TECHNICAL SEO CRM Review: An All-In-One Inside Sales CRM Software

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business practice for managing relationships with current and prospective clients. CRM assists businesses in streamlining operations, developing client relationships, increasing revenue, improving customer service, and increasing profitability.


When people speak about CRM, they typically mean a CRM scheme, which is a mechanism used for contact management, sales management, efficiency, and other purposes. A CRM system’s purpose is straightforward: to improve customer partnerships. CRM is a multichannel platform that outperforms several of its high-profile more expensive CRM services thanks to features that organise your CRM along with communications, marketing processes, and contact management. Read our review to check out how you can maximise your business’ potentials from this excellent CRM software.


Features Of

Built-In Calling (Call Automation) has two main features called Power Dialer and Predictive Dialer for making your everyday calls easier. Power dialer allows your sales team to reach 60% of their goals with a one-click calling and automation system. Users won’t need to export CRM contacts, so your sales team will know who they are calling instantly. Predictive Dialer allows multiple dials at once and routes the call when an accurate human answers. is the only CRM that allows real-time call coaching to support your team during lead calls. 


Better Emails With Two-Way Email Syncing 

If you have an existing CRM leads database, your business should carefully sell and nurture these leads. With Close, you can automate an email marketing campaign with a simple process that doesn’t require technical skills. Close also allows businesses to schedule bulk emails and follow up reminders for their lead nurturing. HTML customisation is possible so you can brand your campaigns and craft your ideal email marketing campaign. You can send sequences of your emails to create a genuine relationship with your customers that will ultimately lead to closing more deals.


Built-In SMS And Video Conferencing

If you would like to notify your team of upcoming meetings, calls, or other events, you can use’s in-app SMS messaging. The rates for sending messages are only $ 0.01, no matter where your team members are. There are also API and open-source integrations that can easily integrate with other SMS apps for bulk messaging.


CRM Reporting

CRM Reporting requires a customisable dashboard to monitor your work’s progress. With, you can conceptualise your marketing and sales goals with key performance indicators (KPIs) and internal metrics that you can filter or deploy. You can measure individual or team performance for your team and show specific datasets for call-to-action responses. Furthermore, you can collaborate with your team to improve your marketing and sales by using pipelines and sequences for your next campaign strategy. Pricing Rates: Is it Worth The Cost?

If you want straightforward multichannel CRM software, offers the best price. Their Starter subscription plan is $25 per month with 1-3 users, 2,500 leads and five email templates. Basic, which costs $65 per month, has a 30 user limit but no limitations on templates, leads and includes external phone numbers. Their higher subscription tiers, Professional ($95 per month) and Business ($145 per month), offers more flexibility with users, leads and includes their Power and Predictive Dialer. 

Moreover, all of’s pricing plans include these must-have features: pipeline views, built-in global outbound and inbound calling, two-way email sync, and more. 

Close CRM also offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card for subscribing to any of their pricing plans. 


App Integrations For

If you’re currently using an app for your previous business transactions, you can integrate your accounts seamlessly with An extensive list of app integrations with’s CRM is available through Zapier. Here are some of the apps that you will find helpful when using for your sales, marketing, communication needs, and more.









Better Proposals







Analysing and Reporting


Google Sheets



Organisational Tools


Google Calendar



Data & Backup





You can find more options apart from this review suggestions for your favourite app integration across many categories to deliver more efficient sales. Check their page for apps that integrate with Close CRM.


Alternatives For

Maybe you need something more complex, or there are specific integrations you need for your CRM needs. With this in mind we put together some alternatives in this review so you can make your mind up:



Insightly is a popular CRM software with 1.5 million users and over 25,000 companies. They work closely with growing teams for industries such as technology, manufacturing, construction, and more. If you are interested in protecting your sales and business data while keeping an eye on sales opportunities, Insightly has an organised and up-to-date solution that will speed up these processes. They also have a mobile version for their CRM software, allowing anyone to access their sales progress anytime. For business owners planning to use Insightly, their starting price costs 29$ a month, including app integration, email marketing, and customisable pipeline and sales process. 



SalesLoft is an excellent CRM with features such as email tracking, sales dialer, and other multichannel sales tools. They promise to deliver an increase of 300% on your qualified appointments and leads. Some users of SalesLoft complain that you have to pay much more as your account scales but on the other hand many business owners recommend SalesLoft for their excellent app integration. If you’re planning to use SalesLoft for your business, they are under request-a-quote pricing only. 



EngageBay varies from and the aforementioned alternatives since it is the only marketing and CRM platform that also offers social media marketing. With EngageBay, you can manage and schedule all of your social media content while capturing qualified leads for your brand. They also have a range of templates that you can use while customising your landing page. 

Some start-ups and small businesses might migrate to Engagebay for its free-to-use tier but if your business is growing rapidly, Engagebay’s starting subscription price is $8.99/user with 15,000 contacts and 10,000 branded emails.


Final Thoughts

CRM allows a company to strengthen its partnerships with its clients, service users, colleagues, associates, and suppliers. Building partnerships and maintaining track of opportunities and clients are critical for customer growth and retention, which is at the core of a CRM’s work. If you are looking for an inside sales CRM that provides support from start to finish, is the only tool that provides all of your needs in one place.