Shopify Plus Features: For Scaling Businesses And Building Larger Enterprises

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Shopify is a monthly subscription-based all-inclusive online selling website. Once you’ve decided on a pricing strategy, you will create an online shop to advertise, distribute, and send your goods to consumers.

eCommerce platforms like Shopify have features that promote merchant success using an automation platform for B2Bs or enterprise companies using third-party integrations and more. But how do you know which Shopify platform is the best fit for you? And what distinguishes Shopify Plus features?

Shopify Plus is a fully hosted enterprise eCommerce platform aimed at high-volume retailers.

It is specifically designed for increasingly increasing companies that need more advanced functionality to support growth and a more responsive eCommerce platform, allowing you to concentrate on your product and customers. Here are Shopify Plus features that can scale with your growing online eCommerce store.


Shopify Plus Academy

Building a company is a marathon, not a sprint. Consumer habits and demands are continually evolving so everything is possible. But, how do you keep track of everything?

You may have used Shopify Academy in the past, but with Shopify Plus Academy, you will have access to in-depth how-tos and eCommerce strategies in key market areas.

This is aimed at high-volume retailers, with a particular emphasis on:

Product-specific tools are available to help you expand on Shopify Plus.

Online workshops with industry experts on a variety of topics are available.

The merchant growth model is intended to direct your company at any point of development.

Nearly 100 self-guided courses are available at the Academy, covering topics ranging from marketing acquisition tactics to company operations to customising your checkout.

You can also watch tutorials and Q&A sessions with company owners at your leisure and on your own time.

Learn more about Shopify Plus Academy by going to their website here.



Shopify also has a plethora of fantastic ready-to-use themes that can be customised to meet your eCommerce requirements. This involves experimenting with fonts and colours, as well as modifying the content and layout of your homepage.

With Shopify Plus, you can take your store’s customisation to a whole new stage.

JavaScript and CSS can be used to completely customise your store’s checkout experience, allowing you to implement conversion optimisation strategies for larger retailers looking for something more special.


Multiple online stores

Shopify Plus is the website for you if you want to sell your goods into overseas markets.

The multi-store feature allows you to have up to ten stores (at no additional cost) so you can cater to and customise your site to various countries, allowing you to handle multiple languages, places, currencies, and more.

One of the first things you’ll find when you update from Shopify to Shopify Plus is the improved edition of the regular Shopify admin. With the latest organisational management tool, you can simplify the management of your entire business. This framework enables you to manage users, easily build new stores with data, update workflows, and obtain a high-level summary of key business metrics across all stores in your organisation.


Shopify Plus Admin UI

If you own many stores, you can make adjustments to operations at the corporate level rather than at the store level. Users with the ability to make changes to the Shopify organisation admin can perform acts that impact users, stores, and Shopify workflows across several stores in your organisation.

The following are the advantages of each feature:


Analytics Overview

This provides you with a centralised view of your business performance, allowing you to ensure that everything is running as planned. View and compare the company’s live results and main business metrics over various periods for all stores. Shopify is a service that allows you to manage your overall products and sales.


Flow management

Flow provides a consolidated view of all of the stores’ automation flows.

It allows you to save time and money by automating routine tasks and enables and manages workflows from a centralised location, sharing them with any store in your organisation.


User management

This is a centralised location for viewing and managing users in the organisation. You can delegate duties to the appropriate users and control workers across all stores from a single location. Users can be added, modified, and removed, and multiple users can perform these tasks.


Shop administration 

This provides you with a consolidated view of all of your stores. Experiment with new strategies and ecosystems using new stores and data from existing stores (users and first-party apps).


Adaptability And Scalability

Instead of worrying about your website, Shopify Plus helps you to concentrate on growing your company.

Plus provides retailers with unrestricted bandwidth and the ability to process up to 8,000 orders per minute per store.

It is also hosted with scalable SaaS (cloud-hosted software), which makes highly variable checkouts and flash sales versatile and simple to manage.


Capacity for high volume traffic

With Shopify Plus’ Launchpad tool, you’ll never have to think about flash sales again!

Launchpad lets you set up, schedule, and automate nearly any process required to run a flash sale or special event.

You can do the following with Launchpad:

Schedule manual activities to be completed automatically, such as publishing new items and details, updating product prices during a campaign, and modifying theme images to be event-specific.

Build complex scripts with ease, such as offering gifts with some purchases, offering free shipping based on order value and type, and creating deals on individual product packages.

Using the event dashboard, you can monitor the progress of your campaign:

Real-time tracking of orders, AOV, and inventory levels allow for mid-campaign changes.


Wholesale management

The Shopify Plus Wholesale Channel enables you to enter the wholesale market by building a separate storefront that functions as an extension of your online store. The wholesale channel is ideal for businesses that conduct both wholesale and retail operations.

You can merge all channels, which means you can streamline the invoicing and operations processes while still working with customers of all sizes. It’s also ideal for start-up businesses looking to open a wholesale store. If you want to experiment with wholesale, Shopify’s user-friendly admin will get you set up in minutes.


Shopify Flow

Have you experienced customer-facing and back-office job work that seems to consume every hour? Shopify Flow is a straightforward visual builder that automates many of these processes.

Customer care, fraud detection, design and development requests, merchandising, communications, and marketing and advertising are examples of these responsibilities (e.g. halting promotions when stock gets low or tagging customers for email segmentation).

Flow the nerve centre of your company:

Its automation will predict regular events in your processes by thinking “if this happens, then do that.”

Flow stores and executes prompts, circumstances, and behaviours that you enter once (and can update), without the need for coding.

A similar workflow template can be used to:

When a customer spends more than $500 in your shop, this feature will be enabled.

Activate a discount depending on the number of orders or the average order value.

Customers should be labelled as “gold VIPs,” and you should contact customer service to give them a special thank you, coupon code, gift, or anything else you think is appropriate.


Final Thoughts

There’s a reason why so many businesses have switched to Shopify Plus. When it comes to running the systems that power your company, Shopify Plus is here for you in those tough moments when you need guidance and support. Shopify Plus is designed for enterprise-level companies who need to sell thousands of items every day.

Here’s a recap on Shopify plus features that are beneficial to your company:


  • Lower transaction costs, and with Shopify Plus’s flat rates, many brands save a lot of money.
  • Savings grow as revenue rates increase.
  • An extra credit card fee cut for brands that use Shopify Payments.
  • The opportunity to quickly add a VIP platform or a shop for your employees or sales representatives.
  • There are several ways to configure the shop so that individual customers can see a customised product list or receive preferential pricing.
  • Expert assistance in resolving pain points and accelerating development
  • The quickest page loading times available by accelerating contact between Shopify and any other apps or applications you’re using.