Pipedrive Review: Capabilities of A CRM Software To Visualise Your Touchpoints

Pipedrive Review: Capabilities of A CRM Software To Visualise Your Touchpoints

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When you are looking for a CRM, you don’t just want a lead nurturing tool; you want something that will shape the entire sales and account management process while maintaining the ability to integrate with the other tools you currently use to manage your business. A flexible CRM with a high level of compatibility with other SaaS tools is what you need; if you are looking for a tool that is quite intuitive but also quick to master, then Pipedrive might be the best tool out there. The ability to completely customise data fields and workflow essentially give you a bespoke CRM. Learn more about Pipedrive in our full Pipedrive review.

What Are The Features Of Pipedrive?

Concentrate On Your Sales Management

Pipedrive highlights two factors that contribute to your sales management: Leads And Deals. You can create a visual pipeline to customise your sales cycle and organise sales, deal with potential customers, and nurture your leads. Pipedrive also manages and tracks your customer relationship management with web forms, data fields, and more.

Automate Your Marketing Process

Pipedrive’s artificial intelligence automates your marketing processes by eliminating repeated processes. Tasks such as sending emails and any workflow stages are simple to understand where you can minimise your marketing campaigns’ steps. Moreover, their AI-powered sales management also provides recommendations on how to improve your workflow automation.

Webhooks and open API are available for businesses with developers to connect with your code and develop custom features.

Email And Contacts Management

You can import your current contacts and previous CRM database with Pipedrive using their app integrations to schedule calls and send emails. Using their email and communications management, you can check your calendar for current activities with your leads. Moreover, you can send proposals, quotes, and contracts with customisable signatures for added protection.

Customise Your Data Insights and Reports

Pipedrive has an interactive dashboard where you can customise CRM fields for your reports and decisions. It features a filter where you can focus on your KPIs and check any errors without distractions. With Pipedrive, you can help your sales team to automate their sales goals and track their performance. 

Privacy And Security

Pipedrive promises peace of mind for businesses that want to secure their data. Using Rackspace and AWS, your information is stored securely with top-of-the-line encryption and backups. Furthermore, Pipedrive is GDPR compliant, so data from your clients, customers, and analytics are safe from intrusion.

Pipedrive Pricing And Plans

Pipedrive offers different pricing and plans suitable for small businesses, startups, and even larger agencies. If you’re interested in using Pipedrive for your CRM needs, their Essential plan starts at $12.50/month. It includes almost all the features but with limitations on app integrations, email management, and workflow automation. However, if you’re looking to add more workflows, better features, and security for your CRM, subscribe to their Professional plan, which is roughly $50/month per one user. You can also inquire about add-ons for every subscription plan. They also have an Enterprise plan with custom onboarding and support for your CRM needs. For more information on their prices apart from our Pipedrive review, visit their pricing page here

App Integrations With Pipedrive

You can expand your CRM software’s capabilities to visualise your touchpoints with different app integrations that Pipedrive can offer. From this review, here are some suggestions of the app integrations from trending and new apps.

Accounting and Invoicing

Quickbooks Advanced Automation – SyncQ



Customer Support

Kixie PowerCall and SMS



Lead Generation




Marketing Automation




Proposals and Contracts

PandaDoc Proposals & eSignatures


Simple Sign

Webforms and Surveys



Gravity Forms

They also feature a mobile version of Pipedrive where you can access your Pipedrive account and work on the go. If you’re interested in knowing all of the app integrations with Pipedrive, check more on this page. 

Pipedrive Alternatives

Combining CRM with other tools and services for e-Commerce, SEO, email management, and more makes your sales even better. Here are some alternatives that may satisfy your bespoke requirements for scaling your business.


Also known as InfusionSoft, Keap is a CRM software platform that caters to solopreneurs, startups, and small businesses. Features include sales marketing, CRM, Sales Pipeline, Payments, Reporting and Analytics, Appointments and Email marketing. Their emails are mobile responsive without needing to know how to code. 


Moreover, they have marketing automation with sequences and trigger actions for your specific goal. The starting price is $40/month for your first two months, including 500 contacts and one user. However, Keap requires third-party plugins to track website activity and lead source tracking.


Nimble provides services for pipeline management, group emails and email tracking, live profiles, segmentation, and more. Moreover, they are partnered with Microsoft, which allows seamless integration with Office 365 and Outlook. Their program adapts to any system, particularly if you are using a browser, a mobile app, or another SaaS. 


Nimble offers only one subscription plan with the vast features they have for $19/month (one user and billed annually). They also offer a free trial of 14 days for their social CRM platform.

Less Annoying CRM

If you like to use tools without a steep learning curve, Less Annoying CRM is a simple CRM built for small businesses. You can start using Less Annoying CRM in just minutes without long hours of training. You can find your tools and services easy to find with its simple dashboard. It is specifically designed to be intuitive for users who aren’t familiar with the technology. 


You can manage your leads and contacts, calendar, goals and provide outstanding customer service. At a standard price of $15/month for one user, you can maximise your sales and lead generation process. They also have a 30-day trial for unlimited services and tools, and doesn’t ask for your credit card when you sign up. 

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt from this Pipedrive review that Pipedrive offers an affordable yet efficient CRM software platform to produce sales and leads so you can focus on providing better service. Pipedrive offers CRM support and other practical tools and services that ensure continued customer support for your clients and customers. If you want to see a 28% increase in your close rate after your first year and join over 95,000 other companies, then Pipedrive is the CRM for you.