10 Pipedrive Integrations And Apps To Start Using For 2021

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With a well-organised sales team, Pipedrive will help you close more deals and keep your team on track to hit targets. Repetitive tasks or daily tasks such as email marketing campaigns (cold email campaign or following up on eligible leads), ongoing business contacts, and creating your contact list are all worthwhile but don’t need to be manual. One of Pipedrive’s benefits is that it allows you to save time for your team by integrating more resources while growing your marketing and sales efforts. You can check out these Pipedrive integrations with the Pipedrive marketplace to create advanced features that will unlock thousands of opportunities for your sales pipeline.

Best Pipedrive Integrations for Lead Generation


LeadBoxer is a sales tool that collects information from your leads as they begin the buying process. When a visitor comes to the website, the tool recognises and collects information like the visitor’s company name. LeadBoxer automatically collects data from your website and email newsletters and recognises, segments and rates your leads based on their activity and profile data. Once you’ve gathered all of this useful data, it will be directly fed into your Pipedrive database and 7automatically update offers, individuals, and businesses.


Asana is another of those Pipedrive integrations that adds a slew of new features.

Its primary benefit is that it keeps all relevant parties informed at critical stages of a transaction, ensuring that all necessary work is completed. Closing a deal requires more than just your sales team—it requires information exchange and collaboration between teams.

Asana tasks/projects can be created automatically as a deal progresses through the pipeline’s various stages. For instance, if you need to involve Accounts, Legal, or Customer Success teams at specific stages of a deal, they can all be notified automatically. Additionally, you can create default assignees and ensure they receive the information they require from Pipedrive. Along with saving time, this type of automation ensures that no tasks or teams are overlooked, keeping everyone informed and providing a more seamless customer experience.


You can set up your sales team to automatically pipe all new contacts and addresses to their Pipedrive system. The great advantage of using SnapADDY is that it speeds up your sales team’s pre-qualification process. All your sales reps should simply add the customer’s address information to your CRM or business system using SnapADDY. Pipedrive can be used to migrate data from Linkedin as well as send company data to Linkedin. It handles all types of data, regardless of the email address.

Lead details cannot be repeated by salespeople because of the tool. You will be able to tell if an employee has already been assigned to your Pipedrive account. If the user already has an email address in your Pipedrive, you can update it via SnapADDY.

Best Integrations for Boosting Productivity


Zapier is the perfect app you can find in the Pipedrive marketplace for all types of marketing automation software, customer relationship management tools, and offers cloud-based Pipedrive integration. Zapier lets you perform tasks between different apps using a central platform that connects to the Pipedrive marketplace. You can connect Pipedrive to over 500 apps and use Zapier to build an unlimited workflow. Export contacts from business cards, cold emails, sales meetings, and more. This all-in-one lightweight platform can maximise your deal stage and help in closing deals with unlimited steps to complete your workflow automation.

Dealbot for Slack

Using Pipedrive, your team will send and receive real-time deal notifications or updates. This marketing strategy is effective in helping sales teams close deals for larger companies and teams. You can keep everyone updated with the status of a contract without lengthy unnecessary emails.

Additionally, Dealbot is capable of the following:

  • Notifying teams when a transaction is completed
  • Conducting searches within Slack for deals, organisations, and contacts to share this information instantly and accurately
  • Establishing channels for teams, but also private communication between managers and their direct reports

You no longer need to waste time telling people what you’re working on, how many deals you’ve added or closed, or any other obvious information that needs to be shared regularly.


Adlots uses an algorithm to gather contact information. Adlots can integrate with your website, Facebook page, or fill out a form, and extract customer profiles. Every website visit will be saved in the Adlots’ database, and each will be tracked as a media source of potential lead generation. Adlots’ proprietary data pulls out leads and deal cards for you.

Additionally, the tool assigns a lead quality rating to your report. They would score higher on the tool’s dashboard if they had visited your site more often or provided you with information. When you’ve identified your leads, pass them on to your sales team and load them into different pipelines. You can assign values to particular fields in leads, offers, so you can align the right sales rep with the appropriate contact to make a sale.


SigParser scans your emails for new signatures. This is useful because many email signatures contain critical contact information such as phone numbers, emails, names, and signatures. SigParser gathers the information from new email signatures and creates a new pipeline account for you.


Autopilot is a clever email strategy because it gives you a close-up view of the final campaign results. Also, its visual marketing automation allows you to produce promotions via a drag-and-and-drop builder. If you’ve zeroed in on products that aren’t likely to generate interest, you can reduce the routine activities in your sales workflow and win more customers. The key advantage of Autopilot is that it nurtures your lead growth based on the stage in the pipeline. Tasks may be based on tasks, such as requiring someone to complete a lead form. It will also score your customers’ purchases and send the data to your Piped sales dashboard.

Best Pipedrive Integrations for Accounting and Invoicing


Paycove can help you with personalised invoices and invoices that are linked to Pipedrive. In this Pipedrive integration, sales teams will be able to set a “trigger” and Paycove will generate an invoice. Paycove’s data is always the same as Pipedrive’s quotes and invoices, as well as the other contracts, products and arrangements. Upon submission, the application of an invoice, the application will update your offers and notify you when a customer pays. It’s an efficient way to shorten time-consuming data entry for the sales team.


Socket was designed with one goal in mind: to get you paid as soon as possible. The cloud-based Pipedrive integration will eliminate errors in your quoting process by using a simple template framework. The tool automates the setup, pricing, and quoting processes, allowing your sales representatives to send out quotes in seconds without having to second-guess the final price. When a quote is generated in Socket, the client’s information is automatically applied to your Pipedrive account. Furthermore, a deal will be created in the CRM dashboard. The quote will be added to the document, so you won’t have to dig through outbound emails or unread messages to follow up on a lead.

Final Thoughts

Using the right CRM integrations saves time and delivers better results. If you aren’t incorporating these into your pipeline, you aren’t taking advantage of Pipeline’s full potential for your sales phase. Pipedrive has collaborated with some of the most technologically advanced platforms and software in the sales and marketing industries, as well as lead generation and coordination specialists, to streamline a variety of tasks. Pipedrive integrations and methods can save you tons of time in the short term and have proved time and time again to deliver long term growth by hitting your bottom line.