Drive Sales To Your Business: Zoho Marketing Automation Software 2021

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Marketing automation is the process of automating systems or processes within a software application. It can assist you in streamlining your marketing efforts and increasing the efficiency of your department. Additionally, marketing automation tools enable modern businesses to automate, streamline, and track the ROI of their marketing efforts, resulting in a more efficient marketing team and increased revenue.


Why should you use Zoho Campaigns as part of your marketing activities? Let’s check out these Zoho marketing automation features that will help your sales team reach their goals.


What Is Marketing Automation?

Every marketing automation tool’s primary function is to streamline and automate the activities of your sales and marketing teams. Marketing automation software sends out email campaigns to your brand’s email subscriber list automatically. You can plan and execute lead generation and nurturing campaigns, as well as a broad range of digital advertising campaigns, all from a central hub, without having to manually click “send” or “launch” on each of your emails, messages, and ads.


Businesses that implement marketing automation can realise a variety of benefits throughout their operations. A significant increase in qualified leads reaching their sales team, a higher conversion rate, and increased productivity across your sales and marketing teams are just a few of the ways that a good marketing automation tool can benefit your business. It is carried out in response to predefined triggers and produces tangible results. It is important to note that marketing automation software comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and it can be used for more than just email marketing.

What To Look For In A Marketing Automation Solution Platform

Zoho marketing automation is a comprehensive platform that enables you to manage your marketing activities across multiple channels effectively. An all-in-one marketing automation software such as Zoho CRM makes your marketing decisions faster and creates better marketing plans that will become profitable campaigns. For your marketing campaigns, it is vital to check for a marketing planner, email marketing software, customer segments, and social media marketing features. But, here are some of our other suggestions that will gain your potential customer’s trust and loyalty.


Lead evaluation

How leads interact with your business is frequently indicative of their level of interest in what you have to offer. Lead scoring is an excellent tool for assisting your team in prioritising more qualified leads by assigning pre-defined positive and negative scores to your leads based on their interactions with your business.


Lead Nurturing

You can nurture the leads you’ve worked so hard to generate through your content marketing strategy and other demand generation tactics using marketing automation software. When you closely monitor open, click-through, and conversion rates, the benefit of marketing automation is that you can identify elements of high-performing nurture content. When you understand what elements are most effective at persuading your leads to convert, you can replicate those elements in other areas of your marketing.


Additionally, you can identify any potential bottlenecks in the customer journey. When you use your software to build your lead nurturing campaign, you can fly through the stages your prospects and leads will go through. Furthermore, you can see where your customers are in the pipeline – if leads become stuck at a certain stage, you’ll know exactly what area needs to be addressed.

Email Marketing Strategies

Email is one of the most frequently used methods of communicating with your customers.

Custom email templates, the ability to trigger different emails based on pre-defined conditions or the actions of your leads, the ability to schedule your emails, and analytics to help you reduce bounce rates and increase the success of your email campaigns are just a few of the email marketing functionalities to look for when selecting a CRM.


Connectivity To Social Media Platforms

Social media is a critical channel for modern businesses to connect with their customers.

You’ll need to monitor social media mentions and understand what your audience is discussing, schedule posts across multiple platforms, engage and respond to customers, and plan and execute social campaigns, among other things.

All of these activities must be monitored and carried out from a single screen, providing businesses with a holistic view of their social media presence.

A Multichannel Marketing Solution That Segment Customers

The ability to plan campaigns based on specific lead and customer criteria is critical to the success of your marketing strategies. A marketing automation tool must be capable of segmenting your database based on a variety of factors, including behavioural, demographic, and location data.

Customer Journey Experience

Every person who engages with your business embarks on a journey that begins with them as a lead and continues through the stages of becoming a paying customer and beyond. By providing personalised experiences based on customer data, marketing automation enables you to connect with them at every stage of their journey. Personalisation is a critical factor that separates successful businesses from the pack.

Seamless App Integration

If you’re already using other specialised marketing automation tools, you can easily integrate Zoho CRM with them. This enables you to ensure alignment between your sales and marketing teams and that they have a complete picture of their leads and customers when planning campaigns. Additionally, you can connect your sales and marketing data to gain a better understanding of your efforts’ return on investment.


Final Thoughts

Utilising tools to assist in simplifying and automating our daily processes is an investment worth making in our fast-paced society. Marketing technology has evolved significantly over the last several years as a result of targeted advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), social media, and even more traditional forms of marketing, such as email marketing. Marketing automation is well worth the investment because it not only increases productivity but also ensures that your audience receives timely, relevant content.


Zoho Marketing Automation can help convert more leads to customers and retain more of your existing customers with the help of their marketing automation software. They can assist in attracting traffic to the website, converting unknown visitors to leads, and converting leads to loyal customers. Go ahead and test their trial today.