Moosend Review: Using Email Marketing Automation For Your Business In 2021

Moosend Review: Using Email Marketing Automation For Your Business In 2021

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Using an email marketing solution provides faster communication with potential leads and easier ways to advertise your brand. However, email marketing takes a lot of time to set up, particularly if your business is growing rapidly. With an email marketing automation solution, you can let your business sell itself by using well-timed emails to capture your target audience and turn them into leads. We will give you an in-depth Moosend review of what email marketing automation services like Moosend can do to boost your revenue without needing to know how to code.

 How Does Moosend Help My Business?

Automated Email Marketing With A Personal Touch

Moosend allows you to win your audience and keep them coming back to your service by providing an automated email marketing strategy. That said, you can personalise emails (whether newsletters or email campaigns) that target your audience’s instincts and behaviour to click on the link rather than close the email. With a personal touch on sure-fire automation workflows, you’ll provide customer satisfaction and even give them recommendations to your other products, SKUs, and services too.

Drag & Drop Landing Page Builder

Creating landing pages on Moosend is customisable with their detailed drag & drop builder. Choose from a wide variety of pre-built workflow templates according to your bespoke requirement. If your brand is SaaS, E-commerce, an Agency, a Travel website, or a Publisher, you can customise your landing page. Moosend also enhances your Ad Words Quality and Google ranking with their in-house CDN for better content overview and faster loading times.

Secure Subscription Forms 

If you’ve encountered countless spams on your email marketing campaigns, Moosend can eliminate these spams for you. Additionally, subscription forms in Moosend can be a pop-up, floating bar, inline form, or a full-page layout. Your forms are secure with data privacy that is GDPR compliant and combats spam with anti-bot protection. Moreover, you can also integrate some of your favourite apps to collect and analyse data, report on how your business is going and automate your email marketing.

Powerful features of Moosend also include:

Advanced Email List Segmentation

Real-Time Analytics

E-Commerce AI

Tracking Your Data


They also have video tutorials, webinars, an academy, and a help centre on how to use their tools and services that eliminate the challenges of a steep learning curve. 

How Much Does Moosend Cost?

Moosend is a free forever email marketing service with unique features such as unlimited emails for 500 subscribers, sign-up & subscription forms, and reporting & analytics. If you want landing pages and more team members that can use Moosend simultaneously, you’ll have to pay for the Pro plan, which is $8 / month (annual billing). However, you may need to pay extra if you want more subscribers to join your brand.

Moreover, Moosend also offers a custom plan that you can request via their sales and support. If you’re interested in knowing more about the pricing rates that aren’t discussed in this Moosend review, visit their pricing page here.

Which App Integrations Are Available With Moosend?

Brand owners are not always required to know how to code. Hence, app integrations with online services such as Moosend are uninterrupted. Furthermore, they have app integrations that are native or can be integrated using PieSync or Zapier.

Here are some of your favourite apps that our Moosend review recommends to integrate with Moosend’s services:


WordPress Subscription Form






Google Contacts






Lead Generation




MailChimp Synchronizer


List validation






Which Moosend Alternatives Should You Try?

Email marketing automation platforms have been helping businesses gain more revenue over the years. There are some limitations on advanced features that Moosend may not be able to deliver for your brand. 

Hence, we’ve also covered some alternatives for Moosend that business owners may want to try to fulfil your bespoke requirement. 

Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM thrives in a customer-client relationship environment and acts as a friend to advertise your products and services to your potential leads. Since Freshworks CRM is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service, you can expect to get more features at a fraction of a cost. Freshworks CRM starts at $29 billed annually or $35 billed monthly to create emails, build forms, contact life cycle changes while managing your analytics and report. 


Emma isn’t just an email marketing service but also a digital marketing platform perfect for marketing teams of all sizes. They identify your target, automate your marketing strategies, and integrate with many technologies for timely and effective communications. Users say that Emma is a user-friendly email marketing tool with a very thoughtful product design.

Emma starts at $89/month with features like Guestbook app, email list importing, segmentation tools, and API access. However, some people find it disappointing not to be able to edit your ongoing campaign and having to copy it all over again. Nevertheless, you can choose Emma as an excellent alternative for dynamic email content and A/B testing.


Online sellers and marketers frequently use Omnisend for setting up automated triggered emails for order follow-up, customer reactivation, and managing reviews. All of their key features are available for free, but you can get the rest of the excellent tools and services for $16/month. You can even request a demo to answer which tools and services you need for your ongoing marketing strategy. Furthermore, what makes Omnisend different is its SMS feature, where you can also send your marketing campaigns via texting on mobile phones.

Final Thoughts

We’ve summarised in this Moosend review what we thought your business could benefit from Moosend’s various tools, services, and products. An expanding business or brand shouldn’t exempt themselves from following-up their current contacts and leads as well. That said, you should also develop your landing pages and create beautifully designed templates that allow you to promote what your business is all about. If you want to build a credible and reputable brand that your customers can share with others, automate your email marketing campaigns for growth and scalability.