Quicken Tutorial For Rental Property Invoice

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Managing income, tenant information, and maintenance can be overwhelming as a landlord.

There are some solutions available to help you overcome this. You can opt to outsource all bookkeeping to an accountant. However, if you own a small rental company, you’re obviously still strapped for cash — and that can easily add up. To save money, you might do all of the bookkeeping yourself. However, trying to balance it on your own can be difficult if you lack an accounting or bookkeeping experience.


So, why not use a software tool to support you? There are many programmes like Quicken tutorials available to help you keep your bookkeeping organised and straightforward.


Quicken Rental Property Manager is an example of a service that can help you with property management.

What Is Quicken Property Management Software?

Quicken’s Accounting Software Is Dual-Purpose

Quicken Rental Property Manager is a property management application that doubles as a personal finance application. Quicken keeps track of your account balances, transactions, investments, personal budgeting, and loans, among other things. In addition to tracking rental properties and small businesses, the premier version allows you to track your personal information.


Quicken Mobile App Version

The mobile application can be downloaded to users’ smartphones or tablets.

The app syncs with the desktop version, allowing users to complete all accounting tasks while away from their desks.


Because data is transferred between the app and the desktop version and vice versa, there is no way to predict whether entries will appear on one side after being entered on the other.

Basic Quicken Rental Property Invoice Management Features

Keep track of rental income and expenses by property and unit, including late fees and partial rent payments. Additionally, you can generate rent receipts for tenants upon payment of rent.


Tenant information, such as name, address, unit number, and lease details, can be tracked.

Additionally, you can manage security deposit information — tracking payments and refunds in and out of your accounts. You can also produce real estate tax returns, including Schedules E and C.


Basic Personal Finance Features

Quicken Rental Property Manager enables you to:


  • Connect all of your bank accounts so that you can easily categorise your income and expenses.
  • Contrast your actual spending with your budgeted amount.
  • Contrast the performance of your investments with that of the market.
  • Establish automated billing notifications for personal and business expenses.

Why Should You Use Quicken To Create Invoices For Rental Property?

Prepare For Tax Season

Depreciation is applied to items such as replacing a roof or upgrading office equipment over several years. Quicken Property Manager keeps track of and organises expenses such as repairing a leaky faucet or replacing a roof. This tool exports the data to a file that you can open in tax preparation software.

Personal Finances

You can access Quicken’s personal finance modules, such as banking, investment, and credit card account management, with the assistance of Quicken Property Manager permits.

This way, you gain access to all of your rental business’s accounts and information.

The most recent version includes free credit scores and mobile applications.

Record Tenant Information

Quicken Rental Property Manager also includes this useful feature for storing critical tenant information. Additionally, when you enter a rent payment, you can generate a rent receipt.

The tool enables you to manage the following data:


  • Tenant’s personal information
  • Apart from the tenant, occupants of the unit.
  • Rent collection reminders.
  • Dates of commencement and termination of the lease.
  • Dates of move-in and move-out.
  • Particulars of the security deposit.
  • Refunds and payments.


Calculate the Total Worth

Keeping track of individual units is critical when managing multiple properties in the rental business. Quicken Rental Property Manager enables you to manage data for single- or multi-unit residential properties. Because the value of your rental properties contributes to your overall worth, Quicken Rental Property Manager assists you in keeping track of your assets.


Maintain Rental Expenses

Rental Property Manager simplifies the process of tracking your expenditures and allocating them to individual residences. It categorises expenses to facilitate comparisons to rental revenue. Income and expense graphs can also assist you in understanding the comparison.

Final Thoughts

If you are a do-it-yourself landlord with a few rental properties and want to add personal financial management into your programme, Quicken Rental Property Manager is an excellent pick. It allows you to handle both your personal finances and rental assets with the same property management app.