Zoho CRM Review: Revamp Your Business With The Best CRM Software In 2021

SaasReview Editor

April 30, 2021

Zoho CRM Review


Zoho is a well-known supplier of applications and technologies for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs). Zoho has 45 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings that are designed to help companies work smoothly from start to finish. To name a handful, the company’s products include Zoho Office Suite, Zoho Expense, Zoho Invoice, and Zoho Social.  If you’re looking for a single SaaS to convert leads, engage customers, and grow your business, Zoho CRM does it all. Whether you are a B2B, B2C, SMB, or Enterprise, it can help you realise the full potential of your products and services. In this Zoho CRM review, we’ll take a look at some of their key features that can help you run your business more efficiently.


Zoho CRM Key Features

Sales and Marketing Automation

Businesses thrive when their sales and marketing processes are automated. You can use three key elements in your CRM with Zoho CRM: workflow rules, macros, and assignment rules. Workflow allows you to automate the sending of emails, follow-up messages, and other routine tasks related to lead generation and nurturing. Users can use Macros to add pre-defined single instructions to your automation, which eliminates the need to click every time. Assignment rules assist you in automatically assigning incoming hot leads to the appropriate sales agent.

You can also use their predefined workflow to create scoring, manage contacts, and build accounts on ongoing projects and deals if you want to manage your sales pipeline.

Business owners can also get a bird’s-eye view of how your team members are handling key leads. Maximise the efforts of your sales and marketing teams to avoid wasting time and resources.


Collaborate With Your Team: Omnichannel 

Using Zoho CRM’s omnichannel feature, you can connect with both your clients and your team and integrate with social media and other messaging apps. You can work with your team members to improve your current sales collateral and marketing efforts. 

When you want to hold a brainstorming session, Zoho CRM allows you to tag members on existing reports, dashboards, reminders, and other updates. Prioritise your emails based on the status of your sales pipeline. In addition, Zoho CRM includes a web conferencing feature for inviting attendees and organising events for important causes.


Endless Customisation For Your CRM

One of the most important aspects of Zoho CRM is its flexibility in customising your CRM. With their multipage layout feature, you can create workflows separately. Configure validation rules, filters, and the data you want to see on your dashboard. Furthermore, you can create reports, save your favourites, and keep track of every information record for lead followup.

To add precise detail about a customer, you can use a custom module or field to add your desired data points. These CRM settings can be replicated to any other user accounts in Zoho CRM. You can strengthen your CRM with drip email services, sales and marketing tools, and calendar reminders for your business workflow thanks to Zoho CRM’s seamless app integration.


Zia AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Many SMBs begin without a clear plan for leveraging their touchpoints and potentials. Zoho CRM’s artificial-intelligence-driven feature called Zia, or Zoho’s proprietary AI assistant, aims to help SMBs. It can forecast trends, set auto-reminders, and detect anomalies in your business processes. You can also use Zia to organise and manage your leads, as well as make changes based on the data and figures you’ve collected. What’s even more amazing about Zia is its conversational technology, which allows you to ask for assistance while editing your CRM database. Zia also aids in sales pitching by analysing what your customer requires as soon as you receive their email.


Performance Management, Analytics, and Reports 

Closely monitoring your business does not necessitate micromanaging everything. You can automate your analytics and reports where your clients are handled with ZohoCRM. Zoho CRM provides access to your contact history, competitor profile, sales cycle, and other business solutions. They provide a built-in sales and analytics system called Blueprint to help you determine the next steps in your sales pipeline. Their reports can help you identify inactive leads and guide you through deal closure and order management.

With Zoho CRM’s performance management, you can even accurately compute discounts. If you want to stand out in your business niche, meet your KPIs, and learn about your company’s capabilities, Zoho CRM is your best option.


Security And Data Compliance

You can rely on Zoho CRM’s AES-256 protocol for encryption, decryption, and data privacy. They can audit logs, restrict IP addresses, and provide two-factor authentication to authorised users. Users can prevent hackers from gaining access to your data vault storage system and you can keep track of who modified your documents and perform regular data backups in case of an emergency.


Zoho CRM Pricing: Which Plan Should You Get?

You can save up to 20% if you avail of their yearly pricing plans for Zoho CRM. You can unlock scoring rules, send bulk emails, and build custom pipelines for your sales workflow starting with their Standard plan, which costs $12/user/month. If you want to add more features, their Professional plan costs $20/user/month and allows you to manage your business process stages, inventory, and receive real-time customer notifications.

Enterprise, their most popular plan, includes everything in Professional plus Zia AI, CommandCenter, Multi-user Portals, and Advanced customisation. Their most expensive subscription plan, Ultimate ($45/user/month), is ideal for businesses and brands looking for advanced analytics and BI software, and includes a 30-day trial. Zoho CRM is a pay-as-you-go service with monthly or annual subscriptions. They also offer a 15-day free trial of their tools and services. 


App Integrations With Zoho CRM

Aside from Zoho CRM’s intuitive features, many users of Zoho CRM praise its seamless app integration and there are endless opportunities to integrate with a ton of other great apps.

For this Zoho CRM review, we recommend checking out this sample list of app integrations:


Phone and Messaging








Events And Meetings








Quote Management



Quote To Project Converter



Lead Followup

LinkedIn Sales Navigator





If you can’t find what you’re looking for, Zoho CRM allows you to become a third-party app partner and build your own. Moreover, there are other app categories that you may need to integrate with Zoho CRM. Find which app best suits your industry with Zoho CRM on this page


Zoho CRM Alternatives

A well-designed CRM platform like Zoho CRM can have its drawbacks, particularly, for SMBs who may find their technology sophisticated and the learning curve proportionately high. In this Zoho CRM review, we have alternative CRM solutions that you can compare with ZohoCRM and decide which platform works for your SMB.



Basecamp simplifies what ZohoCRM has to offer while also allowing for mobility and remote work. In just one dashboard, you can manage your tasks, schedules, and files while nurturing your leads. Should the need arise, they also provide separate dashboards for clients. There are options for prioritising and acting on which notifications are important to you. Furthermore, you can collaborate using their public chat and message your agents individually using their private messaging integrations. Basecamp Business costs $99 per month and includes features such as a to-do list, chat platform, reporting and analytics, and a hill chart to track the progress of your project. Basecamp, like ZohoCRM, provides a 30-day free trial with no credit card required. This is not a CRM system but rather a post-sales tool to communicate with your clients.


Really Simple Systems

Startups and small B2B teams recommend Really Simple Systems for its easy import and export of data on their CRM database. It also includes various app integrations where you can migrate all of your contacts smartly with their robust AI system. Really Simple Systems also offers special features like case management, service level agreements, and service team insights which you can’t find on many CRM platforms. And don’t worry, you can contact their customer service even if you’re on your free plan. 

It is a free forever CRM service for up to two users with 100 records, unlimited contacts and a 100MB storage system. Their subscription plan starts at $22/month for five users and their premium features with 1GB data storage. 


SalesForce Sales Cloud

SalesForce Sales Cloud is as powerful as Zoho CRM when it comes to customisation capabilities and configuration. It provides business owners with the freedom to add or change fields, tabs, boxes, or other objects with a simple click. If you are a business owner that lacks knowledge in coding, you can easily customise your processes and templates with their user interface and dashboard. They have a purchase funnel feature to monitor your sales and adjust strategies on the go. SalesForce Sales Cloud is rich with detailed reports where you can track your activities and team progress. 

However, considerations in pipelines, sequences, and lack of functionality for advertising agencies may find Salesforce Sales Cloud not living up to their expectations. You can start using their features for $25/user/month (billed annually) or start any pricing plan for 14 days trial. 


Final Thoughts

Zoho CRM does an outstanding job of providing a strong feature set at a reasonable price, as well as convergence with a long list of Zoho products.  Given the size and complexity of Zoho CRM, it might turn off some small businesses or people that find themselves battling with its advanced technology. Nevertheless, Zoho CRM offers a solid CRM solution for any business size and can assist in boosting their sales and productivity. Their pricing solutions are justifiable and their years of experience makes you feel confident using any of their products. If you are looking for a complete and well-developed SaaS, we recommend purchasing a subscription after reading this Zoho CRM review.