How Much Does Leadpages Cost? (Leadpages Pricing And Features)

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Your home page’s primary objective is to introduce your brand and direct visitors where to go next. The primary objective of a landing page, sales page, or squeeze page is to convert traffic.

Typically, to persuade your audience to join your email list. Occasionally, a marketer will solicit a sale rather than joining an email list. Because the purpose of a landing page is to increase conversions, the landing page should present the visitor with no other options than to convert.

If you are wondering about LeadPages Pricing and how much does LeadPages cost, find out more with our detailed analysis.


What Is LeadPages?

Leadpages is a leading website builder and landing page software that comes equipped with a robust set of design, publishing, integration, and analytics capabilities.

Leadpages is a drag-and-drop application that enables you to:

  • Construct a landing page for your webinars, books, courses, and other offerings.
  • Create email opt-in forms to assist you in growing your list more quickly.
  • Provide ethical bribes to new website visitors to convert them to leads or customers.
  • Create straightforward sales funnels that are connected to your email service provider.

Leadpages’ primary selling point is its simplicity of use. It takes me five minutes to create a landing page and landing page using the drag and drop editor, which would have taken me several hours in the past. The best part is that you don’t need to know any code to accomplish this. Its alternatives for similar landing page builders are Clickfunnels, Mailchimp, and Instapage.

You can edit and update these pages on the fly, and you can choose from a variety of popular templates that other authors and marketers adore.

Leadpages integrates with several well-known email marketing services, including ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, and AWeber. It integrates with WordPress via a plugin or, if you’re not using WordPress, it generates formatted HTML that you can copy and paste into your website’s back-end.


Leadpages Pricing Structures With Included Features

How much does LeadPages cost? LeadPages pricing plan has three tiers: Standard, Pro, and Advanced. Leadpages’ Standard Package starts at $27 per month, making it one of the most affordable landing page tools available. Their Pro pricing plan is $48 per month with an annual billing cycle of 12 months. Alternatively, Pro is $79 per month if billed monthly. Finally, their Advanced pricing plan is $199 per month with an annual billing cycle of 12 months.

Or $321 per month if billed monthly. ‍When you sign up for annual billing, you’ll save up to 39% and receive a free custom domain (provided by Hover) for one year.

The following are some of the key features of this landing page building software:


Standard Plan

This plan is ideal for startups looking to launch a lead-generating website.

Among its characteristics are the following:

  • Site builder Create an unlimited number of landing pages
  • Connect an unlimited number of domains
  • Alert Bars and Pop-ups
  • Free web hosting
  • Leads and traffic are unlimited Standard integrations (40+)
  • Support via email
  • Templates that are responsive to mobile devices (over 200)
  • Weekly group coaching sessions
  • Advertisement creator for Facebook and Instagram


Pro plan

This plan is ideal for professional businesses seeking to expand their client base. This plan includes everything included in the Standard plan, plus the following:

  • Conjoin three domains
  • Sales and payments via the internet
  • Links to email triggers
  • There is no limit to the number of A/B split tests that can be conducted.
  • Text-messaging opt-in campaigns (10)
  • Discounts from Affiliated Businesses


Advanced Plan

The Advanced plan is best suited for marketing firms. It includes all of the features found in the Pro plan, plus the following:

  • Connect 50 distinct domains
  • Support via phone Advanced Integrations
  • 50 additional text campaign opt-ins
  • 5 sub-accounts Pro
  • Leadpages hosts virtual workshops.
  • Quickstart call on a one-to-one basis


Is There A Free Trial For LeadPages?

All of LeadPages pricing plans  include a 14-day free trial.


Is There A Refund Policy For Leadpages?

There are no hidden costs or fees associated with Leadpages’ free trial. However, if you do not intend to pay for a plan following the free trial, you must cancel before the trial period expires.

Otherwise, your subscription will be automatically upgraded to a paid one and you will be billed accordingly. Leadpages does not offer partial month refunds or credits. Additionally, they do not offer any type of money-back guarantee. That said, Leadpages does not offer any kind of refunds following cancellation. 

You are free to cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel your subscription before the end of the subscription period, you will retain access to all features until the subscription period expires. Sub-accounts, on the other hand, must be deleted before cancellation.


Policy On Data Privacy And Data Retention 

You will have one advantage: if you choose to reactivate your account later, you will retain access to all previously stored data. Other platforms delete your content upon cancellation, but Leadpages is more user-friendly.

You can cancel your Leadpages account at any time by visiting their website or contacting


Final Thoughts

Every creator, business owner, real estate agents, and more should make growing an email list a priority, and Leadpages is the ideal tool for doing so. LeadPages is one of the easiest-to-use blogging tools available today. If you are asking how much does LeadPages cost, it is a worthwhile investment for online businesses and more. However, if you want more control over the appearance and feel of your opt-in and landing pages, you can ask specifically for an additional fee. Read the rest of our LeadPages review to discover if LeadPages pricing plans are worth the cost.