3dCart (Shift4Shop) Review: Successfully Managing Your E-Commerce Solutions

3dCart (Shift4Shop) Review: Successfully Managing Your E-Commerce Solutions

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Shift4Shop 3dCart review 



Shift4Shop, formerly known as 3dcart and purchased by Shift4 in November 2020, is a feature-rich eCommerce website that serves companies of all sizes around the globe in a variety of industries. The business was founded in 1997 and is based in Tamarac, Florida. 3dcart creates e-commerce applications for online retailers and retail POS programs.

The company offers everything a company wants to create a stable eCommerce platform to begin selling goods or services online. Through our detailed 3dCart review, let’s take a look at how 3dCart became the longest-running E-commerce platform and which features can contribute to managing your E-commerce business.


3dCart Features

Has A Website Builder And Customisable Store Design

What 3dCart lacked in the past has been improved in the change to Shift4Shop, in other words, a customisable drag and drop editor for your online website. You can choose from 50+ Mobile-Ready Themes.


Shopping Cart: The Solution That Your Customers Will Love

With 3dCart’s shopping cart software, your customers will experience a secure way of paying for your products using a virtual checkout service. Since 3dCart is open-source software, anyone with the knowledge of coding can tweak the software to super-charge the customer service flow. The drawback of this feature is if you do not have the technical know-how to cover off different versions. The Shopping Cart software has many security features starting from the order process to a payment process and finally on to shipping the product.


Manage Your Products and Orders

You can edit, manage, and track your customers’ orders from 3dCart’s inventory management software. Your products are organised by keywords, categories but there are many more filters you can use to customise this. You’ll also have the option to do bulk order import and export for faster transferring of customer data. Moreover, you have unlimited hard disk storage and bandwidth to upload your images, embedded videos, and a Zoom feature for clients that want to see your products in detail. You can also implement different discount and coupons and even sell digital downloads.


Payment Processing 

Shift4Shop allows you to accept any form of payment from your customer, even if they are using virtual wallet cards. On top of that, you’ll experience safe payment transactions since they have PCI compliance already set up for you. With tons of integrations, you’ll make your accounting process more accessible and provide accurate tax deductions without worrying about hidden transaction fees.


Customer Support And Knowledge Base

Shift4Shop provide tons of tutorials, lessons, and videos so you can learn how to run your business with Ship4Shop. They also update their knowledge base every day so that you are kept up to speed with any new features. There is also an E-commerce University with courses on building, promoting and marketing your business to cope with the changing demands of the eCommerce world.


3dCart Mobile

After launching into Shift4Shop, 3dCart has an optimised mobile app that allows you to manage your store wherever you are. Their mobile version is responsive with features that they originally had on the desktop version and includes complete solutions like mobile payment and faster loading speeds. 


3dCart Pricing After Rebranding: Is The Change Worth The Cost?

With the various solutions and E-commerce services that 3dCart had, Shift4Shop introduced new price rates after rebranding. Their Basic plan starts at $29/month and that includes all the 3dCart essential features with two staff users, no additional transaction fees, and allows you to sell unlimited products on your site. For businesses that may need features like an abandoned cart saver, email marketing newsletters, and product comparison, you may have to pay $79/month for their Plus pricing plan. It also allows five users that small to medium businesses can add (SMBs). Furthermore, their Pro pricing plan, which caters to larger companies and enterprises, features 15 users with 24/7 phone support, track sales of your staff for compensation, and includes auto-responder campaigns. You can start expanding your business with the Pro plan for only $229/month. 

3dCart also offers a unique pricing plan for US merchants with their End-To-End program that allows many businesses to use unlimited 3dCart features. The catch is that companies must use Shift4 Payments as their payment solution. If you’re subscribing to this pricing plan, there is a transaction fee of 2.9% + 30c with each product sale.


App Integrations To Choose From

Shifting from 3dCart to Shift4Shop opens up new opportunities for partnerships with existing E-commerce and SEO tools, apps for financial, accounting, analysis, reports, and more. You can import your apps via Zapier, which further increases your options to integrate with other online tools for your online store. Check out our recommendations in this 3dCart review with featured apps below.


Mobile Commerce

Build A Mobile App – Sandbox



Unbound Commerce


Cart Abandonment





Order Management





Sales and Tax Software

WA State Dynamic Sales Tax

VAT (Value Added Tax) by Shift4Shop

Avalara AvaTax


Dropshipping Suppliers





You can also browse for more apps which 3dCart works best with. Find more about 3dCart’s app integrations from their app marketplace here.


3dCart Alternatives


Volusion is one of the cheapest alternatives to Shift4Shop and also enables modern types of payment methods as well. They are equipped with SEO tools and optimisation for your website, including their URL optimisation, meta tags and social media ranking tools. There is a slightly higher steep learning curve for this E-commerce solution but is worth it. Volusion offers a single-page checkout with multiple real-time shipping rates and shipping integrations like USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Their price for Personal subscription plans costs $29/month with unlimited bandwidth, support, and site editing tools to start with.



Ecwid was formerly a solution to let people sell their SKUs with an existing site. Using a snippet code, you can optimise and set up your store without integrating it into a new website. Today, they offer an all-in-one solution from hosting to selling your products without limiting your store’s product options. Many business owners use Ecwid for their ease of use and they have many useful features which you can already start using for free. What makes them different from other E-commerce platforms is that they do not charge for using a third-party payment gateway.



People love Brightpearl for its tracking system and inventory management. Their site inventories are easy to update without needing to go through too many steps. It has an extensive dashboard with reporting and analytics for your goods. Whether you choose to track your sales individually or by bulk, Brightpearl gives you a real-time update on your business’s productivity. Brightpearl features many app integrations that will make your online transactions smoother. For their pricing, you will need to ask for a quote since Brightpearl has different pricing per order.


Final Thoughts

The company offers everything you need to launch — and expand — your online business, including an unrivalled free eCommerce solution. The platform includes hundreds of best-in-class features, such as social media marketing and SEO, as well as a broad marketplace community of third-party developers, experts, and affiliates. Their comprehensive inventory management software and powerful online store builder will allow you to design your store, sell digital downloads, monitor sales, and more. You can start for free with more features available than any other eCommerce app.

If you have heard of 3dCart but haven’t tried their rebranded Shift4Shop platform, we hope this 3dCart review will help you check out their new features and product options for selling your brand. Sign up today and give it a shot.