CRM Review: A Project Management Tool With Team Collaboration Review: A Project Management Tool With Team Collaboration

Table of Contents reviewProject management tools aid a person or team in efficiently coordinating and managing their projects and tasks. Typically, the term refers to project management software that can be purchased online or downloaded for free. Project management tools, despite their name, are not just for project managers. Project management software may be tailored to meet the needs of teams of varying sizes and objectives.

The following features can be found in project management tools:


  • Planning/scheduling: With tasks, subtasks, files, templates, workflows, and calendars, project management tools allow you to plan and delegate work in one place.
  • Collaboration: Email should not be the only mode of communication; through project management software, you can create a more efficient way of communicating with your team by assigning assignments, adding feedback, organizing dashboards, and proofing or approving changes.
  • Storage and documentation: Use file management features that allow for editing, versioning, and saving files to avoid lost or obsolete files.
Through resource management and reporting, you can track and evaluate productivity and development. offers an easy-to-use platform for managing your goals in a shared view of various boards, columns, and groups. Let’s take a closer look in this review at how powerful its features are for creating a consistent project management framework.

Features of

User Interface and Dashboards

If you want an organised visual representation of tracking what your team should do for a timeline, you can customise dashboards using It has a colourful design system with 200+ templates to create dashboards for any use case or industry. You can colour-code boards to check which projects are ongoing or recurring, finished, or have an issue or bottleneck. has widgets, columns, and other features that you can add to detail your dashboards. Moreover, it has an interface that is easy to understand, and even guest users can understand your progress with ease. There are numerous display options to pick and give access to user accounts so that you can also control your data with a simple overview.


Project Management And Planning

Planning your projects is seamless with’s project management and planning feature. You can input your goals and plans on their task scheduler with custom columns to indicate the level of priority. Using the 200 pre-made templates, you can group your items and subitems while changes are synced in real-time. Collaboration and sharing are also critical features of You can allow any member, guest, or client to view your projects or calendar for tracking tasks weekly or monthly. You can also track the time for every member’s task with a preview on a column. also allows you to do budget allocation and track where your expenses go.


Storage Share 

If you have previous trouble searching for your files, has a helpful search feature that goes through your files, images, updates, and more without a date limit. Users of your space can also have access to necessary project resources. However, it depends on which tier you have subscribed to control what they can see. Their 5GB storage space may limit people who require larger storage space for images, videos, or other huge files. 



Rows of boards called “Pulses” are where communications take place on You can include comments and file attachments where you can tag your members and other users easily. Users can also integrate their favourite chat apps with Zapier or other third-party chat apps. Moreover, you can turn on notifications for these pulses for the desktop and mobile app version. 


Security Features, Knowledge Base, and Customer Support

All data sent and transmitted through their website and your user accounts have 256-bit encryption with TLS1.2 and FIPS 140-2 certification standard. They constantly monitor potential unwarranted DDoS attacks. Moreover, all files are hosted in multiple AWS (Amazon Web Services) data centres in the US. You can also restrict access to specific users depending on the subscription plan you paid for. also offers an FAQ page for questions among the user community. You can browse video tutorials and their extensive knowledge information database. However, customer success and management is exclusive for Enterprise paid members.


How Much Does Cost? has three subscription plans with one Enterprise tier for organisations and businesses that need enterprise-grade security, automation, and support. For their Basic tier ($8/set/month), you can already start working with unlimited boards, 200+ templates, 20 column types, and use their iOS and Android app versions. Their most popular plan, Standard, works for teams that need automation and integrations while planning their business. It costs $10/seat/month to use their Calendar View, has Guest access, and allows you to create a dashboard with five board combinations. Their Pro plan ($16/seat/month) has unlimited file storage and guest accounts, time tracking, chart views, formula columns, and more, which would suit companies with a higher headcount. 

All of pricing plans have a 14-day free trial which you can access without giving away your credit card information.


App Integrations With

Dashboards and teamwork alone are not sufficient for planning. With, you can integrate your favourite apps to maximise your efficiency with your team members. Among popular SaaS online, has the largest marketplace for apps that you can connect with. Here are some integrations from our review that you can find.


Top Apps


Microsoft Teams





Adobe Creative Cloud














Software Development






Project Management





Discover other apps that you can use with the list of app integrations on this page Alternatives


With Nifty, you can track your roadmaps and collaborate with various tasks in a centralised working dashboard. This project portfolio management service helps you automate your progress across projects. It is convenient for many medium and large companies with larger storage space with a cheaper pricing rate. Nifty’s user interface is what attracts many of its customers, along with a slight learning curve. If you want to have a simple tracker and a collaborative workspace for your team, Nifty should be your next choice. 


However, a $39 per month fee, billed annually, is expensive for freelancers. Yet, you can invite unlimited guests & clients, have ten members use your account at once, create 40 active projects and have 100 GB storage space for your documents. 



ClickUp is one of the fastest rising SaaS for project management today due to its cheap but all-in-one functionality. This company aims to help freelancers, small teams, and startups furnish their projects, communicate with team members, plan and organise in just one space. The platform fully allows third-party modification in the form of add-ons with their preferences. You can create custom views when sharing your projects with clients or guests. Flexibility and ease of use are also key features. It has a simple learning curve where you can set up different boards (tables, kanban, Grant, calendars, etc.) with customised templates for each industry.


ClickUp also can add subtasks and checklists where you can create a separate board for these tasks. If your team has lots of ongoing changes and impromptu goals, you will find yourselves using ClickUp for its customisable user interface. ClickUp can be used free forever with features like unlimited tasks, five spaces, 100 custom views and 100MB file storage. However, you can have unlimited storage and advanced features with their $5/month subscription plan. 



Manage complex tasks and projects with nTask’s project management service. You can collaborate with your team even if you have zero experience with technicalities. It has a grid, calendar, or board view for viewing your projects. Like many project planning apps, nTask also features calendars, shares files, and assigns tasks for specific members. One of its key features is its risk management module, where you can assess if your team meets the goals. You also have a built-in time tracking feature for any of your projects or tasks.


Furthermore, you can create to-do lists, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, meeting management with notes, and timesheets when planning your project’s timeline. Its free forever subscription is one of the best alternatives to with 100MB storage, five members per team, unlimited workspaces, and tasks. However, their premium paid plan ($2.99), one of the cheapest paid alternatives, has everything in their free forever plan plus 5GB storage, Gatt, Kanban board and custom filters.


Final Thoughts is one of the most popular project planning apps out there. They have an extensive feature list and the pricing is pretty fair. We recommend our readers through this review to subscribe to their Standard plan which will get yo started and give you a taste of what o expect if you decide to move into a paid subscription for your project management needs. If you want to boost your team’s performance while effectively collaborating with your team members, try using on your next big project.