Pages that are optimised for search engines

The more effective your page’s SEO, the more search traffic you’ll receive and the more money you’ll earn. Leadpages features easy-to-edit metadata fields and a diverse selection of SEO-friendly templates. 


Automatic Facebook pixel tracking 

When you use the Leadpages Ad Builder, the Leadpages Facebook Pixel is automatically installed. 


Advertisements that correspond to specific pages

You can create consistent advertising campaigns that are pre-populated with the content of your landing page. Then, each advertisement can be customised to your specifications.


99.9% Uptime

Uptime is critical, and downtime can result in lost sales. Leadpages is fast and dependable because it is powered by Google’s App Engine.


Preview tailored to your device

It’s critical to understand how your pages will appear on a variety of different devices.

Leadpages allows you to preview your content across a variety of different device screen sizes.

You can then identify any potential problems.


LeadPages Limitations

Leadpages does not provide conversion rate percentages, conversion rate variances, or the length of time a template has been active. Additionally, there is no data that LeadPages has a high-converting landing page which is any better than competitor landing pages.

After customising templates with new copy, images, and styling, they become significantly different pages, making it difficult to group them all. Additionally, the page that collects the most emails may not be the page that ultimately converts the most paying customers.

Furthermore, Numerous free standard Leadpages templates appear to be out of date. To some extent, because they are overused – you see the same templates and Leadboxes everywhere.


Final Thoughts

Despite those limitations Leadpages is an excellent option for anyone looking to create attractive and effective landing pages. It’s an incredibly simple tool to use, and the price point is reasonable. Their Starting plan is $15 per month where you can do tasks such as creating pop-up forms, email marketing services, and other advanced features.

If you have limited design skills and require the ability to quickly and easily create pages, this may be the right tool for you. If you want an incredibly simple way to create stunning landing pages across multiple websites, as well as advanced features like Leadboxes, tonnes of integrations, and A/B testing, Leadpages will not disappoint you, and you should consider one of the more comprehensive plans, Pro or Advanced.

While the core value of the landing page creator remains, these smaller additions can help you accomplish excellent websites while also integrating well with LeadPages landing page builder.