What Are The Benefits Of Using Close As An Inside Sales Software Tool?

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Inside sales have historically been the dominant sales model for “high-touch,” phone-based business-to-business, also known as B2B sales practises. It is composed of virtual sales or remote sales that involves actionable insights online using a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Simply put, inside sales is primarily virtual sales or sales conducted remotely. Inside sales positions require a high volume of cold calling via phone or mass emailing to target prospects and. The difference between inside sales and outside sales is that inside sales are more concerned with meeting targets than with developing strategies that result in sales enablement.

Here’s a closer look at the internal sales tools that can help you smash your targets.


Benefits Of Inside Sales

The word “inside sales” refers to any form of sales made over the phone to prospective buyers.

Over the last decade, inside sales has been the dominant sales paradigm for reps in B2B, tech, SaaS, and other B2C sectors selling high-ticket items. In an inside sales model, high-touch transactions via phone and email are popular. Unlike telemarketers, inside salespeople are exceptionally trained and experienced. Because of advances in communications technologies, inside sales reps will now deliver speeches, hold demos, and conduct the majority of the roles traditionally done by field sales reps.


A More Cost-Effective Sales Model

The typical outside sales call is more than six times the cost of an inside sales call. Also without dialling technology, inside sales reps can dial more leads, engage with more decision-makers, and attend far more meetings in a single day than outside sales reps. As a result, quotas for inside sales reps are increasing. An inside sales rep’s annual quota is $923K, and many inside sales reps earn seven figures of income per year.

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The Demand To Track Sales Team Performance And Sales Prospects

Using a reporting tool for email tracking your potential clients will highly improve leads during sales operations. You can also track the response rate for each email template, analyse the time your inside sales team takes to complete a sale, identify which stage in your sales process reps spend most of their time, and view how many deals are likely to close in the coming months.


Advancing Outstanding Sales Collaboration

B2B transactions can be difficult (the average B2B deal includes an average of 5.4 decision-makers). To transfer leads through the sales cycle, inside sales reps must also work in teams, collaborate with managers, advertisers, and other departments of a company. Sales reps may use CRM and sales acceleration technologies to automatically record important account information. This information can then be used in real-time to improve collaboration.


Use Sales Acceleration Tools to Boost Productivity

New sales acceleration tools are released every year. Inside sales teams will send more emails, dial more leads, and have more discussions by putting together a solid sales technology stack.

While tracking all data points in a system is critical, a good sales reporting tool should also enable you to quickly and easily create reports and slice and dice data to extract meaningful insights. Inside sales reps that use tools that help them dial and communicate with more leads have a significant advantage over outside sales reps and inside sales reps that don’t use sales amplification technology effectively.


Customer Journey And Experience

You might decide to segment your team according to a market segment, product/service, stages of the customer journey, geography or any combination.

In comparison to traditional sales or field sales, which rely on face-to-face interactions, inside sales rely on technology to engage and understand customer behaviour to sell more effectively and efficiently.


What Is An Inside Sales Software and How Does It Work?

Inside sales software is an example of a technology that not only provides sales intelligence but also aids in the acceleration of the entire sales process. The inside sales team must leverage this type of technology to outperform the competition and manage the sales pipeline effectively. According to LinkedIn’s 2016 Sales Report, nearly 24% of sales professionals spend more than ten hours per week utilising customer relationship management (CRM) tools. The tools that help you and your team close deals from inside your office are referred to as inside sales apps. These programmes provide a wide range of features and assist you in completing important tasks (e.g. generating leads, managing leads, and organising meetings).

Since there are more inside sales resources than ever before, you’ll need to devise a plan for evaluating the efficiency of the tools available and selecting the best choices.


Advantages Of Using Close As Your Sales Engagement Platform

Sales enablement is a systematic approach to increasing the sales team’s productivity. It is a highly effective method of motivating and educating the sales team. However, as sales processes, techniques, and technologies evolve, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to survive with sales activities with complex sales processes. Thus, enabling a sales acceleration platform not only assists in strategising the entire sales process but also assists in closing more deals. Inside sales may now be considered the bulk of sales jobs (aka remote sales).


Increase your closing ratio with industry-leading, intuitive sales tools

Close’s next-generation automation and outreach enable you to immediately grow revenue.

Connect your favourite apps with Close’s free integrations to streamline your workflow and increase your productivity. You don’t even need a credit card to test their sales management software.


Smart Views

Utilise Smart Views to segment leads into distinct groups that require attention on your sales platform. Sales teams can segment leads with a single click using views such as “Never contacted,” “Follow up today,” and “Needs demo.”


Emailing in bulk

Close’s bulk emailing functionality for their inside sales software can be put to good use.

Using Smart Views and email templates in conjunction, you can bulk email a pre-defined template to an entire segment, accelerating your sales and marketing processes.


Custom fields

Close provides its users with a great deal of flexibility through custom fields. You can attach any type of metadata to leads that are relevant to your business and then slice those leads using Smart Views.


Maintain a Sales Opportunity Tracker

Close’s ability to track the value of an opportunity on a monthly, annual, or one-time basis is a critical feature. It’s fantastic to have the ability to properly track the revenue potential of your opportunities.


Future of Business Process Automation And Sales Activities

Purchasing Software As A Service (SaaS) is a common technique for many companies who want to branch out on a larger scale than localised sites. CRM, dialers, social selling platforms, conversation intelligence, and other solutions are now commonplace in the traditional sales stack.

Restructuring, on the other hand, would be the next major trend in inside sales technologies.

Among inside sale software frameworks, the most common will be those that provide sales teams with a multitude of different capabilities in a simple, easy-to-use solution, just as marketing solutions like Hubspot have combined a number of marketing resources into a single interface.