LiveAgent Review: Help Desk And Live Chat Software To Deliver Customer Support

LiveAgent Review: Help Desk And Live Chat Software To Deliver Customer Support

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LiveAgent Review 



Live chat app allows for real-time instant chatting between agents and customers on your website. It does not have to be a popup text box; it can also provide screen sharing, voice conversations, recording, and other features. In most instances, the app is browser-based, which means the consumers do not need to download or update anything. It can also be used as part of a smartphone app, with complete features such as screen sharing and on-screen pointers.


Customers, who value its immediacy and lack of tension, as well as businesses aiming to lighten the burden on call centres and improve customer support operations, have embraced live chat. It still has a lot of promise as a promotional tool if used properly. LiveAgent offers excellent customer management and support service with their help desk and live chat software. Learn more about the basic features of LiveAgent in this LiveAgent review and how this all-in-one helpdesk and live chat solution. 


LiveAgent Features


LiveAgent has a hybrid ticketing system from live chat to email to call which contributed to some businesses seeing a 18% increase in conversion rates,. LiveAgent uses automation for many of its features, in particular, ticketing to keep track of prioritised emails and chats from your customers. All of your tickets, chats, and phone calls are included in a universal inbox with a reference ID number. You can also set up rules, criteria, and tags to distribute the incoming tickets based on your internal metrics. Agents can also open multiple tickets and chats for managing multiple conversations simultaneously. 


Live Chat

Modern business solutions to accommodate customer feedback and help is visualised through a live chatbot for websites. With LiveAgent, you can set up canned responses and show your customer’s live chat message before they send it to your agents. Furthermore, you can also put customer satisfaction surveys to track your agent’s customer support quality. However, their live chat doesn’t support chat to SMS which some LiveAgent alternatives offer.


Built-In Call Centre Software

LiveAgent’s cloud-based call centre software provides VoIP (voice over internet protocol) with IVR, call back requests, and more. They also offer a new feature for your virtual call centre that can integrate with apps for your CRM and analytics for tracking your customer support performance. LiveAgent gives you a personalised phone number where your customers can directly call your agents.


Answer Questions On Your Social Media Accounts

One of the reasons why LiveAgent provides the best customer satisfaction is its omnichannel help desk software. You can organise your live chat questions from your  social media accounts with their universal inbox. Choose automation rules on how to respond with a live chat question and assign tags or departments with these questions. Moreover, you can also apply canned messages, macros, internal notes, and attachments similar to your email and ticketing system.


Customer Support And Knowledge Base

Businesses that may find a steep learning curve when starting with LiveAgent, soyou can access their customer support for technical issues via phone, live chat and email. They also have a complete online knowledge database with videos for visual tutorials. LiveAgent’s customer service is 24/7 and can be accessed via the web or their mobile app.


Check our detailed explanation about LiveAgent features in this page.  


How Much Does LiveAgent Cost?

LiveAgent offers a free to use forever account for small businesses to focus on their ticketing services, have one email address and phone number. However, if you want unlimited ticketing history and email addresses, subscribe to their paid plans. Their Ticket plan costs $15/agent/month where you can automate pre-defined answers, use segments, and mail templates for your agents. On the other hand, their Ticket+Chat plan which is $29/agent/month features proactive chat invitations and feedback & suggestions to enable your customers to share their ideas for your business management. 


If you want to unlock all of LiveAgent’s powerful features that we haven’t discussed in this LiveAgent review, we recommend their all-inclusive pricing plan of $39/agent/month. This plan includes call queueing, audit log, and video call for your communication channels. Moreover, their subscription plans have a 14-day trial to test these features and see if it works for your brand. 


App Integrations With LiveAgent

A helpdesk solution should work seamlessly with apps that can make your business process faster. With LiveAgent, you can find app integrations for your VOIP Partners, Billing Management and your workflow. Find out more about LiveAgent’s app integration feature with these examples to make your business thrive.










Email And Phone








Social and ChatBot










Google Analytics









Collaboration Tools



Google Sheets

Google Calendar


Product Management


Formidable Forms



Put your business in good hands with LiveAgent’s other app integrations that you can find here.

LiveAgent Alternatives

There are various ways to engage with your customers apart from using a help desk solution software. Some of the following alternatives can highlight which features you may find more suitable when building relationships with your customers. From this Liveagent review, here are some recommended help desk and live chat software and the reasons why you should try these LiveAgent alternatives.



Offering a multi-channel help desk and live chat software works for businesses that want to expand their influence beyond a website-only brand. You can use Crisp.Chat to  connect to your chat agents via email, messenger, Twitter, and SMS. With Crisp, you can have an unlimited chatbox and an advanced messaging system where you can have an audio or video chat response with your visitors. Crisp.Chat also works as a CRM, sales and marketing platform. Manage your leads and user details and use this information to start your marketing campaigns. 

Crisp is free to use for features like live chat, team inbox, and a mobile app version. Small businesses and start-ups can start using Crisp.Chat for a cheap price of $25/month/website with 4 seats included. 



If you’re looking for a platform that does more than Social Customer Service, Intercom works as a Conversational Engagement Marketing software. If you are a business that prefers a personalised way to communicate with your customers, Intercom provides a live chat system that can split internal notes in-between agents and their sent answers.


Moreover, your customers can find answers to their queries within the live chat box without opening new tabs or getting redirected. One caveat about Intercom is its price rates. Intercom is more expensive than LiveAgent with a starting plan of $59/month. Conversely, you can check various pricing plans that they have for small and medium businesses.



After our review, we can tell that ZohoDesk is the closest alternative that has a very similar user interface with LiveAgent and also has similarities with how they handle customer management solutions. It has a simple and clean interface that connects across multiple channels where your agents receive tickets properly. Zoho Desk also provides analytics and reports on how your agents are performing. 

Zoho is free to use for 3 agents including email ticketing, mobile apps, and customer management. However, you can pay for their standard pricing plan of $12/agent/month billed annually with features like Reports & Dashboards, Marketplace Extensions & Integrations and have a Public Knowledge Base.


Final Thoughts

Many businesses need an impressive help desk tool for managing customer interactions and live feedback for their product. LiveAgent enables your business to be on top of customer engagement by providing a seamless workflow experience and easy-to-use interface.The most significant advantage of LiveAgent is how user-friendly and creative this platform is. It is user-friendly and purpose-driven in every way, making it a pretty ideal solution for almost every user. With its appealing user interface it meets all of your service desk device requirements.


The second advantage of LiveAgent is the pricing. Not only are all levels moderately priced in comparison to the services offered, but they also have a generous free alternative that includes scaled-back versions of all of its functions, including free web chat and video calls. That said, if you want the best customer management, LiveAgent is the only tool you’ll need for a help desk solution and live chat system.