LeadPages Review: Can Landing Pages Increase Your Conversion Rates?

LeadPages Review: Can Landing Pages Increase Your Conversion Rates?

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No matter what your online business does, you are going to need multiple landing pages for your website. These pages can be static or dynamic, informative or sales-focused but no matter what your goal is you want to connect with your audience.  We will talk you through a tool called LeadPages on this LeadPages review that will not only help you engage with your customers, it also collects leads and converts leads into sales. On a broader scale, LeadPages also enables you to build websites and speak to customers in a targeted manner using pop-ups and alert bars.

Why should you build a Landing Page?

Building custom landing pages for your customers is essential in shortening the journey from the moment a customer starts thinking about your product to the second they hit the buy button. Not only will a bespoke landing page help the customer journey, but it will also improve the conversion rates of your website. Landing pages are a great way to give an answer in real-time to the questions your customers are asking. Contact forms, events like webinars, and even just products for sale can become standalone landing pages for your business.

Benefits of Using LeadPages For Your Landing Page

Why should you choose LeadPages? They allow you to filter their templates according to their conversion rate; bear in mind this is based on their data and not independently verified. You can also use optional pop-ups and alert bars for your website. Any of these use cases would vary by industry, so first let’s take a look at the feature in general for the first half of this LeadPages review.


The key features for building a landing page are:

Ready To Build Templates

Even users with little to no experience of building a presence online can build their website with LeadPages. Features for website-building include SEO Management, Online Booking Tools, Landing Pages, and Web forms. 

Tracking Analysis

You can easily integrate the status of your website traffic and conversion rates from Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and other analytic apps for your website. LeadPages also allows the use of third-party analytics or tracking code for your analytics report.

Top Speed and Reliability

One of the best ways to keep your websites up and running 99.99% of the time is to make the website’s loading speed faster. Conversion rates will increase in line with any speed increases you can implement on your site as visitors of your website can browse your products and services without having to wait for images or pages to load.

Free Hosting With SSL encryption

Another key feature that LeadPages offer is free hosting. If you don’t have a domain, all account levels get free hosting on a LeadPages domain. On top of that, you’ll be secured with SSL encryption which is hosted on an HTTPS address.

Device-Specific Preview

After building your landing pages, you can easily see what it looks like across different platforms. You can also optimise your website for mobile, desktop, and tablet.

LeadPages Limiting Factors To Consider

There are some limiting factors to take into consideration. For example, they still lack the availability to customize your landing pages extensively. From an aesthetics perspective, it lacks controls for better spacing or margins, alignment, layout, and margins. Users of LeadPages may have to try out each of the designs to see which one fits their vision and needs. However, with the standard price and its features, you’ll already have a great landing page to work with which will drive more conversions and leads.

How Much Does LeadPages Cost?

LeadPages don’t offer a free version of their software. They do, however, offer a free trial for 14 days. If you’re happy with their services, you may choose from the three packages  The standard cost of LeadPages is $27 per month.

LeadPages Integration With Other Software

In the past, LeadPages only enabled WordPress integration. However, LeadPages has expanded its features to include other useful apps and website hosting services for eCommerce brands and the digital marketing industry.


Looking for more integrations? Here are some of the apps and services in this LeadPages review that they have partnered with:














Marketing Automation





Curious to find out more? Visit their website and check out all the apps and website that can integrate with LeadPages.


Best Leadpages Alternatives


Unbounce provides what most people look for in building landing pages. The software offers 100 templates and better still, customisable per industry or business. It also features pop-ups and sticky bars, allowing you to choose your template while also integrating with many apps. You have a lot of freedom when building your landing pages since they have third-party resources. However, their pricing starts at $80 per month while also taking into account the number of conversions you receive per page. 


Mailchimp is no longer just an email client. They also offer a landing page builder that works with their email automation, advertisement, and social media tools. As a campaign builder, MailChimp is free but you can upgrade to a paid subscription to get more access to templates, collaboration, and optimise your whole campaign.

HubSpot’s Landing Page Builder

HubSpot has its very own land page builder where you can start creating from existing templates that cater to both mobile and desktop versions of your website. Since it’s a free tool, many start-ups and businesses prefer HubSpot’s Landing Page Builder for their easy-to-use but powerful landing page templates. There are specific industries that you can customise your landing pages, with free versions that can access at least 13 templates. They also host technologies and features that are geared towards using existing data and contacts. Moreover, you can even test your landing page and see the analytics of converting the traffic into leads.