COMMUNITY BUILDING Review: Customize Your Cloud-Based Community Platform For Your Business

April 20, 2021
SaasReview Editor Review: Customise Your Cloud-Based Community Platform For Your Business

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Tribe review


If you want to increase user engagement, drive retention, and boost customer lifetime value, you need to look at the community-building tools available to brand leaders. Facebook has enabled this for many years, but it has become outdated. The lack of flexibility means you can only leverage the most basic experience for your members with regards to customisation and monetisation. You can also build brand authority and be seen as a front-runner that congregates users in your chosen field. You can also empower your customers by allowing them to deliver value to each other, providing outstanding customer support. may be reasonably new, but its features showcase the importance of customising your community platform to allow for a better experience. We’ve rounded up the best features, pricing, as well as app integrations that you can expect in this review if you’re planning to use this amazing platform to personalise your brand.

Key Features of is a modern and cloud-based community platform builder for business owners who want their subscribers to have an online communication space. Providing services to all business sizes, is a white label solution for communities and their members to participate, discuss, upvote, comment, and share various content.


What problems do solve, and why is it different from existing community platforms?

Variety of Options For Content Creation

A fully customisable community platform is perfect if you want to capitalise on your audience in a scalable way. The existing social media group feature options are wholly insufficient if you need to do anything from monetisation to flexible content posting and file storage. features a personalised feed for members to follow a specific topic, category, or question. A personalised feed highlights polls, events, and Questions & Answers. Furthermore, users can add your site header/footer to blend it seamlessly with their site navigation.

SEO-Friendly Content

The key to optimising your website and having a specific audience is to build SEO-friendly content. If you are starting your brand from scratch, you will love the features of, It has an SEO add-on where you can rank your target keyword higher on the search engine results page. Moreover, your audiences public questions that are also SEO-tailored are indexable via search as well. Your website’s quality content will target your desired audience accordingly.

Has Virtual Currency For Rewarding Members

One of the unique features of is its virtual currency. When members complete specific goals, such as completing their profile, they are incentivised to do so with points and badges. These gamification tools are best for user-engagement on your content and encourage them to complete the experience of being a member of your brand.

Comprehensive Analytics from and Integrated Apps 

There are a ton of different apps that integrate with Tribe for you to study and analyse your members’ behaviour. Analysis for viewing, commenting, and sharing your brand’s content is reflected with suggestions on how to improve your metrics. The great news is that you own all of these data and can view detailed, granular analytics.

Cons of Using Tribe

No private messaging or user to user

Lacks community event creation and 

Can’t post photos as a comment may have to improve its features which many users are already using to use popular social networking sites. If wants to step away from the similarities of being the next Facebook, then we don’t see any reason to implement these cons for their next build.

How Much Does Cost?

Anyone with a brand can start owning a community platform as it is a free-to-use app. However, the Plus tier ($85/month) features unlimited members, API access, email and chat support. 

You can also check their 14-day free trial for the Premium tier, which starts at $249 / month. The Enterprise tier has advanced security, exclusive app integration, 24/7 support, and data migration. You may need to contact their sales for more information on this tier.

App Integrations with

App integration in is subscription locked, and most of the standard app integrations are available on Premium and Enterprise tier. So, if you want to make the most out of your cloud-based community platform, you may need to upgrade to at least up to the Premium tier. 

Free Tier


Google Analytics



















Check out other app integrations and features that can offer for your brand’s fully customisable cloud-based community. Alternatives

Although many competitor reviews online have a massive list of alternatives for, not all of them have the features which are as strong as as seen in this review. After researching, our team has found two closely-related apps which focus on building community-based platforms.


Influitive focuses on business owners rather than anyone who has a brand. If you’re a business owner that values CRM (Customer relationship management), then Influitive is the right community-based platform builder for you. The features of Influitive allow customers to earn points and badges for professional perks and privileges. You can also check the ROI of all these content and activities and use your CRM and marketing automation for their entire customer journey and experience. Prices are only disclosed upon request, but you can ask for a free demo.


DiscpleMedia is another white-label community platform builder that focuses on any topic under the sun. If you have a specific brand, you can monetise your platform by making some features locked under membership subscriptions, exclusive content, and sponsorships.


The cost of using DiscipleMedia varies if you’re creating a community platform on the web or mobile. For marketing your brand on the web, the price starts at $55/£45 per month. However, the cost of creating community platforms with a mobile app is $549/£399. All tiers also include branding & customisation, unlimited groups and topics, events, content library and media gallery, friends and messaging, and subscriptions.

Final Thoughts

Many business owners feel the limitations of communicating with their tribe and audience-building using existing social media tools. Thus, with the help of our review, many like-minded communities can gather and create an online community meeting place to discuss their passions. If you’re a brand owner and want to scale your community, is the tool for you.