How Can Live Tech Support Provide The Best Customer Experience (Using LiveAgent)

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When most people hear the term “tech support,” they see people working in contact centres, coping with disgruntled consumers who want to complain about payment and distribution problems. These kinds of problems will be addressed by the customer service staff rather than the tech support team. The ‘kind’ of problems handled, is where tech support varies.

Tech support staff are in charge of dealing with installation problems, user issues, and all other technological issues that prohibit customers from using the product. In essence, live tech support is concerned with assisting consumers with making better use of a product.

Here is an easy-to-understand Tech support definition: “Technical or ‘tech’ support is a form of consumer contact used by product-centric businesses to assist their customers in getting the best out of their products.” 

This is typically achieved by information bases, live chat, email, or phone – and helps to address technological challenges such as implementation issues, password bugs, and other technical complications that may negatively affect the user experience.


What Is Live Tech Support?

Technical support is a service that aims to assist customers in how to use communicative platforms including telephones, computers, and software. Agents must also be able to type quickly and accurately. A fast typing speed ensures that customers receive prompt responses to their inquiries. This increases customer loyalty and, as a result, retention and sales.

Tech support agents must have a thorough understanding of the product that their organisation sells in order to assist consumers with both basic and complicated issues. Customer service representatives must also be able to actively listen and interact with others. It is also advantageous if tech support agents are multilingual. As a result, they will be able to assist more consumers in more than one language.

Live technical support can be provided through a variety of channels. Email, phone calls, and online tech support chat are only a few examples. Most companies use Help Desk Software to provide excellent technical support. LiveAgent, for example, is a help desk software that streamlines customer interactions and offers specialised tools such as live tech support for tech support agents.


How Do You Offer Your Customers the Best Live Tech Support?

So, how do you have a positive experience with the tech support team? Here is a list of seven technical support tips to assist you. 


Determine the issue

Some technological issues would be easier to resolve than others. Simple problems have simple solutions that don’t need much of your time to solve, while complicated problems don’t always provide a straightforward solution right away.

However, even a seemingly complicated problem is actually simpler than it seems. As a result, understanding the problem and its causes is a top priority. If you don’t take the time to figure out what’s causing the problem, you can end up causing more issues for yourself while doing little to support the consumer.

Understanding the issue will help ensure that the proper troubleshooting is used and that a solution is found as soon as possible. If a user is unable to log in, for example, you do not want to start rebooting servers because the user has simply forgotten their password.


Recognise The Customer’s Technological Understanding

Some people are more technologically savvy than others, and that’s understandable. When you begin your tech support call, make sure to recognise the customer’s level of technology knowledge. This will allow you to adapt your language and tone to match their level of knowledge.

A consumer with almost no understanding of technology, for example, will find even a simple repair difficult to adopt, so you may need to direct them more closely than others. Similarly, if a customer clearly understands computing and technology, you should be less explicit in your service and direct them through steps that they can easily grasp and follow on their own.


Remember Your Customer Support Impact

Both technical issues, no matter how basic or complicated, have an effect on the consumer. Also minor problems can have a negative impact on the consumer, ranging from decreased productivity to annoyance to time loss. Now what they want is for the problem to be resolved. The consumer is unconcerned about the issue’s complexity, and they would be offended if their dilemma is dismissed as trivial.

It’s easy for you, but it’s giving them headaches. Whether it’s a simple fix or not, the issue has had enough of an effect on the consumer to justify them taking the time to contact you. So, whether it’s a quick password reset or a complicated code update, treat any problem that comes your way with sincerity and attention to detail.


Avoid Using Jargon Or Too Much Technical Terminology

Using layman’s words as often as possible can seem inefficient, but it is preferable to misleading the client. A perplexed customer is an annoyed customer. And, unavoidably, dissatisfied customers indicate a poor customer experience.

Jargon is your adversary. Also consumers who are well-versed in technology will become confused if you use too many technical words. The best way to provide professional assistance is to keep it straightforward. Throwing jargon at customers can sound amazing, but it does not always imply a true understanding of the situation.

By describing something in basic, concise words, you demonstrate a thorough understanding of the problem you’re discussing. People don’t like feeling dumb or ignorant, so don’t make your customers feel that way. Slow down and take the time to clarify what you’re saying and doing.


Make Plenty Of Self-service Options Open

Having good self-help content to help customers solve problems in general. Answering basic tech issues on their own is a great way to reduce the amount of your support tickets. It will seem that this is a backwards strategy. But, if customers do not need to contact you, you have successfully supported their technical needs.

Furthermore, if customers continue to contact you, you will still have the material to assist them with their help request. All you have to do is assist customers in applying the solutions outlined in your content to their problem. This combination of supportive, readily accessible tools and personal human support results in a fast and easy support experience. 

The effective use of self-help material is a technological support victory. Although some consumers will want you to literally hold their hand the first time they use self-service content, the content will be available the next time, and they will be able to support themselves.


Use LiveAgent As Your OmniChannel For Customer Service

For Email

Every company receives a large number of emails every day. With LiveAgent, the online customer service agents will receive an even distribution of email tickets. Furthermore, once you receive a new email ticket notification, you can configure your email templates to ensure an effective workflow.

Technical Support Chat

Customers are increasingly preferring to contact companies that use LiveChat in order to receive a faster response. There are several chat buttons available for use on your website these days. So, what makes LiveAgent’s live tech support unique? You can see what the customer is writing before they submit it. You can plan your answers ahead of time. Is the customer in need of relevant documentation or guidance? Send the document as an attachment or as a connection. Do you need to move the customer to another department? You can seamlessly do so with LiveAgent.



Receiving calls from customers on both your phone and computer at the same time? LiveAgent will assist you in routing calls to the computers of your agents. No more switching between devices; instead, manage all calls via a single interface.


Social Media

Are you receiving questions/inquiries about your company’s products/services through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Viber? You may integrate these SoMe channels with LiveAgent to ensure that you are always on top of any problems or concerns. Engaging your audience/customers is more critical than ever before. With LiveAgent, you can keep track of and manage your SoMe narrative.


Online Discussion Forums

A forum is an excellent way to give the customers a place to support each other. You will not only establish a Forum with LiveAgent, but you will also be notified if one of your customers posts in it. As a result, you can fix any questions right away.


Filter Contacts And Spam

Frequently, online customer service receives a large amount of spam. One way to avoid this is to include contact forms to your customers. As a result, your customer service (business) email address is “hidden.” Furthermore, you gain more knowledge about the clients, such as their name, email address, and phone number, which allows you to offer better service.


Video conferencing

Online customer service can be challenging at times.Many businesses may benefit greatly from the ability to display or direct customers through online video calls. No more explaining technological problems to customers; simply share your screen and assist the customer.


Suggestions & Recommendations

The feedback choice in LiveAgent is an excellent way to learn about your customers’ thoughts and concerns. It will simply assist you in improving every day. Create your own feedback button in LiveAgent and improve every day.


Final Thoughts

For product-based companies, live tech support is an essential component of the overall customer experience. Live tech support differs from the more traditional ‘customer service’ in that it deals with technological problems related to the product rather than transactional or account-based inquiries. Customers are becoming more tech-savvy, so it’s important that you get your tech support right. Customers won’t approach you to ask simple questions. Instead, your customers are likely to bring challenging cases to your tech support team, so it is important that they are ready to handle them.

The most important thing you can do right now to keep more customers for longer is to focus on enhancing your tech support. Follow our tips and choose the appropriate tools for the job, and begin making tech support a priority in your business.