Quickbooks Assisted Payroll: Avoid Tax and Payroll Penalties Using An Online Payroll System

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It is critical to make all payroll tax deposits on time, or the IRS will hold you accountable and you may have to pay tax or payroll penalties. Quickbooks is a payroll expert, with fewer errors on tax forms, fewer payroll tax penalties, and the ability to process payroll quickly and without any downtime. QuickBooks Online provides access to live bookkeepers and accountants for small business owners who require assistance managing their accounting.

Discover advanced features and payroll options of Quickbooks Payroll. You can learn how to manage payroll tax payments and avoid payroll tax penalties with Quickbooks assisted payroll software.


Why Use Intuit Quickbooks Payroll Services?

QuickBooks time tracking integration via TSheets

Have you considered integrating TSheets? To view your TSheets account, you can sign into TSheets and work directly within QuickBooks. This is a seamlessly integrated solution that combines the best of both worlds; you can access TSheets from within QuickBooks without having to exit the software and sync.


Ensure Completed Payroll Taxes Are Penalty-free 

This full-service payroll will withhold taxes appropriately from employee paychecks, submit them to the appropriate agencies, and process quarterly and annual payroll tax return on time and penalty-free. Assisted Payroll includes complimentary direct deposit or the option to print paper checks, depending on your client’s preference. Additionally, the service includes protected online access via QuickBooks Workforce for employees to view their payroll and W-2s.


U.S. Onboarding Support

Intuit’s onboarding team in the United States is committed to streamlining the initial setup process for your client. Additionally, you have options; you can manage the client’s payroll setup, assist them with processing, and still have QuickBooks pay the rest of the taxes. Add yourself as an administrator to the account, and at year-end, you can print your W-2s or pay an additional fee to have them printed for you.

Users with varying levels of access and a maximum of 250 employees per payroll are covered.

Another critical feature enabled by integrated payroll is the ability to restrict user access to maintain the confidentiality of payroll. Additionally, your clients can now process payroll runs for up to 250 employees.


Payroll data is entered automatically into QuickBooks

Recommending QuickBooks Desktop Assisted payroll eliminates busy work and contributes to the growth of your client relationships. Consider the amount of work involved in preparing journal entries to enable you to balance the bank account if they use another payroll provider.

By contrast, when Assisted Payroll is used, this information is automatically captured during the payroll processing process. Assisted Payroll’s “all-in-QuickBooks” feature enables rich advanced payroll reporting, job costing, and reduced work for both parties.


Reduced Workload And 24/7 Support

As you may have guessed, payroll processing is not a lucrative business, and payroll companies charge such low rates that it’s difficult to compete. Intuit provides premium 24/7 phone and chat support to quickly resolve issues. This enables your customers to receive responses quickly.


Easy To Upgrade From Existing Desktop Payroll Software 

If you have a customer who is currently using a “do-it-yourself” payroll product such as QuickBooks Enhanced or Basic Payroll, upgrading them to “full-service” Assisted Payroll is a simple process. The client will have the same familiar software experience and will not be required to make tax payments or file payroll tax returns. You can rest assured that your client complies with all applicable laws.

By recommending QuickBooks Assisted Payroll to your clients, you will eventually gain more time in your day, allowing you to focus on what you love and earning more while doing so. The exclusive lifetime discount of 20% off MSRP will instantly help you grow your business. Then, you can consider all of your options during setup; you can also assist in supervising the entire process, ensuring that everything goes smoothly.


What Is The Distinction Between Enhanced Payroll and Quickbooks Desktop-Assisted Payroll?

Intuit Enhanced Payroll is a low-cost payroll solution that includes tax tables and online forms that are updated regularly. Certain users desire greater control over when their money is removed from their account for tax purposes, which Enhanced provides. It’s an excellent option for those who are comfortable with payroll and are certain they’ll meet all tax filing deadlines.

With Enhanced Payroll, you are responsible for filing and paying your payroll taxes; this is your responsibility and that of your business. Quickbooks Online Payroll guarantees that you will not incur tax penalties if you use Assisted Payroll. Paychecks are generated, payroll taxes are calculated, and direct deposits are sent using Intuit Enhanced Payroll. Additionally, Enhanced Payroll prepares and electronically files federal and state tax forms such as the 940, 941, and W-2 for employees. Electronic payroll tax deposits are available through Enhanced Payroll.


Full Service QuickBooks Desktop Assisted Payroll offers a comprehensive payroll service to small businesses that prefer to outsource their payroll processing. Businesses enter employee hours in QuickBooks, and Intuit’s payroll accountants prepare and remit payroll tax deposits on your behalf. Intuit Payroll services guarantees that its payroll tax returns will be filed accurately, on time, and without penalty.


Quickbooks Assisted Payroll vs. Self-Payroll

While there are numerous advantages to using Quickbooks Assisted Payroll, what is the difference between Quickbooks and manually processing payroll? To begin, Quickbooks Payroll is significantly faster. All you have to do is create an account and then enter your weekly hours worked. When you handle your payroll, you may find yourself spending hours sifting through paperwork or locating required documents. Apart from the time spent on payroll calculation when you handle payroll yourself, you may find yourself tied up with tax calculations and payroll options. This can be a little intimidating because any errors you make are your responsibility.


Final Thoughts

Quickbooks streamlines and simplifies the payroll process while also providing a comprehensive for your broader accounting needs which frees up time for you to concentrate on other aspects of your business. 

So which Quickbooks version do you need? Payroll Basics provides the essentials for calculating paychecks and payroll taxes. Quickbooks Enhanced Payroll is a comprehensive payroll solution that automates the process of preparing and filing tax forms. Quickbooks Assisted Payroll (Full Service) relieves you of payroll duties by processing paychecks, filing and paying payroll taxes, and providing your payroll tax payments penalty-free. Take a look at all their options, here.