Looking For Pipedrive Alternatives? Our Top 5 Pipedrive Alternatives For SMBs

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Over the years, CRM use has expanded beyond sales teams and small and medium-sized businesses. Businesses can also leverage various management features to enhance their marketing efforts, resulting in increased customer acquisition. If you’re thinking about using Pipedrive, you’ve probably heard of these alternatives or seen them on software review sites. While the majority of their features are similar, each has its own set of unique advantages and disadvantages that, depending on your needs, could make or break your CRM experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the marketing automation platforms and project management features of Pipedrive Alternatives for small to medium-sized businesses.


Why Should You Look Out For Pipedrive Alternatives?

Pipedrive CRM is a CRM that is used by over 90,000 businesses in 179 countries. Their branding presents them as a straightforward, well-rounded choice for companies of any scale, as well as a useful tool for making salespeople’s lives easier. Pipedrive is unquestionably a decent CRM, but it isn’t for every business. Using this reference guide will assist you in identifying options and ensuring that you are selecting a CRM that is right for you. If you want to check out our Pipedrive review, click here.


Pipedrive’s clutter-free user experience is appreciated by users and prospective customers.  Under the hood, innovative features such as email sync, templated email automation, and one-click calling can help sales team achieve their objectives. Pipedrive aims to provide its customers with an easy and intuitive experience so that they can concentrate on selling. However, the entry-level price point lacks much of their signature features, and the “essentials” edition leaves a lot to be desired. So we have five alternatives for you to consider before settling on the right tool for your business.

To know more about the other features that Pipedrive CRM has, check their website here.



Nutshell CRM

Starter costs $19 per month

Full package (Pro): $35 per month


Notable characteristics include:

  • Automation of sales
  • Adaptable pipeline management
  • Filtering and sorting for leads and reporting in a comprehensive “excel-style” manner
  • Manage Your Contact Database
  • Personal email sequences that are automated and can be triggered based on the pipeline stage
  • Integrations for email marketing automation (Constant Contact, Mailchimp)
  • Onboarding assistance is provided at no cost
  • Free forever live chat assistance

Nutshell is an award-winning cloud-based CRM tool that assists sales teams in closing more deals faster. Small to medium-sized businesses prefer Nutshell because they know better than to overpay for software they’ll never use. It’s powerful enough to support any aspect of your business and simple enough to implement in less than a day. Furthermore, according to customer reviews, Nutshell’s features frequently outperform competitors in terms of usability and comprehensiveness. Users have indicated that the feel of the mobile application does not correspond to the PC interface with which they are familiar.


Salesforce CRM

Starter: $25 per month

Full package: $300 per month


Key Features:

  • Workflow customization software
  • Analytical Services
  • Management of marketing leads (through email marketing, SMS marketing, or other forms)
  • Communication within the sales team

Salesforce is a comprehensive and robust software solution platform that is centred on its lead management and CRM functionality. Salesforce (and its associated cloud applications) allow you to do almost anything:


Custom sales workflows based on the customer journey, plugin application builders, and integrations with your existing systems are just a few examples. You can also automate your email response, have internal set-up support for your business, and customise all of these built-in tools in one visual dashboard. The price ranges vary for business owners that want powerful features for their email marketing campaigns or other customer activities.


Feature Limits To Consider:

The version with unlimited support costs twice as much as the enterprise version ($150/user).

According to users, this is due to the software’s difficulty in use and the need for constant interaction with Salesforce representatives. Furthermore, only a small percentage of the (expensive) add-ons apply to small or medium-sized businesses.



This Pipedrive alternative is a firm favourite of organisations that prefer a straightforward sales approach. Its intuitive interface is well-liked by users, as is the ability to create custom pipelines and manage them using convenient tools.


This product is capable of the following operations:


  • Compile reports on business opportunities
  • Create personalised dashboards
  • Integrate with Microsoft, Mailchimp, Google Suite, and other third-party applications
  • Sort lengthy lists into manageable groups by utilising filters

Zoho CRM

Starter: $12 per month

Full package: $100 per month


Notable features include:

  • Compatibility with other Zoho apps
  • Emailing within CRM (limited to a certain number of users)
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Workflow management is integrated with Microsoft and Outlook

Zoho CRM is one of many applications in Zoho’s diverse ecosystem of bite-sized applications, which are typically sold in bundles. The CRM provides basic contact management tools as well as automation workflows such as automatically converting website visitors into leads. Moreover, you can improve customer interactions with their additional features like task management, activity reports, and a friendly interface.


Zoho’s reporting is also excellent, with users able to report across products, locations, accounts, and statuses, as well as providing useful sales forecasting dashboards.


Key Reasons That May Limit User Experience:

Zoho has a large number of add-on applications with varying prices, making it difficult to obtain a quote without going through demos, trials, and hassle.

You may need to purchase additional applications a la carte to complete the package.


Copper CRM

$19 for the Copper CRM Starter

$119/month for the entire package


Why Choose Copper CRM?

Support for Google CRM Hangouts-based chatbot Chrome extension, Gmail inbox, and other Gsuite apps. Copper CRM is a fresh take on customer relationship management. Its focus is to exist solely in the Gsuite space to facilitate faster and more effective use of the Google app suite, describing itself as a “relational CRM” as opposed to a “transactional CRM.” Its Chrome extension is useful for scheduling meetings and creating follow-ups over email without taking up too much space. Keep in mind that Copper is only for Google users, so it will not work with any of your non-Google software. Copper’s onboarding is pricey and only available as part of their most expensive package.


Final Thoughts

Customer satisfaction is very important when using any sales pipeline management tool or task automation apps for sales opportunities. So, browsing for a CRM is difficult because you are essentially deciding which software will run your sales operations for the foreseeable future. Many hidden factors are at work that will not be visible on a typical CRM’s “features” page, such as ramp-up time, implementation costs, additional services required, customer support quality, and more.

Installing a demo version to see if the CRM can truly support all of your requirements without breaking the bank is the best way to ensure you’re making the right choice.

While Pipedrive appears to have done an excellent job of assembling an all-encompassing Customer Relationship Management platform for sales and marketing teams to improve their performance, there is no harm in exploring some other Pipedrive alternatives.