Constant Contact Review: Build Smarter E-Mail Marketing Strategies For Your Brand Online

Constant Contact Review: Build Smarter E-Mail Marketing Strategies For Your Brand Online

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Whether you are a small business, nonprofit organisation or an individual, if you are looking for an email marketing client that can support you beyond marketing automation, Constant Contact might be the app for you. It’s an affordable tool that offers a smart set of features which we cover in-depth below. Since the rebrand, they have changed things up a bit, so it is worth reading through to the end of our Constant Contact Review to get a full view of the new offering.

What Are The Best Features That Constant Contact Can Offer?

Better Email Marketing Automation And Campaigns

Email marketing automation is essential for SMBs and Nonprofit organisations to continue engaging with their current and prospective leads. If you want to grow your brand, you need to personalise your emails using Constant Contact’s email marketing automation and builder. You can customise templates from their template database using their drag and drop feature for smoother and faster editing. They also have a hundred mobile-responsive email templates for smarter techniques to convert leads into sales.

Website Builder: From E-Commerce To Brand Advertising

Constant Contact also features unlimited storage, free hosting, and even an SSL certificate to keep your customer’s information safe and private. Owning a website also means you can put together SEO content that ranks your market and promotes visibility.  Use Constant Contact’s built-in marketing tools to set up your online store and start selling your digital and physical goods. 


However, some of their landing page building options are a bit basic. The lack of customisation may take away some of the creativity that you may have in mind. Yet, you can still use other integrations and plugins to make your website load faster and provide tailor-suited requirements.

Take Control Of Your Social Media Marketing

An impressive social marketing strategy builds a more extensive network for your brand to grow in. With Constant Contact, you can take control of your social media marketing using Facebook and Instagram Ads. They also provide contact list management for your website to organise your leads and subscribers.

Tracking Your Results To Create Room For Improvement

Analytics and data is an essential aspect of being smart. If you want to create more traffic for your business, you can use the analytics and reports feature to generate awareness for your brand. Use familiar app integrations that do the tracking and reporting for you in a clean and organised manner.

Create Your Own Brand’s Logo

One of their best features and an exclusive for Constant Contact is their Logo Maker. Non-profit companies and start-ups can highly use their Logo Maker to jumpstart their brand. Use different shapes, symbols, colours, and insert your slogan to send your message. You can even have a preview of your logo on various social media networks and websites.

How Much Does Constant Contact Cost?

Their price plans vary according to the number of contacts you have for your email subscriptions. You can also avail yourself of the free month promo after purchasing any of the plans and can cancel anytime you want. If you are a small business that wants to create professional-looking emails, go for their $20/month price plan.

App Integrations With Constant Contact For Your Business Needs

Using apps and plugins in Constant Contact will help you with your overall marketing process. 

Most of the app integrations help you grow your email list and update them regularly. Among the 450 applications available, you can make your emails and website visible on social media and rank on Google better.


Find out which app integrations from this Constant Contact Review are available in Constant Contact below:


Appointments and Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling





Contact Databases & CRM

Shopify eCommerce Integration



Solve CRM


Contact Growth & Lead Generation


Shopify Connector

Smart Leads










Click To Talk





All these features plus more if you sign up for either the Email or Email Plus price plans. Find out more about Constant Contact’s apps and integrations by checking their website here.

Constant Contact Alternatives

Benchmark Email

Benchmark email favours startups, SMEs, and NPOs just how Constant Contact does with a fair paid plan. You don’t need to pay for their services as they provide a free forever plan that can cover your email marketing needs. You can pay for add-ons such as list verification, image hosting, dedicated IP, and inbox checkers. They have local and international with nine supported languages which makes them a global email marketing service. They have exceptional customer support for their services that provides customer engagement, analytics and reporting, marketing automation, and email deliverability.


SendPulse is best recommended for tourism companies, banks, and businesses that engage in E-commerce. They have plenty of automation tools and an SMS feature for notifications on feedback, custom events, and cart abandonment. You can also make a segment for visitor activity via a drag and drop editor for email marketing. You can start using SendPulse for free, but if you want their professional features, they have monthly, quarterly and annual paid plans. Pay only $6.4/month for 500 subscribers and unlimited emails, including their products. However, you can also pay according to the number of emails you send or if you have over 5 million subscribers.


Compared to Constant Contact, Drip is more of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service. But, you can use their email marketing automation to focus on creating genuine relationships between your brand and your customers. Their features highlight the importance of making your shoppers become your loyalists with customer data, social media marketing, behaviour-based automation, insights dashboards, and more. You can also see the results of these strategies using their in-app analytics and report. Drip is another free-to-use email marketing service but starts at $19/month for 500 subscribers. There is also a 14-day free trial should you wish to test your existing marketing campaign with Drip.

Final Thoughts

As seen in their features, they provide what most small businesses and nonprofit organisations need for basic email and e-commerce marketing. Their image library and detailed reporting are also unique features that you can’t find elsewhere. However, Constant Contact’s rebranding meant previous advanced features, integrations, and apps were removed. Despite its shortage of features in some areas according to our Constant Contact review, Constant Contact is a must-try for beginners and small businesses for its ease of use services, tools, and features.