The Top 5 SEMRush Competitive Intelligence Tools For Digital Marketing Strategies

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Competitive intelligence (CI) refers to the process of investigating and collecting knowledge about the competition and rivals to inform business strategy. CI collects information from a variety of outlets, allowing a company to make informed strategic decisions, discover marketing insights, and stay competitive in their industry. In that sense, competitive analysis tools can help many small and medium-sized companies make the luxury of custom market research a daily activity. These tools enable businesses to learn about their competitors’ marketing strategies, such as social listening strategies, digital advertising tactics, content management, content marketing, and others.

Hiring a dedicated analyst or ordering a ‘state of the market’ study can be a significant financial burden for such companies, so the best competitor analysis solutions software can be a wise alternative. Discover the top 5 SEMRush Competitive Intelligence Tools For Digital Marketing Strategies in this article.


What Is Competitive Intelligence And Why Should You Maximise It?

Competitive Intelligence is the creation of an educated, customer- and market-driven understanding of your brand’s place in the wider category, coupled with in-depth audience understanding so that you can be alerted to discussions from both influencers and detractors before they go viral online.

Competitive intelligence is what smart brands use to monitor how they match up against their rivals and which competitors are new to the scene or gaining ground in a given room.

It assists brands in developing a more complete image of emerging trends in their marketplace and offers novel solutions that matter before competitors – or after competitors attempt and fail. Both of these can be category-defining for a brand that is willing to pivot based on clear and reliable analytics. Taken as a whole, this perspective is game-changing, distinguishing those who lead in a group from those who are always lagging and trying to catch up. There has never been a better use case for the combination of social media analytics and business intelligence.

Your competitors crystal ball is data knowledge, and you can have it too. You should be the first to capitalise on patterns that you are letting slip through your fingertips.


How to Use Competitive Intelligence Tools For Digital Marketing

Gathering intelligence on rivals will provide you with a competitive advantage by allowing your company to make informed decisions. You will do the following by keeping an eye on the business and competitors:


  • To improve your status, keep an eye on developments in the industry
  • Anticipate your competitors’ next steps and be prepared to react
  • Keep an eye out for any potential risks in your business
  • Look for opportunities for business expansion
  • To win sales, inform your sales pitches
  • Benchmarking yourself will help you understand where you can change
  • Make strategic decisions with trust and knowledge

Running a company in a void without tracking rivals exposes you to unanticipated risks and missed opportunities.


Organic Competitors Tool from SEMRush

The Organic Research Competitors report will compile a comprehensive inventory for you, including all of the big names as well as possibly some new up and coming competitors. A parameter called the Competition level measures how closely a domain competes with another. The level of competition is determined by two factors: how many ranked keywords your rival has and what percentage of them are your popular keywords.

With SEMRush Organic Competitors, you’ll have a clear idea of what niches of the overall target audience you’re getting and how they relate to the traffic and audience segments your competition is getting.


SEMRush Analytics

The majority of the tools on this list excel at one or two tasks, with a few providing more robust results. SEMrush takes pride in providing a truly comprehensive range of marketing resources that can provide invaluable competitive insight. SEMrush Traffic Analytics is an absolute must for competitor analysis and benchmarking. It is an all-in-one solution that easily provides you with information about every other company’s website traffic statistics. 

You may compare yourself to competitors or your competitors to each other and can render great visualisations (that can be exported to PNG) and a view of the market, ranging from traffic overview to output of individual pages. SEMrush Traffic Analytics can also display a variety of metrics, including complete mobile stats. You can have an overview of top landing pages from your site and rivals, as well as compare metrics such as visit time, user numbers, bounce rate, traffic sources, and traffic by geography. You can also see how your audiences overlap with those of your rivals. However, all historical data dates back to April 2016.

SEMrush provides a comprehensive suite of competitive intelligence tools in addition to SEMrush Traffic Analytics. You will see the keywords your rivals are rating for organically and through paid ads, as well as how much they are paying for them. 

SEMrush Traffic Analytics is the most effective for comparing individual rivals, researching new markets and niches, and establishing a foundation for strategic and tactical moves. The tool contains features such as Audience Overlap and Top Pages, which are uncommon in the niche. Furthermore, SEMrush provides the most comprehensive and comprehensive suite of resources to date.


SEMRush Market Explorer

Your target market consists of more than just the individuals you wish to attract. The main players in the competitive environment (both existing companies and newcomers) can have a significant impact on your success. As a result, you should not only study market size or consumer segments, but also any company that is capable of outperforming you. SEMRush’s competitive intelligence tools only need a company’s website to begin analysing the entire market. Market Explorer generates a list of the corresponding industry players and organic rivals after you add the domain.

In the Growth Quadrant, suggested rivals are divided into four groups based on the scale and growth rate of their website’s audience. Semrush Industry Explorer provides more detailed information on competitors’ traffic figures, market dynamics, and audience demographics.


SEMRush Backlink Analysis

Backlinks are a crucial indicator for determining your ability to succeed in the marketplace while benchmarking yourself against rivals. Examine their backlink profile and use the social analytics features to see how they do across various social networks. All of this adds up to a real big-picture perspective that is much more useful than a few basic metrics. Alternatively, if you need to diversify your marketing platforms and be more adventurous with your marketing plan. The SEMrush Backlink Competitors report displays all of your competitors’ domains as well as their level of competition.

The greater their percentage of popular backlinks, the greater your competition amount.

Popular backlinks indicate that both sites have at least one backlink from the same referring domain. This report also displays the total number of backlinks and referring domains for each competitor. Enter competitors in the top input fields to quickly see how many total backlinks, referring domains, IPs, and Authority Score each has.


Organic Research Competitors Report

The Organic Research Competitors report is one of the best competitive intelligence tools out there for determining the primary websites with which a domain competes for organic search engine traffic. Start by typing your domain or a competitor’s domain into the search bar. SEMRush will then generate a list of domains that rank for the same organic keywords (and thus receive the same organic search traffic) as the domain you searched.

The first thing you’ll notice, similar to the Positions report, is the number of keywords, average monthly traffic, and estimated cost of that traffic. Below these figures will be a one-of-a-kind graph showing the domain’s major competitors in terms of organic keywords and traffic. Even if you receive a very low amount of traffic per keyword, they can generate more traffic and therefore have higher click-through rates.

However, since the ranking of pages corresponding to these keywords is poor, you will need to develop and optimise these pages to achieve higher ranking. You may also consider adding these keywords to your Google Adwords campaign to see if it helps plug some gaps in your organic search visibility.


Why Should You Use Semrush As Your Competitive Intelligence Platform?

SEM, or search engine marketing, is one of the most sought-after methods of promoting a website, making SEMrush a must-have in the toolkit of every digital marketer. SEMrush Competitive Intelligence 2.0 is more than just another competitor intelligence tool; it goes beyond a competitive SEO study to provide insight into the competitors’ marketing strategies through various lenses. SEMrush assists you in extracting every bit of data so you can devise a plan that gives you an advantage over them. Moreover, other SEMRush features can help you in winning your market and even providing you with tips for SEO, content marketing, and more.