BigCommerce Review: eCommerce Solution For An Online Store Builder

BigCommerce Review: E-Commerce Solution For An Online Store Builder

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BigCommerce ReviewWith the rise of E-commerce from big names such as Amazon, eBay, and Shopify, there are now countless ways for individuals and small to medium enterprises to sell online. Many of these E-commerce solutions today promise to drive more traffic by building visually appealing sites for your products and services via landing pages. However, not all of them have 3rd-party store integration, SEO-friendly content, or a product visualisation tool that helps retain your customer’s attention. 


BigCommerce delivers all this, using an all-in-one E-commerce website builder. This BigCommerce review will focus on its best features, why app integration for BigCommerce is essential and frequently asked questions before subscribing to BigCommerce.

Key Features Of BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a software as a service (SaaS) product that features an eCommerce solution for business owners to set up their online store using the BigCommerce domain and sell their SKUs, digital products, and services. You can also use your domain to leverage their tools, features, and services to increase your sales and attract potential customers. 


What is BigCommerce used for? Some of its eCommerce platform features are:

Building and Designing a StoreFront 

One of the common complaints that business owners have is the option to optimise their stores according to the product categories and product options. Many stores today have unreliable and confusing buttons which drive away potential customers and leads. However, with BigCommerce’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder and editor, the customer will only see what they have been targeted with. There are various themes and checkout customisation when purchasing SKUs and even resources for you to use. Moreover, you can see what your page looks like by using the Stencil CLI tool. This tool will be your go-to when developing, testing, and pushing changes without downtime.

StoreFront Conversion That Works

Aside from making your landing page look professionally built by a pro, what matters is the content and its conversion rate. According to their internal metrics, SEO features partnered with site speed also boosts customer satisfaction when browsing a website. Thus, BigCommerce gives much importance to optimising friendly URLs, out-of-the-box Metadata, and robots.txt editing.

Safe And Efficient B2B Experience

You can use BigCommerce for your ERP punch-out solution via framing and sequence. Or use partner APIs and 3rd-party ERPs for a broad spectrum. If B2B is your focus, you will love BigCommerce’s management of bulk pricing, customer groups, B2B popular payment gateways, and more. You and your customers will love the real-time shipping quotes, coupons and discounts, abandoned cart saver all under a dedicated SSL.


Other features include:

Multi-Currency Is Accepted

Documentations and resources for using BigCommerce

Channels Toolkit

APIs and Ecosystem


Is BigCommerce Worth The Cost?

As of this BigCommerce review writing, BigCommerce costs $29.95/mo for Standard plan on both monthly and annual billing rates. This pricing plan unlocks the features of almost all of their services except for exclusives like Unlimited API calls, Google Customer Reviews, and Price lists. However, you may save more money if you opt for their annual costs; their Plus tier comes in at $71.95 / month and their Pro tier at $269 / month. 


All of the subscription tiers have no additional cost, unlimited products, file storage and bandwidth, and unlimited seats. You may also start a free trial to know which plan fits your business growth.

App Integrations Supported By BigCommerce

An E-commerce solution inevitably will have lots of partners and app integrations to connect with. Hence, you may expect that almost all apps supporting B2B and E-Commerce solutions are found with BigCommerce. Some of the categories are CRM & Customer Service, Payments and Security, Shipping and Fulfillment, and Analytics and reporting. 


Here is a brief overview of our BigCommerce review suggestions for their third-party app integrations: 

Accounting and Tax




Bridge Connections


Analytics and Reporting


Google Analytics




CRM & Customer Service






If you want to see the whole picture, check out BigCommerce’s powerful enterprise integrations and E-commerce apps here.

BigCommerce Alternatives

2021 has offered plenty of opportunities for business owners that want to expand their products using digital marketing. But, there are alternatives that you may wish to browse and compare with BigCommerce. Some of these services may be similar or have unique benefits that BigCommerce lack. 


Hence, check out these alternatives that you can try for your business.


One of the oldest running E-commerce solutions, 3DCart starts at $9.5/month, which makes it the lowest price of all E-commerce solutions mentioned in this article. Its key feature is its SEO functionality which is very useful for business owners who want to target specific audiences when blogging for traffic. All themes for 3DCart are mobile-friendly, so you won’t have to do any more drag and drop editing. They also offer marketing services that help promote your online store and make it more visible for SEO ranking.


If you are living in the US and want to sell your SKUs without having to pay a lot, then you’ll benefit from its free pricing. It has a well-structured back-end design that helps in managing the website and store efficiently. But, it only allows online payment via Credit Card or Paypal. Dropshipping is also not possible using Weebly, so you may need to go to a 3rd-party drop shipping service. On the other hand, Weebly allows Worldwide shipping and regional shipping options. The best that you can use Weebly for is its solidified performance that caters to items like shipping, digital items for download, and services.


If you’re keen on optimising your various products or SKUs without needing to pay a lot, you can rely on Open Cart to give you these options. Since it’s a free and open-source platform, it is easier to look for plugins, themes, and other gateways for OpenCart. You can also customise and integrate your apps without any issues. It is a self-hosted platform, so you need to take care of development, hosting, and maintenance. Open Cart can be useful for start-ups with a dedicated developer to fix and tweak website errors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) When Using BigCommerce

Can I use a subdomain for my store?

BigCommerce allows owners to reside at any domain that they own and even change the DNS records. But, there are many websites with both the store and a blog that reside on different subdomains. BigCommerce allows you to use the ‘Move to Domain’ tool and going to the domain registrar (where you purchased the domain), and create a CNAME. This allows the forwarding URL to become the temporary URL of your store.

Does BigCommerce have transaction fees?

Transaction fees vary on which service you are using BigCommerce for. Their pricing for all levels promises to have a 0% transaction fee, but you may need to pay other transaction fees for  Special credit card rates from PayPal powered by Braintree.

Who is BigCommerce best suited for?

After checking out their prices and knowing their features, many people are convinced that BigCommerce is better for people who are growing steadily and rapidly at scale. Hence, for people who are still starting small or have a fixed community in mind, there may be better alternatives to choose from.  

If you’re curious about other FAQs that were not answered here, visit their website to discover more about BigCommerce. There are tons of questions for plans, accounts, and store set-up that might just be the information you need. 

On the other hand, if you have a specific question in mind, you can submit your inquiry to their support centre on this page.

Final Thoughts

The advantage of using an E-commerce solution with app integration allows business owners to manage their online store easily. BigCommerce might be one of the giants when it comes to marketing your SKUs, services, and tools without having to hire a developer for your website. If you’re looking for the lowest prices with many features, then you have to use BigCommerce as your online store builder.