Benefits Of Using Aweber Landing Pages For Improving Your Conversion Rate (With Aweber Integrations)

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A high-performing landing page, also known as a Lead Page, can help you not only attract new users but also gather their details for future campaigns. Business owners should create emails informing potential leads of the importance of your service offer. If you want to increase leads, orders, sign-ins or downloads, a fully customised landing page will deliver tangible benefit by directing the guests to a page that is specifically tailored to their needs.

You don’t need to build dedicated mini-sites on your website to build your subscriber list when you use a proper landing page. Instead, you will begin constructing your list by creating landing pages with AWeber.

If you want a functional and high converting landing page, check our tips on Aweber Landing pages by reading the rest of this article.


Why Use Landing Pages? (Benefits Of AWeber Landing Page Builder)

A landing page is a different page from the main website that is designed with a specific goal in mind: to entice people to take action. This can include downloading ebooks, white papers, webinars, demos, and free trials, among other things. Email landing pages have proven to be successful for many content marketers.

In contrast to its alternatives, Aweber offers one of the most extensive collections of 700 HTML e-newsletter templates. Since there are so many landing page templates online, you should be able to find one that works with your content marketing strategy with a few changes.

Check out some of the tips and benefits when using AWeber landing pages for your sales.


Aweber’s Email Templates Are Design Responsive

Within Aweber, you can also quickly see a glimpse of the mobile edition of your email — just press a preview button and toggle a ‘mobile preview’ option to see how your e-newsletter would appear on a smartphone. Aweber ensures that they can immediately resize to suit the screen on which they are being displayed. This is a must-have innovation in the era of smartphones and tablets. However, creating some test emails and testing them on a phone, desktop, or tablet is always a smart idea.


Create Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

Your USP (Unique Selling Point) is what distinguishes you from the rest and why people would prefer you over everyone else. According to studies, you have less than 15 seconds to catch someone’s interest as they visit your website. That’s how long they’ll last before determining whether or not what you’re doing is suitable for them.

As a result, you must inspire them quickly.


What Exactly Is a Value Proposition?

Among the value propositions are:

Demonstrating how the product or service compares to a well-known competitor

The potential return on investment (ROI) 

The product’s monetary worth and the savings that can be realised by signing up now

The level of achievement that is possible

Stating unequivocally that your offer is free

Offering a Warranty

Create a compelling, value-driven USP and base your landing page on it. Excellent headlines, photographs, and related copy can be used to supplement your USP.

A value proposition is an important part of your small business marketing approach because it tells the consumer what they can achieve if they take action, such as filling out a questionnaire or making a transaction.


AB Testing

Landing pages are a learning experience. When you’ve finished a page that you’re pleased with, don’t publish it and just forget about it. Businesses should examine the analytics weekly and compare results over time. Another tip is to use heatmaps and scroll maps to see how visitors communicate with the website and use the data to enhance the output of the landing pages.

If your page isn’t generating the number of leads or conversions you wanted, experiment with a template or copy elements, or change the colour and placement of buttons. Then, run A/B checks to see how the various pages compare to one another. You’ll then be able to combine the best aspects of both to create a page that gives you the most value for your buck.


Makes Good And Consistent Call To Action (CTAs)

Any feature of your landing page is intended to draw visitors’ attention and encourage them to click on the call-to-action. The golden laws of shape optimisation are to keep things brief and to provide a persuasive, one-of-a-kind call-to-action.

If the form is too long, visitors can be turned off because you are demanding too much detail.

And if the Call-To-Action (CTA) isn’t customised or impossible to locate, your chances of turning a tourist into a customer are jeopardised.


Call-to-Action Guidelines

Make it large enough to be seen

Using a button at all times

People are programmed to expect a button; don’t surprise them with a curveball.

Make use of a contrasting hue that draws the eye.

Use actionable terms (for example, “Have your Free Trial,” “Buy Now,” “Download Now,” and so on).

Effective CTAs are an essential component of effective landing pages.

You don’t want tourists to have to guess or think too hard about an action.

What is your objective? Are you putting together an email capture landing page? Whatever move you want people to take, the CTA should be clear and able to capitalise on it. You can need to have several CTAs in the material depending on the duration of the landing page.


Use SEO To Increase Traffic To Your Landing Page

Your landing page is of course public, so you want it to be found by users who type search queries into a search engine like Google. You can optimise this by implementing some basic SEO strategies. 

Check that the website is crawlable and that you are not blocking it from search in the robots.txt file or with noindex tags. You will want clean HTML markup on the website, with crawlable text and a strong title tag, meta summary, and URL (some basic guidelines from Google for reference). Enter the page into Google’s Keyword Planner and get suggestions about keywords to include with any of these components. To test if your landing page is crawlable, run your email landing page from Google Search Console. 

Landing page content has incredibly high value for long-tail keywords, so any straightforward landing page SEO will provide fresh traffic for a long time, adding value to the original email landing page investment.


Which Landing Page Content Should You Begin With?

Since AWeber has hundreds of efficient and converting landing pages for your company investment, deciding which templates to use first can be difficult. To know the detailed step by step instructions on creating Aweber Landing Pages, read more from this page. 


AWeber Integrations to Improve the Performance of Your Landing Pages

AWeber combines with a wide range of other websites and resources, making it simple to align your email marketing strategy and marketing campaigns with the majority of your online business strategies. The AWeber API makes it much simpler to create these integrations.


Data and Analytics


Integration Platforms


Shopping Cart / eCommerce


Final Thoughts

When you customise and optimise your landing page, make sure you are tracking what is and isn’t working using robust controlled test strategies. Keep in mind that if your customers sign up for your product, programme, or email list, your job isn’t over. You need to keep them interested by sending them relevant content deals, freebies, and more through AWeber’s email marketing platform.

Conversions on your landing page indicate how well it is working and that people are placing their faith in you to deliver on what you promise. Repay confidence and encourage loyalty by emailing consumers with value-added material, customised deals, and freebies, or informing them when they have left products in their basket. Any dollar spent on email marketing yields a return of investment (ROI).