Teachable Membership Site: How To Make A Membership Site For Selling Your Online Courses

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Depending on the subject, you will find courses ranging from a few hundred dollars to nearly $20,000, ranging from basic online tutorials to rigorous boot camps. And online classes encourage you to study any subject you may think of without being required to take general education courses that cover material you probably aren’t interested in.

As a potential instructor, you can begin teaching with some really simple materials as long as you have advanced expertise of what you believe people want to learn about. As a result, there is the possibility of earning money from selling your online education courses.

If you are an online course creator you need to create a Teachable membership site so that you can offer exclusive access to advanced technical skills, additional video tutorials, or a bundle of courses with bonus content. For a content creator to maximise an online course platform site’s subscription charge, the course designer creates new content with a recurring membership plan. Membership site platforms typically provide access to all content for a monthly fee, which may put course designers off creating this type of course.


What Is A Membership Site?

A membership site’s payment incentives are mutual for both students and course creators. Students pay a much smaller subscription fee for the material on a membership site than they would for a traditional course with lifetime access. Of course, a lower price does not imply that the material is of poor quality. It means that more students can not only afford but continue to afford the expensive material regularly.

Students profit in the short term by having access to all material in the membership portal and being able to start learning from the current content right away, at a much lower cost than a conventional course. A monthly membership model benefits the course maker in the long run because a student’s monthly subscription creates more income over time than a one-time fee course.

The course designer profits as well by being able to schedule and deliver content at a much slower rate than when designing a conventional course, with the bonus of being paid to do so (create the content). They will have the opportunity to interview current members to find out what their group is most interested in learning about to produce content every month.


How to Make a Teachable Membership Site

The four most important things you must do to build a Teachable membership site are:

  • Organise the content on your membership pages

  • Subscriptions can be used to sell your paid content

  • Restriction of paid content access

  • Ongoing management of content


Create A Course Bundle To Sell Membership Subscriptions And Control Content Access

Course bundles are a Teachable platform feature that helps you to do all of these things very effectively. The course package function allows you to group and sell several courses together.

You can sell your course access as a monthly or yearly subscription, or you can provide different payment plans.


Build Partnerships

Bringing in guest experts is one of the best ways to add value to your brand, you could even collaborate with tech companies to offer training to their staff. Enterprises and large companies can conduct one-on-one interviews with experts to obtain insider information and best practices for their technology. Your membership communities can also watch the interviews live through private social media groups on Facebook or video conferencing resources and ask questions.


Choose A Membership Topic

Choosing a membership topic should be done once you have gathered a target audience. At least 1,000 tiered memberships should be available for your subscription services. You can start engaging your audience via email marketing campaigns and social media online communities. When it comes to a membership platform, ask them what they want to learn from you and providing the benefits of online learning.

Once you’ve got a few ideas in your head, consider which subject will be most beneficial to your audience and that you’d also enjoy teaching about. Narrow it down but be careful when getting too specific about types of content and continue to ask questions in the process.


Create Different Subscription Tiers For Your Membership Site

There are only two ways to increase the revenue: get more customers or get each customer to spend more money. Creating several membership levels is a brilliant technique for increasing average order value per member. For example, you might consider adding two or three membership levels to your website, naming them bronze, silver, and gold.

You could give access to only the core content in one membership level, while in another(s), you could suggest providing monthly webinars, community coaching, and so on. The number of levels, how they are named, and what is included in each one are all determined by your company and what you want to accomplish with multiple membership levels.


Members May Be Upsold To Boost Their Average Spending

Upselling is another way to get the members to invest more money and increase their sales.

To create a successful upsell strategy for your Teachable membership site, you must first answer three critical questions: what to upsell, who to upsell to, and when to upsell.

The ‘what’ and ‘who’ elements of your upselling strategy are intertwined, so consider the following:

Your monthly members can be upsold as an annual membership.

Upsell your silver members to the gold membership standard.

Gold participants may be upsold a premium one-on-one coaching package.

Some courses and services may be upsold.

The next question you must answer is when you can present your upsell bid. You can present your upsell offer on the post-purchase thank you page as one choice. In reality, Teachable makes it incredibly simple to include one-click upsell deals on your thank you page. You can also upsell by including extra lectures in your courses. You can include a bonus lecture at the end, as well as the course specifics and a call to action that will take them directly to the checkout page.

Email marketing is another effective way to upsell. You can easily integrate with Zapier to send out course completion emails and you can include your upsell deal in the email itself.


Reward Your Members That Use Your Membership Content

Not everyone is equally driven to learn from your online courses. If you sell online courses or manage a membership platform, you’re probably aware that people need extrinsic motivation to act. You should have a plan in place to reward your members. This will not only help you inspire your team, but it will also help you develop loyalty.

You can reward your members in a variety of ways, including:

  • Provide them with a certificate from a third party

  • Provide them with a special discount

  • Allow them to view exclusive material

You may now give these incentives to your members when they hit certain milestones, such as finishing a specific course or completing one year as a member, and so on.

You’ll have to do a bit of extra work if you want to give them an update on their membership anniversary. You will need to build a new Zap in Teachable with the trigger ‘New Sale’ and transfer the user details to Google Sheets. Then, on their anniversary, you can use Google Sheets to send them a note.


Create A Variety Of Content Types For Your Membership Platform 

Your content is at the heart of your membership platform. If you can provide real value to your audience while keeping them interested, they will not only continue to pay their subscriptions but will also come to you with requests for more items and courses.

In essence, when it comes to membership pages, content is valuable. One of the most significant advantages of using Teachable is how simple it is to add multiple content types to your membership.

So, what material would you provide in your membership to ensure that your members get real value out of it?


Quizzes: Depending on your niche, using quizzes to assess your learner’s progress from time to time can be a smart tactic.

Resources and downloads: You should use a variety of workbooks, cheat sheets, and other materials to supplement your main content. You can also upload them as PDFs to your Teachable site and allow students to download them.

Live webinars: You should include webinars in your marketing plan because they are viewed as premium content and will entice your subscribers to join your membership. You can embed a YouTube live webinar on your Teachable site if you use it for webinars. 

Assignments: You can use your Dropbox account to obtain assignments from your members.

You can make a file request, and your members will then upload their tasks, which will be saved in your Dropbox account.

Videos: One of the most interactive ways of content delivery, videos must be included in your Teachable membership site.