Best Zoho Alternatives For A CRM And Project Management Software

SaasReview Editor

May 13, 2021

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The most common error that businesses make when deciding on a CRM solution is focusing on comparing suppliers and experimenting with various functionality rather than focusing on their own requirements and company goals.

Before you begin reviewing CRM vendors, consider the following:

  • What are our company’s most wasteful operations, and what do we want to change with a CRM system?

  • What operating processes and workflows are missing and must be added?

  • Who would use CRM in our company? How many users do we require?

  • What other apps would you like to combine into a CRM system?

  • What is the size of our budget?

Zoho, with its never-ending arsenal of features at an affordable price, is one of the best CRM applications on the market right now. However, many Zoho alternatives may be useful for some teams that can’t afford expensive pricing plans. Limited features on Zoho CRM may not maximise the level of experience that an enterprise-level business could need so it is worth reading on.

Here is our comprehensive list of Zoho alternatives that may help your marketing campaigns and business goals soar higher.


Considerations Before Investing in CRM and Project Management Software

When choosing a CRM framework for their company, most people focus on the application’s functionality, cost, customisability, scalability, and how easily it can be implemented. It should be designed with the ability to customise and make any improvements that might occur in the future. Most importantly, it should be applied through teams and improve every part of the business process, whether it is sales, customer accounts, marketing, or customer support.

Without a good CRM approach, the customer records would be disorganised, making it difficult to keep track of all the contact points and experiences you’ve had with specific customers. This results in a lengthy sales cycle and a generic and subpar customer experience.


Zoho Alternatives To Choose For Your CRM and Project Management Software


ProofHub is a project management and communication platform for all types of teams with a simple and user-friendly intuitive interface/GUI. It improves task management, communication, and collaboration among team members. It becomes a single source of truth because managers can assign assignments, monitor progress at any time, and teams can exchange files, proofread, and review everything in one place.

ProofHub’s built-in proofing tool makes it even more appealing because team members can easily provide comprehensive input using markup and annotation tools without having to communicate via email threads.

ProofHub’s Ultimate Control plan is $99 a month (limited period offer). It does not have any per-user fees. ProofHub also offers a free trial that allows users to test drive all of its functionality before making a decision.


Features include:

  • Workflows and kanban boards make job and project management easier.

  • Online proofing adds transparency to the feedback-sharing process.

  • With dynamic reports, you can have better project insights for future development

  • Gantt maps are useful for project planning and resource management.

  • The GUI is accessible in several languages, including English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Polish.

Pricing: The basic package begins at $45 a month, billed annually.



Basecamp was one of the first all-in-one project management solutions that allowed you to collaborate from anywhere on the planet. Its most recent version added features that simplify modern work, giving it a competitive advantage over other Zoho alternatives for business management software on the market. It also works well for remote or geographically scattered teams.

Basecamp works hard to ensure that you have access to all of the tools and services you need to complete a project in a single, unified location—or the base. This way, everyone on your team is aware of what is going on and where to look for details.

The Basecamp HQ provides you with a simple, but detailed, view of all that is going on at your business. You also provide a location for various departments to discuss and view projects, as well as private areas for the staff to see detailed project information. Basecamp makes it simple to remain in the loop at the business, team, and individual project-based levels.


Features include:

  • Manage projects, discussions, plans, files, and other things all in one place

  • Discuss projects in Campfire public talk and Pings private chat

  • Clients have their personalised dashboard

  • Use the “Work Should Wait” function to disable alerts

Pricing: Basecamp starts at $99 per month.



Clarizen enables you to control jobs, automate processes, and collaborate with your colleagues from a single, user-friendly platform. It has an awesome feature that allows you to custom design your workflows so that you manage the framework rather than the other way around. It is certainly worth a shot if it is designed with the sole purpose of assisting your company in moving forward.


Features include:

  • Resources centralised and shared, strategies can be created and communications coordinated

  • Create repeatable processes, warnings, and automated workflows

  • Share real-time project data, monitor progress, and have built-in collaboration

  • Provide users with a versatile, user-friendly GUI that suits their working style

Pricing: Paid Subscriptions begin at $60 per user per month.



SugarCRM began as an open-source project a decade ago and has since grown to become one of the world’s most successful CRMs. Its open-source architecture has encouraged many users to modify its source code, including, for a time, Zoho CRM’s parent company Zoho Corporation, which began independent development on vtiger CRM in late 2004 by basing it on SugarCRM’s source code.

SugarCRM currently employs a “freemium” model close to that of Zoho CRM. SugarCRM offers a free open-source version called the Community Edition, which is still available today, though further production was halted by SugarCRM in February 2014.

The Community Edition, like other Zoho CRM and project management software alternatives, includes basic CRM tools such as basic dashboards, quick query functions, and bundled reports. It lacks specific role-based permissions settings, cloud storage, automated workflows, and a customer portal, however. Also, you can’t access this feature in the mobile app.

SugarCRM’s paying models, Sugar Professional, Sugar Enterprise, and Sugar Ultimate are expected to use certain features. SugarCRM is more expensive than Zoho CRM in terms of pure costs, but not to the same extent as’s Sales Cloud. SugarCRM’s entry-level paid version costs the same as ZohoCRM’s top-tier edition.


Features include:

  • Marketing Automation

  • Sales Force Automation

  • Conversion tracking

  • Customer Relationship Management Support And

  • Geo-locational  technology

Pricing: Sugar Professional is priced at $52/user/month, with a 7-day free trial.


Easy Projects

Easy Projects is a clear workspace where everyone can collaborate. Easy Project is a powerful collaboration tool for planning and managing tasks, money, schedules, and budgets. It is simple to use for small and large project management, IT support, product creation, marketing, creative professionals, and other businesses.


Features include:

  • Performance, growth, resources, timelines, and budgets are all updated in real-time

  • Make use of project templates and automated updates, as well as multiple integrations and automation of project requests

  • Status reports make it easy to keep track of personal tasks, deadlines, and work progress

Pricing: Starts at $24 a month per user.


Copper Project

Copper, formerly known as ProsperWorks, is a modern type of productivity CRM that is built to do all of the work so you can concentrate on creating long-term business relationships. Copper Project is one of the most cost-effective Zoho alternatives for CRM and project management applications, and it can be used in a wide range of businesses, from start-ups to medium-sized businesses to major multinational corporations.


Features include:

  • Templates for projects

  • No need to do manual data entry

  • Sharing of files

  • Collaborative project and task views

  • Task tracker

Pricing: Paid Subscriptions begin at $49 per month.


Final Thoughts

When an organisation decides to invest in a CRM framework, it should make sure it is the best one for their specific needs. It should provide all of the appropriate solutions to everyday issues and problems that you may encounter or are likely to encounter along the way.

With the right app integrations or third-party tools, Zoho alternatives for CRM and project management software will work with smaller or larger teams for the best business marketing and strategic planning.