Podia Review: Creating, Selling, and Profiting from Courses For Solopreneurs

Podia Review: Creating, Selling, and Profiting from Courses For Solopreneurs

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Podia review



Today, an increasing number of companies and creators are launching online classes, whether to sell a small business, create a niche brand, or simply share knowledge. Online courses have the ability to create a community while still earning some extra money. Although the idea and logic behind creating an online course is straightforward, the process isn’t always. It entails more than just posting a video: it necessitates the creation of a course curriculum, the creation of assignments (if that’s what you want), the design of course websites in an intuitive interface, and other tasks and processes that you want to share.


Online course systems make the process easier. These platforms provide you with all of the tools you need to create, deploy, educate, and maintain an online course, allowing you to concentrate on your content. Podia has one of the lowest subscription costs for people that want to provide online teaching while earning at the same time. We’ll cover off the pros and cons of selling courses online with this Podia review.


What Are The Features Of Podia?

Basic Features

Podia has many features even in their most basic package. They have unlimited hosting for your free and paid courses with zero transaction fees and you’ll be able to sell unlimited courses with any pricing plan. Moreover, if you have an existing online course, you can easily migrate these into Podia using their app integrations, tools, and services.


Customise Your Page

You can easily set up your brand’s site using Podia’s customisable site and online course builder. Embed videos, add your images and include CSS or HTML to your homepage and sales page to attract potential students. You will also have your own custom URL and CSS elements to enhance your brand. Furthermore, Podia allows you to preview your course or page before publishing it for your students. These previews work on mobile, laptops, tablets, and other devices. 


Features Various Content Types (Online Quizzes)

You can add multiple content types that aren’t exclusive to online courses. For example, Podia allows you to create quizzes, drip content from your website, and enables downloads on digital products. If you also want to create quality content, Podia offers help for SEO and attracting more students to enrol in your webinars and online courses. You can also create a product bundle for your digital downloads, including your online courses using email marketing campaigns as magnet leads for your sales.


Payment-Friendly For You And Your Students

Podia’s app integration allows for simple payment for both the creator and the student. For your content, you can choose if you’ll make it exclusive for membership plans or if you want to market these courses for free using email marketing features. Furthermore, you can offer students payment options like a monthly payment plan for more expensive eLearning lessons. Other payment options that your students will enjoy are discounts, coupons, and promos.


Another helpful feature that your students will love is the ability to engage with students using Podia’s membership discussions. If you implemented a membership only pricing tier, you could put exclusive online courses, blog content, and downloads. 


Marketing And Sales With Analysis And Reports

What Podia does best for their subscribers is allow them to send professional drip campaigns and partner up with affiliate marketers. You can send newsletters and drip email campaigns to gain more loyal customers. Building funnels is easy and you can segment those customers into lists for contact further down the line. Monitor all of your marketing and sales campaigns with a simple and easy to use dashboard that tracks important metrics like open and click rates, subscription and conversion.


Customer Support And Help Centre

Podia offers live chat support for any subscription plan, making it easier for anyone to understand how they can sell their courses better. If you’re having problems with integration or want to suggest new ideas, you can also easily access their customer support team to help market your content better. 


How Much Does Podia cost?

Podia has competitive pricing compared to the alternative course platforms. With their starting plan Mover that costs $39/month, you’ll be getting your website, online courses, email marketing, and more. However, there are more features that you can unlock for their next subscription tier for E-commerce services like memberships and affiliate marketing. Shaker, their next tier, is $79/month and is intended for full-time creators who want to expand their business. Moreover, Podia offers a free trial for 14 days to decide which plan is the best for selling your brand and business. 


App Integrations With Podia

If you’re planning to import your data with your favourite apps, you can integrate them with Podia. This is especially important if you rely on third-party integrations for analysis of your sales and marketing. However, here are a few app integrations from our Podia review that this online course platform offers to make your online teaching seamless and risk-free.



Email Service Providers












Google Ads



Google Analytics



Can’t see your favorite apps in this Podia review? You can also check Poda app integrations on their help centre here.


Podia Alternatives

Instead of having pros and cons, we will cover off some Podia alternatives in this Podia review for you to consider when creating your course. We’ve rounded up a couple of options, some of these we will take a deep dive into in future online course platform reviews on this site:



Sellfy is both an E-commerce solution and also allows online creators to create and manage their brand. Typical Sellfy consumers range from bloggers to business owners and creators that sell digital or info products. You can implement a membership subscription for products or physical goods with built-in marketing services for your digital storefront. Moreover, you can use up to 10GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, and secure all of your content on the hosting site. Sellfy pricing plans start from as low as $19/month and they offer a 14-day free trial.



LearnDash is another powerful online course selling platform with a drag and drop course builder an easy payment process. Key features include offering certificates, points, and badges for your students. Additionally, there are 200+ payment gateways, including Paypal, Stripe, and 2Checkout. You can use LearnDash on your WordPress website by integrating their plugin. The only downside is that LearnDash doesn’t have digital product selling options. Instead, you may have to implement membership features through other transaction fees. Learndash pricing is a little on the high side with a $159/month plan.


iSpring Market

Intuitive SaaS platforms are one of the reasons why many creators will want to check out iSpring. With iSpring Market, anyone can set up websites or run their online business in just a few clicks without any prior knowledge. You can add eLearning courses for video files, documents, presentations, or SCORM packages. Their design features make it very competitive while retaining the aspects of selling courses, webinars, and eLearning products.


Final Thoughts

Creating an online course is a brilliant way to demonstrate your expertise while still earning extra money. It’s also a perfect way to show your distinct style and personality. As a knowledgeable creator but not necessarily a specialist, you likely have a better understanding of what your students need to do, what they want to learn, and how they learn best. That means you can combine all three in an online course. Better late than never to get started and bring your online course closer to fruition, we recommend giving Podia a shot.