Zoho for Real Estate Management: An All-In-One Powerful CRM system For Real Estate Professionals

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The real estate CRM system handles the whole process for real estate companies, from handling incoming requests to planning price quotes and eventually selling a house.

Property management applications are required by managing real estate companies in order to maintain a consistent property listing, customer service, and other key features for all of their real estate opportunities. Real estate leads, on the other hand, are not the same as sales leads.

It’s direct-to-consumer for one thing, and the majority of leads come from the listings or direct referrals for another. Since networking is so essential in real estate sales, you’ll need a CRM software platform that enables you to easily send networking emails in order to nurture relationships.

Zoho CRM and its various marketplace applications are adaptable enough to the specific characteristics of your real estate sector to keep sales going. Explore the possibilities of real estate professionals using Zoho For Real Estate Management.


What Is A Real Estate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System?

A real estate business will need a CRM that offers cutting edge features for businesses of all sizes for sales process management, property management, and automation for real estate agents, real estate developers, and brokerage firms. Customer Relationship Management tools handle multitasking for you, allowing you to focus on the most important aspects of your company. Integration with other real estate-specific third-party software improves the usability of a real estate CRM even further.

Real estate CRM software is a system created to address the various needs of real estate agents and companies. The real estate CRM system handles the whole process for real estate companies, from handling incoming requests to planning price quotes and eventually selling a house. You’ll have more time to concentrate on each deal and expand your company with dynamic capabilities on both desktop and mobile platforms.


How Critical Is CRM To Realtors?

When it comes to real estate businesses, how you engage with current customers has a significant impact on how you acquire new customers. It’s no surprise that 82 per cent of new property sales come from referrals from existing contacts, previous clients, family, friends, or relatives. Essentially, implementing CRM software can benefit realtors significantly by assisting them in managing incoming leads, tracking interactions, and staying on top of critical tasks. A real estate CRM should manage comprehensive and comparative information about properties, facilitate the management of Buyer and Client data, and enable the effortless extraction of information related to one or more modules.


Why Should You Use Zoho For Your Real Estate Business?

Attract purchasers and tenants

Upload complete property details, including images, and ensure they reach the intended audience.


Increase the size of your property database

Real estate firms require a property database to source prospective clients. Increase your exposure to prospective buyers and tenants.


Invite friends to join your app by adding their properties (Team Collaboration)

Simply add them as a user, and the Add Your Property form will be shared with them automatically via email.


Simplify property search

On the app’s dashboard, house hunters can view an exhaustive list of available properties, complete with photos.


Assist them in narrowing their search with filters to find their dream home

They can use the Request Callback form to contact the owner if they see something they like.


Bring owners and prospective buyers together 

Receive immediate email notifications containing contact information whenever a prospective buyer or tenant clicks on a property and requests a call. You can arrange for a callback with the owner to finalise the deal. Once a reservation is made, the property is automatically removed from the search dashboard.


Provide Real-Time Sales Performance Reports

Project reports provide a visual representation of how your projects are progressing, allowing you to determine the status of your projects with a single glance. Whether they’re written for an investor, client, project manager, or employee, project management reports communicate in the universal language of numbers and can assist anyone in catching up on what’s going on.

Zoho Projects includes a suite of reporting tools that provide actionable insights on Zoho for real estate management. You can estimate the duration of a project, determine who is available and who is occupied, and prioritise the order in which tasks should be completed. This enables you to determine the most efficient method of completing a project.



Zoho for real estate management enables your team to complete the sales cycle by creating and storing quotes, invoices, price books, and bills in their accounts. Manage all post-sales processes with robust inventory management capabilities, and share quotes and invoices with prospects via custom email and invoice templates.


Third-Party Integrations

Using powerful integrations for repetitive tasks, administrative tasks, email marketing, or even organising your leads can shorten the time to accomplish more for your business. For firms that are scaling at large, third-party integrations can assist them in managing incoming leads, tracking interactions, and staying on top of important tasks.


Final Thoughts

Zoho CRM definitely checks all the boxes for companies looking for an all-in-one, feature-rich, and cost-effective CRM. Although we’ve discussed the bulk of it, there are a few extra benefits of using Zoho for real estate management. Every year, Zoho CRM introduces new enhancements that improve the application’s flexibility and capabilities. Check out our full review, here.