Using ConvertKit To Create Lead Magnet Templates For Your Email Funnel

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One of your goals as a digital marketer is to raise awareness of your brand while also establishing confidence and build reputation. However, measuring the effectiveness of these initiatives can be challenging. This is why offering lead magnets is important; they are the ideal way for prospective customers who have never heard of your brand to offer up their email addresses in exchange for your lead magnet.

Lead magnets will also help to qualify prospective customers by asking them to make a minor commitment, particularly if they fill out a form that needs more than just their email address. If you want to discover how to use ConvertKit to create lead magnets for your email funnel, read on to find more details.


What Is A Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is any free incentive you give your audience in exchange for joining your email list, while a downloadable is any lead magnet form that your subscriber can immediately download.

Why should you use downloadable lead magnets to construct your list?


  • They are simple to download, design, and use
  • They are a simple way to educate your potential customer
  • They present you as an expert in your niche amidst the variety of industries
  • They demonstrate how serious you are about leading with meaning
  • ConvertKit allows you to automate your lead magnets using email funnels


There are several advantages to using downloadables to expand your collection, the most important of which is that you only need to build them once. Once linked to your ConvertKit account, they will automatically deliver your downloadables for you, leaving you hands-off in the process.

Consider what it would be like to receive email subscribers and client leads on autopilot while maintaining your link. You will also maintain your relationship with them by providing useful freebies and informative follow-up emails.


Types Of Lead Magnet Templates For Your Email Funnel


Ebooks are books or guides that can be downloaded online to any device. You can use them to expand your email list on autopilot by connecting your ebook document file to your ConvertKit account, and it will send the freebie to you with an opt-in email. eBook lead magnets are not the same as what you would find on your Kindle.

They are more akin to informative guides on particular subjects on which your target audience wishes to learn more. The ebook should only be long enough to adequately teach and express your message to your audience. For some authors, this may be as little as 15 pages, and for others, it may be as many as 30 pages.


The Ultimate Guide

It can be difficult to create original content if you work in a well-established industry. Other people’s coverage of a topic can often be so thorough that it’s almost difficult to add additional value. An Ultimate Guide is a detailed compilation of the best articles on a specific subject. What’s the biggest distinction between an Ultimate Guide and a mini eBook?

You’re not reusing content from your blog; instead, you’re referring to other websites. You mustn’t just copy and paste anyone else’s content into your guide; instead, include a link back to the original post.



If your target audience is already familiar with your niche subject but you want to assist them in determining the next steps to take, you should consider creating an easy-to-follow checklist.

Checklists typically highlight a list of tasks that the audience can perform to achieve their desired outcome. Checklists transform the strongest of all lead magnets, owing to their ease of consumption. They condense all of the information that the user requires into a single, actionable list.

They’re also easy to create. For example, you might create a checklist out of your most popular blog posts and sell it as a content upgrade. When you combine the content update with a two-step opt-in form, your conversions will skyrocket.

Checklists are much simpler to make than worksheets because they can be one single page with a well-organised list of tasks. You should categorise each assignment and arrange them in a way that makes sense to your target audience.



Since they perform well on social media, infographics are typically the type of content you would think to use to drive traffic to your website. An infographic is a visual representation of a subject that includes imagery, maps, and minimal text.

Infographics are excellent for making complicated details simple to understand.

They can be useful whenever you need them:


  • Give a brief overview of a topic
  • Explain a complicated procedure
  • Showcase study findings or survey results
  • Make a summary of a lengthy blog post or article
  • Contrast and contrast various choices
  • Raise consciousness about a problem or a cause


An infographic is a good way to go when you need to give someone a very fast rundown on something that can be difficult to describe in words alone. As a result, infographics can be useful in almost every industry.


A PDF Version

A PDF version is one of those lead magnets that are vastly underutilised, even though it is extremely simple to make. You can make a PDF guide if you want to have a more tangible lead magnet.

You can use your most popular blog posts, save a PDF file, and then give it as a content upgrade. When using a lead magnet, you might even want to have access to exclusive content that isn’t available on your platform. This could essentially be any kind of material or article that users can import as a PDF.



Downloadable tools are our last pick for lead magnet templates to add to your email funnel. You can include calculators, generators, assessments, digital art brushes, and other useful tools.

Consider these tools to be a simple way for your audience to build or learn something new.

The great thing about toolkits is that you can normally become an affiliate with the products you use. So, in addition to providing a very useful resource to your guests, the toolkit can also generate additional revenue for your company.

Whatever tool you develop, consider how it can make your audience member’s job or life easier. What is the ultimate purpose of providing the tool? What difference does it make to their creative process or workflow? These questions will assist you in developing better methods.


What’s Next? Insert Your Lead Magnet Templates In To Your Email Funnel

An email funnel describes how a customer progresses through the various stages of your product. Business owners often create this to sell a product or service through educational content and convincing selling. You can also make email sequences linked to your lead magnets. Once you’ve decided on one of the downloadable lead magnet ideas mentioned above, you’ll be able to promote it via a landing page.

Creating email funnels for all of your goods, programmes, activities, webinars, and more is one of the best ways to invest in growing your email list (and profits). These lead magnet templates are best used for an email funnel where you can link your landing page. If ConvertKit pricing plans is your worry, check out which pricing plan has features that you need for your email marketing strategy.