AWeber Review: Everything You Need For Email Marketing

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AWeber Review



Email marketing is just one of the strategies in a business process that converts leads into sales. Why is email marketing so important for your business growth? With a cookieless future on the horizon, it is more important than ever to engage with your audience over email. Everything from the first welcome email to day-to-day marketing campaigns can be run on this medium, so it’s very important to ensure you have the best tech possible to power this.

AWeber is one of the most well-known email marketing platforms that has helped thousands of businesses convert leads to sales for almost 20 years. If you want to engage more people and use clear communications that Aweber can offer, check out the rest of our Aweber review.

What Is AWeber?

AWeber is a reliable email marketing service that is reasonably priced considering its features and vast app integrations. They also offer webinars, podcasts, and marketing guides that you and your team can use for improving your sales and marketing. Small to large businesses benefit from AWeber’s landing pages, email automation, and other available features they can offer.

What Sets AWeber Apart From Other Email Marketing Services?

Drag and Drop Email Creation 

Drag and drop for your email layouts and templates are one of the easiest ways to customise your email marketing campaigns. All of AWeber’s customised templates are responsive and intuitive for senders so that you won’t lose a potential lead. AWeber provides one of the most extensive sets of HTML e-newsletter pre-built templates where you can customise up to 700 of these templates for your liking.

Landing Pages

Additionally, if you want a better email marketing tool to promote your product or service, AWeber has a landing page builder with forms, surveys, and other E-commerce tools. You can expect that these landing pages are connected automatically with other apps that integrate with AWeber.


However, some of the designs for both the email newsletters and landing pages may be outdated. But, with a little bit of tweak in the coding, you can adjust the layout of your website in just a few minutes.

Autoresponders and Email Automation 

Aside from creating your landing pages and providing an email marketing solution, AWeber also helps business owners design their automated Newsletters, email campaigns, and more. AI and automation are some of the key features that make AWeber stand out. Autoresponders, one of their essential services, is responsible for creating triggered emails and allows you to create specific tags. It can also be limited to a subscription contact list for better organisation of your email campaigns.

Pre-built Reports and Analytics With Dashboards

Another great aspect of AWeber is their pre-built reports and analytics, which integrates all their features. From the email marketing tool (named AWeber Communications) right down to your landing pages’ statistics and key performance indicators, you’ll have a clearer perspective of which data to focus on. You can even customise these reports inside the dashboard and organise which information you want to see first.

Pros And Cons Of AWeber:


Unlimited emails and emailing campaigns

Tons of training and resource materials online

It facilitates Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) framework for email


Doesn’t have Facebook pixels / Google Analytics report with GDPR compliance

Outdated email templates

Cannot import from Gmail or third-party email address books

How Much Does AWeber Cost? 

From day one, you can access all of AWeber’s services for free; you only need to start paying when you have more subscribers to your emails and newsletters. AWeber is free for up to 500 subscribers, and you only need to pay $19/month for a monthly payment. But if you decide to pay annually, you can save your budget by just paying $16.15/month. 


Moreover, there are various discounts when paying for AWeber. A total of 14% discount is applied for quarterly payments while 14.9% discount is applied for annual payments. Students and nonprofit organisations get further discounts for creating their email automation and landing pages.

Apps That Integrate With AWeber

There are a multitude of apps that integrate with Aweber. From content management to CRM to Lead Generation, you can undoubtedly rely on integrating some of your existing accounts with AWeber. Here are plenty of options for app integrations that our AWeber review suggests and their categories. 


Content Management


















Lead Generation

Gravity Forms



Thrive Leads


Productivity Tools


Google Calendar

Microsoft Excel


If you’re curious about signing up for AWeber because of the wide range of apps you can integrate, check out more here.

AWeber Alternatives That You Can Choose For Email Marketing


Small businesses may appreciate MailerLite’s features as its price is reasonable considering its feature set, which includes Landing Page creation, pop-ups, forms, and email marketing. However, some edits for API integration take a bit of time to load and reflect on your website. According to reviews, it is a flexible tool that is very intuitive for all kinds of users. MailerLite has a similar billing plan to AWeber that starts free at 1,000 subscribers. Yet you will have to pay $10 or more for unlimited emails per month and if you have more than 1,000 subscribers.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor can be expensive if you would like to unlock the more advanced features that Campaign Monitor has. Starting at 9 EUR per month, you can send up to 2,500 emails, have customer support via email, unlock core marketing features, and add marketing automation to your email list. Many users recommend Campaign Monitor, particularly if you’re an SMB that already has an existing campaign but want to migrate to a better email marketing automation. There is also a 15% discount for nonprofit organisations, which you can apply before starting your plan.


Customers of GetResponse recommend using these email marketing services for their selection of Newsletter templates and other email marketing designs. At a glance, you can also check your websites’ advanced analytics. GetResponse has a user-friendly interface that helps track leads, conversions, and return on investment (ROI). People with little to no coding experience can also enjoy the customisable template scenarios that GetResponse offers. Their starting price is $15 per month, with features such as unlimited landing pages, autoresponders, and email marketing.

Final Thoughts

Having to pay for a separate email marketing service may not be for everyone, and creating emails for marketing efforts and sales can be challenging. The content of your email can make or break your campaign. But ultimately you want to convert readers to subscribers and subscribers to customers and you need technology and email automation to help you do that. No matter what business you are in, email automation and lead nurturing are essential for every business type, regardless of whether you are an SMB or a large enterprise. 


If you want to scale globally, AWeber promises to deliver results from existing and new leads. Create your email automation and marketing strategies with Aweber by visiting their site.