Trengo Review: Team Inbox And Chat Software For Your Customer Service

Trengo Review: Team Inbox And Chat Software For Your Customer Service

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Trengo review 



Customer service emails and queries can flood your businesses inbox, and it’s sometimes impossible to keep on top of everything. Multiple tabs and chats hinder customer support efficiency so your team requires software that enables you to provide high-quality answers without preventing multiple concurrent customer conversations. Trengo has all of these features and more if you want to organize your teamwork and customer support in one dashboard. Let’s dive into Trengo’s capabilities as a team inbox and chat software in this Trengo review.

Features of Trengo

Customer Support Service With A Shared Team Inbox

When it comes to moving leads through your sales pipeline and filtering out spam, organization of data and communication is crucial. Having all of your emails in one place will help you respond faster to each messaging channel you use. With a shared team inbox, internal collaboration is easy. You can also use this feature to personalize your responses by creating customer profiles. You can also tag members of your team for assistance with customer support questions.  

Omnichannel Chatbots

Your emails are not the only messages viewable in your consolidated inbox. You can also respond to multiple chats on messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, WhatsApp and more. Trengo’s omnichannel chatbots send automatic answers to your customers using automation and rules. Using a drag and drop block template, you can set up definite workflows whenever no agent is available to chat or if the message is sent outside business hours.


You can also use your Trengo chatbot to collect information and nurture possible leads. Moreover, your chatbots are available in any language and get routed to the right customer support representative available. Among its benefits, users may still consider limiting factors for sequences or not being able to send broadcasts. 

Team Chat Software With Analytics

Another well-developed feature of Trengo is its team chat capabilities. You can communicate inside the shared team inbox and organise these conversations by a group or project. You can also switch freely from your customer support to your chat box in one click. Moreover, their team chat software provides reports and analytics for their performance. You can track how they are hitting the goals in a real-time plan and help you decide on the right leadership decisions for each agent. 

Provide A Knowledge Base For Your Customers

The best customer support that a company can offer is to let the customers help themselves. Trengo delivers a knowledge base where FAQs (frequently asked questions) are stored. It will save not only your team’s efforts but also makes your customers more knowledgeable about your service. Trengo also has a website widget in which you can add your branding’s logo and colour scheme.

How Much Does Trengo Cost?

Trengo has three paid subscription offers. Grow, their starting price costs €15 (roughly $18) /agent/month annually, where you can send unlimited messages and have unlimited contacts on your team inbox and live chat. You can also archive your messages for 180 days and have five communication channels for their starting pricing plan. If you want unlimited archiving, have 50 communication channels and the new Team Chat feature, their best value plan, Scale, costs €25 (roughly $30) /agent/month annually.


Their highest-paid plan, Enterprise, costs €35 (approximately $42) /agent/month and has unlimited everything plus IVR menus and two-factor authentication. Trengo also offers a 14-day free trial for any of their pricing plans without your credit card information. Their add-ons are flowbots and integration to WhatsApp, but they also have other app integrations that we will discuss as you read more in this Trengo review.

App Integrations With Trengo

Running your business with Trengo’s team chat software and a shared inbox will need other apps to manage your business process smoothly. Trengo has app integrations with Webhooks and Zapier for other apps not mentioned in this list. Check out your favourite apps from this Trengo review to integrate with Trengo. 





Facebook Messenger


WhatsApp Business
















If you want to know more about these apps, you can check out the complete list of Trengo’s app integrations here.

Trengo Alternatives


Front, a Tengo alternative from this Trengo review, has similar features such as having a shared inbox and chat from every channel. However, Front provides better reports on analytics which seems to be a limiting factor for Trengo. Users can get a clear overview for time tracking when emails are sent, which time your users are more active, and other reports to dig through. Front also users folders, tags, archiving and snoozing for emails so you can manage your emails seamlessly.


If you want to identify emails faster, you can add a company name or assign similar emails to a user automatically. All emails also have a conversation, topic, or message ID that you can integrate with other apps. Since Front is in constant development, new features are frequently appearing that helps provide better customer response. You can start using Front for $19 with teams under ten members, unlimited email, SMS, and social media accounts. 


HelpCrunch is the most price-friendly alternative to Trengo that supports businesses of all sizes for team communication. You can customise your shared inbox with colours, styles, tags, and more, making it easy to manage. It is inexpensive to communicate with your customers and convert these leads into sales. If you are new to coding or have no experience at all, HelpCrunch has a simple learning curve which makes it ideal for SMBs and solopreneurs.


Moreover, their mobile app has better response time and development. Helpcrunch is a team inbox and chat service that allows every user to provide real-time chat feedback without needing to be in an office all the time. You can already have one chat widget for $12/member/month billed annually, three auto chats, three popups, provide a knowledge base, and customise your inbox fully. HelpCrunch also has a 14-day free trial with a separate demo booking to explore more about all their features, including their more expensive paid plans.


Companies that are familiar with GSuite tools and services will find Hiver as the best helpdesk partner. Hiver is built for the Google Workspace and provides collaboration and the ticket tracking of customer emails inside Gmail. For this reason, there is no steep learning curve or extra time required to learn new software. You can have multiple mailboxes in one dashboard, where you can share drafts, emails and templates, and email automation.


Hiver enables its users to tag other users, schedule outgoing emails and SLA-violation rules. Moreover, you can delegate the right emails and track support requests to prioritise lead emails, boosting your sales and marketing strategies. Hiver costs $22/user/month with 15 shared inboxes, complete automation, analytics, and 24/7 chat & email support.

Final Thoughts

Immediate and accurate responses are crucial to let your customers know that you prioritise them. But, having an unreliable shared inbox and disorganised team collaboration can work against you in achieving this goal. Trengo is the perfect team inbox and chat software that offers high-quality features beyond customer support and an omnichannel inbox. If you want to provide the best messaging platform service for your customers and team members, Trengo is the best team inbox and chat platform to choose from – start your free trial today after checking this Trengo review.